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Mnt Goat Monday Morning Update – “What Lays Ahead in the Coming Weeks” – 09/29/2014

Mnt Goat Monday Morning Update – “What Lays Ahead in the Coming Weeks” – 09/29/2014

Sep 292014

Part 1

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UU9933 –  “ What Lays Ahead In the Coming Weeks” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,
I come to you today to give you an update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.
Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of  9/16 (LINK) and 9/26 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.
Sorry but today’s news letter is very long. Please read it a couple times if necessary. I have tried my best to bring you what I know to be the truth and what my sources have been telling me. I try now to apply it and make the connections for you since today’s news never stands alone and is connected with past events.
Today’s News
Voting on the Final Ministers-
Today is Monday 9/29 and over the weekend a request went out to the speaker of the house to hold a special session prior to Wednesday to vote and to confirm the last of the few ministers.  These are replacement ministers that were rejected already (some twice) on the confirmation process by parliament. Abadi is targeting this confirmation prior to the upcoming holiday of Eid al-Adha (begins in the evening of Saturday, October 4, 2014, and ends in the evening of Sunday, October 5, 2014). They still do not have a permanent Defense and Interior ministers.
Many of you still debate with me that all the ministers were seated weeks ago. That is good I like debates….lol…. Please go back and re-read my news letter dated 09/12. Apparently you are not keeping up with the news and are not following this ongoing saga carefully. Instead you listen to someone telling you only what they want you to know. You are not following mnt goat news letters but instead occasionally read one and want to debate something that was already clearly explained, in detail. For you reader I will be sympathetic and try to help you but please try to read my ongoing news letters.
What transpired on 9/7-9/8 by announcing a “fully” formed government was all very legal and intentionally done. Since,  if a minister gets rejected in the confirmation process they have a process to continue the selections until a proper candidate is then confirmed. They do not halt the entire  progress of the formation of the government if this happens.  Maliki in 2010 used the same tactic.
They  announced a fully formed government to get the UN resolution to form a legal coalition to enter Syria and fight ISIS. Iraq was at a critical point and needed support  to begin operations which was very apparent. There was also a constitutional deadline and missing it was not an alternative. Missing this deadline meant starting all over.
Why the necessity to meet this deadline?
1) Maliki’s government needed to be disbanded before it could cause any more damage;
2) a new government was required to be formed prior to any UN or USA support for a international coalition to fight ISIS (time was running out);
3) prime minister designate Abadi had to be fully seated as the new prime minister and his new cabinet announced;
Tell me – Is it so far fetched that minister candidates could have then been rejected when going for confirmation and those rejected candidates simply stay in office as proxy ministers until the proper candidate is seated? They did this so everybody wins! The UN got what they needed, Maliki is no longer the prime minister (so the election process moves on) and they could move forward now with cleaning up the mess Maliki left behind. This will be a long process (maybe up to 3-6 months) A brilliant move on Abadi’s part. I talked about the possibility of this days before it happened.
They are now in this process of replacing the proxy ministers. It could take weeks or months to do this but they are able to move forward in so many other areas too, even with the proxy ministers. They are making yet another stab at it this week. Do you understand me? They needed to meet the constitutional deadline weeks ago and they found a workaround.
