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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony & DC conf. call notes (long)

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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony & DC conf. call notes (long)
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Date: Monday, 29-Sep-2014 17:18:19

Hi, Folks -
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9-29-14 G T: Info from my Contractor Friend NOT LISTENING TO TONY'S CALL RIGHT NOW.....So if there’s overlapping or Total opposite information.....SO BE IT!!! Here's The LATEST!!! As of this past Friday......THE GAZETTE HAS THEIR NEW RATE PRINTED & PUBLISHED for the Iraqi Dinar (Approx $3.60 Range)!!! Effective ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 1ST!!! AND THEIR REPEATING THE INFORMATION PERIODICALLY ON TV & PRINT MEDIA!!!So there you go!!!
9-29-14 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):
Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#
Tony: Good morning, TNT! It is Monday, September 29, 2014. Great news – Iraq has published an exchange rate of $3.58!
DC: Bottom line is that everyone is jubilant right now. The fighting is going ell, everyone is back, prepped for it to go last night. A lot are still on lockdown, on edge to get this done! They are publishing the rate ahead of time! Will there be a few adjustments, but we don’t know that until the end. At the moment they are saying the rate is $3.58. They are publishing that in all regions, on the television! Expectations are so high now that they cannot stop this now. All of Iraq they see this as the time to sit back and relax.
ISIL, you probably read on line that actions are taking place with important battles in a couple of places like Faluja. They are hitting and destroying the ISIL finances and leadership, so that is highly productive. What did Abadi mean when he said that terrorist threats could reach the US? All those terror groups all want global domination, as in a caliphate to rule the world. They may have been smoking too much, but that’s w hat they are after – attaching the West, Europe, China and Russia. So everyone is taking precautions. They have training, money and a burning desire to cause issues. Is this destabilizing to Iraq. Not really. Iraq can run these guys out with some support they can run them out themselves. Abadi said he could, with support. The world wants to support them because they don’t want to lose Iraq to such a violent group. That support pivots on suitable progression. If Abadi turns into Maliki, support will be withdrawn, but we can see that Iraq is moving forward.
In the US, there are problems with groups – they are worried about ISIL and the economic situation, so now they are pushing like hell to get everyone there. The UN had a very successful week, with talks with Iraq and other countries. All the Iraqi delegates were praised for their conduct and discussions. In DC, the Republicans are highly ready, and the Democrats had choice words for those holding this up, because the latest polls are saying the Senate will be taken over by the Republicans. So the Democrats are highly pissed off at everyone who pushed this off, because this too late to really help the rest of the economy. They were promised this would be done in April then July, and I got phone calls about how aggravated they are about this. It’s a good thing for us because it keeps pressure on us to get this done. If the economy jump-starts and everyone buys tuff and gets new jobs, then that will help.
All the agencies are highly supportive and banks have refreshed all their stuff. Even the banks are saying “come on, already, let’s get this done!” We are waiting on the trigger from Iraq.
Tony: Over the weekend, everyone was on standby again, and it could have happened over the weekend. The Gazette put out the rate and said everyone will be paid the same rate from Wednesday. There is one other matter being negotiated this moment, it could happen any time in the next 48 hours. If that doesn’t happen on Wednesday, Iraq will truly have that Arab Spring like in China right now. It’s been published and if it doesn’t happen by then, they will have real problems with ISIL. It’s looking really, really good and I’m happy.
Somebody did a conference call, and this lady is saying she is part of the TNT tweet campaign, and part of the TNT group. She is saying that we don’t do FB until he tells us. If it doesn’t got on Monday, we go to FB worldwide. I didn’t say anything like that, but I guess they are tweeting that now. If I want you to go to FB, twitter or Instagram, you’ll hear it from ME, or if not me, from DC or Pam. That didn’t come from me. People put things out on their own twitter list for years, saying “Tony said X or Y”, or some idiot’s trying to get something started without understanding the effects. I know the effects and I know who is supporting me on it, unlike these idiots who are clueless. You will never see them doing that. Unless you see it in my voice, don’t believe it or spread it, because it’s not coming from Tony.
