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Amazing UFO activity! UFO fleet controls Chemtrails, Sept 2014

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Amazing UFO activity! UFO fleet controls Chemtrails, Sept 2014

Have you seen this? Are these UFOs controlling the chemtrails? -LW

September 12, 2014 – I was on a yacht with a friend. We were sailing together, enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Normandy. I was watching a huge Chemtrail and some nice clouds while taking a sunbath, when my attention got turned away by something else (I don’t remember). I stopped watching the sky for some minutes.
When I stared at the sky again, I slowly noticed some strange little dots of light near the huge Chemtrail. As always, I got my iPhone in my pocket :-) So I immediately took it and recorded what I could. After checking on my PC screen, I counted seven white objects slowly descending inside the trail, and also disappearing behind it. It seems the huge orb is the mothership “leading” the fleet.
► I have 3 hypothesis:
- These are parts of meteors falling down. (rare phenomenon in daylight!)
- These are spy drones / military devices, controlling – watching the trails (maybe to analyse them)
- These are UFOs = unidentified flying objects – controlling and monitoring these trails.
What do you think? I’m pretty confused on this one. This type of sighting is pretty recurrent where I live, I’ve been seeing these thing hundreds of times, and sometimes I could record the most impressive ones. (like this one)
► Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion. I’ll mostly reply to constructive comments!
Type Lights
45 seconds
Filmed with
iPhone 5S
Filmed by me from the sea in Normandy, France, September 2014.
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