Sure CNN, FOX and other news media broadcasted that the government was seated (and it was) but we know what really happened. So a lesson learned in intel gathering. Sometimes you have to see the forest beyond the trees. Don’t ignore the articles, as with anything dealing with Iraq, it is very dynamic and you must be open minded and flexible  to hear what is really happening. Nothing just happens! Nothing is coincidental ! I have said this many times. I hope we all now understand what is happening with these ministers. Can we now lay this to rest?
I am hearing the voting for confirmation of these ministers is once again on the agenda for early this week in parliament.
Update on Fighting ISIS
Abadi is still making great efforts to gain support from all blacks on the need to come together as a nation to fight ISIS. Believe it or not some political leaders would still rather have the USA come in and do their dirty work for them. This is not going to happen but rather USA role will primarily be supplies, advising, training, reconnaissance and air support.
The policy now of this new government is to “respect the sovereignty of Iraq and that Iraq will be the lord of the land, water, sky and focus on the unity of Iraq”, and received assurances from all the countries participating in this coalition to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and said they must respect the sovereignty of the presence of Iraqi government elected represent all segments of the Iraqi people, a government of its sovereignty over its territory.  Nearly the entire international community now stands with Iraq with about 40 countries having expressed their willingness to support, and the list increases each week by standing with Iraq in its war against terrorism and Daash, and by Iraq almost three months we alone in the field, and now asked nations to stand with them in this fight. They are gearing up for a long haul.
Iraq got assurances from these countries at our request and they also demanded that there will be “no ground forces foreign to the land of Iraq because Iraq will not need them at all for the existence of sufficient numbers of armed forces and popular mobilization with which to work within the umbrella of the state and therefore do not need to ground troops, but we need air cover, weapons and equipment sufficient to enable our people to defend himself, but for the world, because Iraq today is faced Daash fighter and we are in the forefront of these countries and the world praised on this role. ”
So a major effort is being undertaken to establish training camps much like “boot camps” that will turn out thousands of trained soldiers in a training period. There are many of these camps in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi. These will be the “boots on the ground” in the campaign against terrorism. These camps will be run and supervised by USA and GB advisors. They will train Iraq and Syrian soldiers.
It is my belief that untimately the coalition and the USA will have to send “formal” ground troops to fight ISIS. This is my opinion.
Update on the 27 Reforms-
In my 9/26 news letter I talked about a stack of  bills, laws, and treaties that are going to be read and voted on this week. I listed the ones I knew about and their significance. These are literally right off the “Unity Government”  list of the needed 27 reforms.
Many of these reforms are just replacing many of the Erbil agreement items of the 2009-2010 Erbil  meeting. This was the same kind of meeting they held in 2010 like the Unity meeting in 2014. The difference is in the last election, the newly elected Maliki did not implement many of the items as promised. He had a 30 timeframe to do so. So as the years slipped by in his administration, we witnessed the government deteriorate as a result of it and nothing significant ever got done. So going to be so this time with Abadi. Like with the Erbil agreement, Abadi also has timelines to get these 27 reforms completed. The USA and the UN are not going to budge on the RV until these are completed.
Do they all have to be completed prior to an RV? The farthest out timeline for many of the items is  3 months. So we do know they intend to complete all these reforms by January 2015. Could it now be so far fetched that we might have to wait until this timeframe to see an RV?  Not saying…just asking……lol….
I believe the critical issues in the Erble agreement, as a minimum, must be implemented prior to any RV. This will ensure the continuance of the petro-dollar (HCL) and the security and cooperation of the three secs within Iraq. This is what they were intended to do in the first place only now they are 4 years behind schedule due to Maliki. They are attempting to catch up fast.