I posted in the forum what’s in the Gazette. If you look at the Kuwait and Iraqi numbers, they are the same. This has been verified, that they will be 1:1, or $3.58. It’s right there, so do the numbers. It’s been verified by Iraqis who read in their own language and can understand what it means.
DC: Tony and I don’t make any money off this. Tony pays out of his own pocket, and I take 45 hours a week to help you all understand. We’ve been given this gift of access to generous people who know and we are a conduit to this information. These people range from people in the street to high-up politicians, bankers and military people, plus folks in our administration, the UST, many different banks, Homeland Security, and other three-letter agencies. The reason they talk to us is that they have checked us, and they are constantly monitoring that I do and that tony does, like out phone calls to our wives about grocery shopping. People who are unhappy have attack others, but I don’t care because I’ve been shot at by much worse than those… Criticism is fine, and I don’t need anyone to defend me. If people want to criticize or laugh at us, that doesn’t matter. We know that what we are doing is helping out, it’s accurate, and if we do anyone even slightly illegal or unethical, law enforcement will come down on us like a ton of bricks. People have the right to say whatever they want, but I do want people to understand what Tony and I are about. We can’t sneeze without people knowing about it, so…
Tony: I’ve got guys all around me, taking pictures, listening to my phone calls and all the rest. It’s so funny because they act like I can’t see them doing this! They know everything we say. We have a political guy in Kurdistan who listens to these calls, and I wanted to make sure and thank him while we’re thanking people.
269 caller: Any update on contract rates? WF or all banks?
DC: The latest info is that the contract pool is still there, but we don’t know how long it will be there.
Q: Tony, when we will be meeting in Nevada? It’s coming up to the holidays, and that is the worst time to arrange things there.
Tony: I’m going to set that up as fast as possible, if I’m allowed to, and get WF to work with me. I’m hoping the end of October. I’ll let you know as soon as I sign my NDA!
Q: Iraq released the new 10K note; how does that fit in with the RV and three zeroes?
DC: They are doing well with the Qi cards and such, but they have removed 97% of their physical currency. So the turnover is tremendous, and instead of lasting 5-10 years, the bills are wearing out much faster. The banks have to turn them over really quickly, and they are wearing out! We’d get nervous is all our bills were having the writing wearing off and all the rest.
Tony: In the US, the bank pulls the old bills, but over there, they can’t do that.
Q: I’ve been handing out lower denominations of dinar out for years; do I need to send out gift letters for each of those?
Tony: No, that’s only for the higher amounts. You can just go to the bank with the others.
Q: Is there a limit on what we can exchange?
DC: There are caps so that more people have access to the pool. Some banks have offered a slightly higher rate in exchange for you to keep more money in their bank. We don’t know how much higher that will be. It won’t be for all customers, it is for the clients that they especially want to keep at that branch.
Q: What happened to “wearethepeople”.
Tony: We put that twitter group together when it looked like we were begin cut out of the process, to let them know we were aware of it, it wasn’t fair, and we weren’t going to back down. We got responses back from many high-level people who asked us to calm down and let the process proceed. We are still there on standby to reach the same audience – 5-6 million people, if needed. We just don’t have to take that action. Every-thing is looking so good at this point that we don’t need to take that action. Don’t let other people abuse that to trick you into something. I have been doing this for four years, at someone’s request, to help people survive the process without giving up and losing hope. There are other people who created sites specifically about Tony to disparage what we are doing – so you guys would sell back your dinars, and not benefit from the RV. There are idiots who follow him, as well! I am looking forward to the end of this and we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.
508 caller: I have a follow up from my question from last week. So you believe that we will have equal access to contract rates, is that true? Will there be a central database?