Part 2

So over the weekend we hear about a big upcoming meeting to be held this week in Badgdad between the council on ministers (Abadi’s cabinet) and the Kurds. So what’s up with this?
So now it looks like Abadi’s Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting either on Sunday (yesterday) or Monday (today) to discuss the budget and the salaries of the Kurdistan region. They want to hold this meeting  before Tuesday when Abadi will convene the regular session of the Council, “adding that” it is possible to hold a special meeting on budget and other issues. The Kurdish delegation arrived in Baghdad  on Saturday to begin the meeting so I know it is taking place as scheduled. They will discuss with Abadi the outstanding issues between the government and the region.
Exactly what are they discussing?
Abadi is driving home once again, the part of the 27 reforms as I mentioned above pertaining to the Kurds. This meeting this time is to address issues related to the Kurdistan budget share, export of oil and the Peshmerga forces and other misc issues, which are in accordance with the Constitution. I believe this smells awefully like HCL, Article 140 along with getting fair share of 2014 budget for Kurdistan and the Pershmerga since they have take the lead on the fight against ISIS they must now pay their soldiers and restock expended ammo and equipment. This is all good. Remember too that these items are on the 3 month timeline to resolve “the differences in the interaction of light with the demands of the provincial government”.
Update on the Currency Reform Project
As you may have heard, and it is true, many of the provinces have gone ahead and began rolling out the lower denoms to the public. How can this be, since the plan is to coincide this event with the international rollout and revaluation?
Well….. I have to tell you for certain the process is messed up. Many of the provinces are now using various rates. Some are using $3.71, some $3.21 and  other $4+ rate. The Qi cards in the past have also been loaded with various other  rates too according to the programs paid out. It is very confusing for me even to figure it all out never mind the Iraq people. Some provinces are also still using the larger three zero notes for their currency. Yes – it is a mess.
So now the finance committee is complaining and wants a hearing on this topic to find out exactly what has happened to the original plan and how to correct it and standardize all the provinces. This is one of the 27 reforms they must address. This demand for the hearing comes on the tail of a recent announcement by the CBI that they are about distribute the new coins and the newly reprinted $10,000 dinar notes.
We know they have tried this in the past and without a revaluation, the coins are worth more in the precious metal than they are in face value. Thus the black market sucked them up and melted them down for bullion. Soon no more coins could be found in circulation. Which brings them to where they are today. It simply does not work without a revaluation. Now that the lower demoms are also in circulation it is almost imperative to also have these coins also in circulation to conduct the day to day transactions in the public.
The CBI also announced recently they want to delay the “project to delete the zeroes” indefinitely. This means they would allow the continued use of the three zeroes notes and not completely convert over to the lower denominations (the permanent currency) until some time in the later future years. This of course is going to create an even larger mess for their monetary policy. One they may never recover from.
So the pressure is enormous to continue and complete the currency reform projects. So why do they not do it? What has been the holdup?
As I have said in many of  my past news letters the USA holds the final key to letting the rollout process of the revaluation complete to its final stage. They control the software. So far they have been reluctant to allow this to take place and are stalling the process until they get what they want out of Iraq. We all now know what this is. It is a sense of stability and more than that it is the protection of the petro-dollar.
They are assuring this by mandating that HCL and Article 140 be fully implemented along with the other parts of the Erbil agreement and do it now. This guarantees to the USA that the US Dollar will continue to be used as the media of exchange to purchase oil from Iraq. They are now moving onto Syria to also ensure this is the case in the future and eventually are hopeful to protect the petro-dollar throughout the Middle East.
So for now it is all about finding ways to blackmail Iraq into fully implementing their economic and financial policies previously agreed to in earlier years. It is nothing now more than living up to past agreements between the USA and Iraq.
Is this a bad thing to do? I am not bringing you this news to tell you another conspiracy story but to bring you the truth so you, as a dinar holder, can know what is going on behind the scenes and why. That is all. You do want to know why it is taking so darn long to RV…don’t you?
So take it or leave it. I for one, do not want to see the USD crash and so maybe this could be good thing to do for Iraq and the western world. Iraq, on the other hand, likes it’s newly found sovereignty and wants to decide on it own how to negotiate the selling of its own resources, namely oil. I think we may see a quick turnaround on this topic very  quickly if we see the HCL and Article 140 get fully implemented soon. This may be the week from what I am hearing.
One more note to think about- Why would the CBI postpone indefinitely the project to delete the zeros?  Are they doing this to use it merely as leverage and are sending a message to the USA? There is definitely something going now. A battle between the USA and Iraq on this topic. Now that Maliki is no longer in  power will Abadi pursue the better course of action for the USA and the petro-dollar? I mentioned the meeting this week with the Kurds on this topic for a reason. These issues need to be addressed and I believe if the Kurds go along with the plan we could see some RV results very quickly.
Pay attention to the coming articles on this topic.
Update on the Ongoing 2014 Budget Saga
The government is seeking to re-send the bill to the federal financial budget in 2014 to the House of Representatives. It will include only a budget for a period of three months for approval, pointing out that they would have to delay much of  the investment budget to the year 2015. They are wanting to send this to parliament this week.
So today’s news may not be spectacular but it is again very encouraging.
So where is the RV as many were told once again this was going to happen over the  weekend. Gee Whiz….As I said many times to follow the formation of the government and the implementation of the reforms (formulated to set the government) and you can follow the timing of the RV.
The implementation of these reforms will bring the level of stability they are requiring in the new Iraq government. Many of the new reform are actually from the 2010 Erbil agreement and are just now resurfacing. They must be implemented to go forward with the plan USA has for Iraq, sovereignty or no sovereignty.
We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers  to be seated. Too bad the security minister now is also once again being disputed. This now includes the Defense and Security ministers – 2 of the key ministerial positions. I am told there is very good possibility this could happen in next week’s sessions in parliament along with possibly the budget being voted on. I think the 2014 budget if being held hostage until these ministers are seated.  We could see the budget implementation very quickly once all the ministers are fully seated (no longer any proxy ministers).
Remember also what Maliki did in the last election. The PTB are not going to go down this same road again and will ensure the government is truly fully formed and functional this time. The list of the Erbil agreements in the new Unity Government Reform list must also be addressed prior to any RV.
Then when can we expect the RV?
All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed and seated.
I want to emphasize once again this final announcement  of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.
I hope now after reading my last two posts- that of today and of 9/16 that you are beginning to truly understand the concept of what is meant by enough “stability”. I also hope you can now understand the difference between political, economic and military stability and how these can all relate to an overall increased stability in Iraq and thus lead to the final goal we all watch for – the final rollout of their currency to the international community.
Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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