DC: Yes, you will have access to the contract rates at all banks so long as the pool lasts. I infer from the folks that are doing that basically it’s like a bowl of ice cream; anyone can dip into it as long as it’s there.
Caller: Are you allowed to tell me if WF will have an exchange center in Massachusetts?
DC: I believe they have access to every Wells Fargo bank in MA and every other bank in the state. It doesn’t have to be WF. The banks should have folks in every bank in Massachusetts, either a WF or a sister bank.
Caller: So will they refer us to the banks, or make the appointment for us (using the 800 numbers?
DC: They will make the appointment for you, and all you have to do is show up!
Tony: Ray, what’s going on in Texas?
Ray: It’s not RV-related!!
817 caller: I’ve never been on the call before. If I have bought some currency more than a year ago and some less that a year ago, should I keep them separate?
DC: Yes, that is the smart thing to do until we hear whether long-term or short-term taxes apply. I’m not a tax attorney, but that’s my impression.
Caller: If TNT is a group, I’m sure whether that includes TNT members, or also people who have been listening to the calls.
Tony: It’s not a formal group, with a list, but a de facto group. I did hear that I would be allowed to create a firm group if necessary, and that would be the people on the forum and those who have donated, if it comes down to that, but I don’t think it will.
DC: The Admiral’s Group has all the paperwork done and will get everything exchanged as a group. However, the UST, etc., considers TNT an educational group, because all they have to do is contact me or Tony or Pam to get information to us. We are a group in that sense.
Caller: I was never able to join TNT, but I’ve listened to every single call for a long time. I know people are members but never go on the site or listen to the calls. So are they having the benefit and I won’t? That’s my concern.
DC: I think it is extremely unlikely that we will have a formal group. Tony was trying to set that up out of kindness, if it proved necessary. You will still get the information on twitter or the calls.
Caller: I just want to get in earlier so that I can have access to the contract rates.
Tony: I have NEVER told anyone that being in TNT will get you in at the head of the line. They were talking about excluding the rest of America, and I wanted to make sure that you were all included. We will get that 800 numbers and get them to you, and so you will have a better shot at the contract rates than the other 4.5 million. I am still supporting all you guys and that is not going to change. I do have your names!
Caller: You don’t know my name.
Tony: That’s Pam’s department! We only have 20,000 in the forum, and they were going to let me go up to 40,000, if necessary, but it’s highly unlikely. Those who have been here and listening, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
I laugh on this call; we are all relaxed, too. We are giving you the good information as we have it, without being losers or monotone or drowning in our sorrow. I like to act like we’re a family gathering round the table, in a good natured way. I want you to feel good about this call, but if something is going wrong, we’re going to tell you, like we did when we set up “wearethepeople”.
Caller: This format is very helpful even if I hear something over and over. When someone doesn’t know anything, I realize how much I’ve learned from you guys!
Tony: “Each one reach one and teach one!”
Q: Every year for these four years, people have said that the RV when the Iraqi opens its budget, yet year after year, Iraq survives on the artificially low rate. What’s new?
DC: Let’s start with the budget. That has gone on since at least 2010. This is not just an operating budget; it also includes infrastructure like power, roads, etc. Those parts of the budget have built up because that work hasn’t yet been done. The budget is a PLAN of how to spend money, not a must. All they have needed is parliamentary approval for the various budget items. There has been a great deal of movement, in part because everyone has been taking action. They are on television talking about the economic reform happening Now. They have programs about what to do, they have informed merchants, they did a dress rehearsal last Thursday. This is not just words, there are actions. Then they say “Let’s add in this last good idea”, and everyone gives that a little more room. In the past there had been political resistence in the US and Iraq. However, now everyone is leaning forward to get this done now, and that is what we are waiting for. They announced and published the new rates on the news throughout Iraq, so there is not a lot of hype now, just actions like the rate and the exact exchange locations are being broadcast as well.
Q: if you have a trust or foundation, do you have to make a separate call?
Tony: Yes, one call = one appointment.
356 caller: You know, if a state is messing with you, every state has a well-armed citizens’ militia. Texas has one of the biggest. If people are messing with you, get on this call and you will get help.
Tony: I have had that offer from some security people… but thank you.
404 caller: As for contract rates, will be able to get that full amount, or will it be treated like an annuity over a number of years, (not a lump sum)?
DC: You should be able to pull it out, or almost all of it almost immediately, like 24 hours later. I have not heard of any kind of annuity arrangement.
Caller: Could this $3.58 be an RV that goes into a higher RV in a week or so.
DC: My understanding is that the $3.58 is the final number. It’s a final coordination between Iraq, the BIS and the IMF. We are just waiting on this last little thing from Iraq. I’ve been told the US is out of the picture, and we are supporting this behind the scenes. A lot of folks NOT involved in the process are jumping up and down and telling them to get on with it.
Caller: I see the UN page is still showing the 1180 rate. Comments?
DC: They can switch that at a moment’s notice.
Tony: With the Gazette, when does it become law?
DC: It believe it becomes effective on the date shown in the Gazette.
352 caller: What’s this negotiation we are waiting on?
Tony: there is a rumor of one last negotiation.
DC: I said that, but it’s a poor choice of words. There is one last thing they want to add on, and it would be great to include it, so they are doing that right now. I’m following what the news and the Gazette both say: 1. October. They just published in a legal place what the rates are and when; if it doesn’t happen, people will be throwing fits.
Caller: The few people testing the system, are they little guys or big dinar-holders?
DC: I don’t know. We have not heard of anyone exchanging this weekend. They call them tests because they want to keep everyone calm and we haven’t gone into details because we want everyone to stay calm. They have asked us not to talk about that, and I respect the people asking me, so I don’t. I only know about 4 or 5 whom I can confirm myself. I’m sure a few more have gone through, but those I know about for sure.
Caller: What’s the maximum in cashiers’ checks you can request?
DC: I have a list of 40+ people I need to pay off. I’ve already got that written out, and I’ve never been restricted in how many I ask for at one time.
Q: Why hasn’t the defense minister been announced? Why do your sources say that he has but it’s not out in public?
DC: Why? Because there are some folks who are not happy with the defense ministers and other Iraqi officials (like generals). In order to let some time pass after the generals were retired, they have delayed the announcement. The defense minister has been seated for 3-4 weeks, doing his job. My understanding is this will be made public very soon. Also, we are not waiting on that. Iraq didn’t have a defense minister for four years, because Maliki took that chair. That ministry gets a lot of money, and they are dealing with that ministry now. Several people from that ministry came to the UN.
Q: Every week you come on and tell us what didn’t happen. How about telling us the truth now?
Tony: I can always say “Now that it didn’t happen, I can tell you what was supposed to happen.” This is because they warned us many times “If you say this on the call, they will change it and use you as an excuse”, like I control the whole world! We don’t want to be that excuse for them changing the rates, dates and times. It’s easy for me to tell you about it afterwards because by then it hasn’t happened. But we’re an easy target.
DC: Often we are told “I can tell you this, but don’t tell anyone.” They know they can trust us, and also we want to confirm the intel, and we want to protect our sources by doing as they request. We are doing this to share as much information as we can. So as part of that sharing, we can tell you what has happened after the time has passed. I have been skewered by senior folks in the administration saying, “How dare you do this or say that?” And I tell them, “I don’t work for you. If I’m wrong, tell me how it’s wrong.” I see Tony and myself as being the free press, bringing out as much information as we can without putting anyone or anything in danger. The administration was holding this up, sure, but for the last 4-6 weeks, they have been supporting this RV. Most of my information comes from friendly overseas informants, and they don’t care if we bring in their information – often they are at odds with the administration.
Tony: Remember, for every ride on the roller coaster, we experience 10 to 20 here. They don’t care if you buy or sell your dinar, and they don’t pay us a dime. We’ve just been doing this for long that we are trying to see this through, keep you informed, so that the minute this happens, you can thank God that you stayed in this process.
392 caller: It’s my first time on the call also! Folks talk about when we get the contract rate, we should open a Non-Interest-Bearing account. But if the banks demand that you leave a portion of your money stays there, shouldn’t they pay you interest?
Tony: I’m not worry about the banks losing my money by going out of business when there is all this money is coming in. I ‘m going to make sure my money is making money. The problem with the economy is that people are not spending the money they have. If the banks are stable, that’s not a concern. I’ll have my money in interest-bearing accounts.
DC: I’m not concerned, especially if you stay in the big banks. I will also keep my money in several banks, just to keep my money safe.
Caller: Didn’t I hear you say that you can maybe get the banks to give you 1% per month?
Tony: For the average person, no. But if you have enough money, you can negotiate a special deal with your wealth manager. I don’t think the bank would do that for 2-3 million. You’d have to have a much higher amount to get that kind of rate. Also, there are other places you can put your money to get that like of return.
Caller: If you are part of a group, you don’t have to exchange with that group, right?
Tony: As long as the dinar are still in your hands, you can do whatever you want with it! Many have already sent their dinar to the groups.
951 caller: I’m a first-time caller, too. We’ve been getting all these pep talks every week. Are we going to get this RV coming in on the first, with no more delays?
Q: You indicated that you knew that they moved a date a week ahead of time. Is there a reason these extensions were not shared on the call.
Tony: We got dates in August, then 6, 15, 20th of September, but those dates were about other events that were intertwined with the RV, not specifically the release date OF the RV. Sometimes we get the info and sometimes we don’t, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that, and sometimes I’m just wrong. Every time, thought, they will extend this further if we state an actual date. Why would I take that chance, when at least 47 countries and agencies are listening? They are listening to me say something we are have been asked not to say, and in any case it has to do with something that has to happen after the RV. A few weeks ago I did say the 16th and the 20th, and now it’s the 29th because things changed and they didn’t do it when they said they would. They are using the RV+GCR as leverage to get something else done that has nothing to do with the RV itself.
DC: We hear dates all the time, and I don’t believe in any of them. They have mentioned dates even in January – do I think it will take that long? Hell, no. We hear times in a few weeks, but I don’t believe it will take that long. They plan to execute ten different things, and the RV has to come out before then. That is important, that the pressure stays on to help force the issue.
Tony: In the morning mosque a few weeks ago, they told them was the day, and they walked out and it didn’t happen. We don’t control it, we just report it.
Caller: [More of the same] If I have a lot of currency, can I request a location with a Delarue machine where I exchange?
DC: I will ask, but not be surprised if they don’t have one. All you can do is ask. There will be a lot of folks exchanging, and they just want to get them through the chute. Those who don’t want to go through the chute or take more time, they will send you to the back of the line. They will accommodate you but after the majority go through.
This thing is so frustrating for everyone. Tony and I are so exhausted, because we are constantly looking at dates, information, blocks, and everyone in this entire process, from the UST to the banks to the Iraqi parliament, we are all just so tired.
832 caller: DC, do you really talk like that? How can your wife understand you? Does she have a translator, too?
DC: I actually slow down on this call… I talk a third faster in person. I also temper my words with colorful words, for spice. I know it’s difficult to understand me, but we get to more people if I explain things quicker.
Caller: Tony, when you are through with this, you all need to get out of Dodge. I know you have an NDA, but you won’t be able to resist telling people information! [call dropped] If we have three or four currencies, do we have to exchange them all on that one call, or can we go different banks?
Tony: I think they want to exchange all your currencies in the first appointment, but that’s primarily the dinar and dong. The other currencies, just call the bank and tell them what you want to do. They want your money!
Caller: [Appreciation]
Tony: Let’s see if I can find the Gazette article. I was trying to find the numbers for the Iraqi dinar and the Kuwait dinar. They put this in the Gazette, we looked at the numbers, and I saw they were 1:1. We checked with multiple Iraqi sources, and they confirmed that we did that correctly – that one Iraqi dinar = one Kuwaiti dinar, and one Kuwaiti dinar = $3.58. It’s not that hard to see – the numbers match up. IF the rate were different in the region, they would have a hard time with people going back and forth across the border. Kuwait doesn’t want to lose people because the Iraqi rate is higher when they were told that they would be the same rate.
DC: I was a little surprised it was pegged at exactly the same rate; I thought it would be a little higher or lower. They still have 3.71 and 3.78 on the cards in Iraq. They ran those down, and I checked with my Iraqi contacts who checked with their finance ministry pals, and everyone agreed that yes, this information is accurate. The initial question everyone has is “Why isn’t this spread throughout the world now?” and I don’t know.
Tony: The television keeps saying this will happen by 1st October. For the last three weeks, it’s has been saying this will be out by the 1st of October, backdated to the first of the year. So we’ll see.
Next caller: If I get a contract rate and sign the NDA, and I go to another appointment with a relative to help them exchange, will that negate my NDA? That is, I’m going into a bank with someone who also wants to exchange their currency.
Tony: If you are not talking about your information, I don’t see how you are violating your NDA. IF anything, they are violating their NDA by having you there!
DC: I will let everyone know about the 800 numbers before I go in, and send out an email about the procedures as I understand. Then it doesn’t violate the NDA, which you sign afterwards.
Caller: Yes, I get that. But if I’ve signed mine, and this relative brings me in to exchange hers, then if she gets the contract rate, do I just sign her NDA as well?
DC: As I understand it, everyone has to sign a separate NDA for each transactions, because different rates have different contracts, etc. I believe everyone in the room will have to sign that specific DNA for that individual transaction?
[Couldn’t hear the question]
Tony: You can go onto Sterling currency and you can see the rates listed on their site. Remember, I have to pay for every click, so if you could go to
Do you know the currency update times for WF? I am in southern Florida…
DC: They do have centers in SW Florida, and they are prepared.
303 caller: [Can’t understand what this guy says] I wasn’t able to sign up for the forum, so please send out the tweet with the 800 numbers.
Tony: I certainly will if I am allowed to. I do think that Okie should have the honor because he has been abused in the past. He’s been in this for eleven years, he’s a good guy and I want him to have that honor. Then I will tweet and send out the 800 numbers, if I possibly can.
Caller: We know there is a multi-trillion pool to fund the dinar contract rates. Dong?
DC: The highest I’ve heard is 1.5 trillion dollars for the dinar. I do not know what is left. There is a dong pool but I have no clue as to the size of that.
Caller: I don’t understand about the lower denominations and what that has to with the RV and exchanging. Will the 25k note be reduced to 2500, 250, or 25 dinar?
Tony: No, in the US they will still be worth the full amount. It’s only in Iraq that they will no longer use those higher denominations. Also, there are so few out there now, that they expect the higher notes to disappear completely.
Caller: If it goes beyond 1. October…
DC: … there will be all sorts of problems. With all the changes to the Qi cards and salaries, it will be very bad and there will be hell to pay if this doesn’t come through. We are expecting the full RV on or before the 1st. With the announcements in the Gazette and on tv and in the banks, we understand everyone is ready. In the US everyone is geared up and ready go, and expecting this now. I also want to thank the doers at the banks, UST, CBI and all those actually doing this process now.
Pam: Lots of stuff going around; until it happens, there aren’t facts. Once it happens, you’ll have all the proof you need, and you won’t be able to talk about it!
Ray: In Texas, there were no buses involved. Enjoy your Marvelous Monday!
Tony: That was a bunch of good information and anticipation here and over there. Many are frustrated it didn’t happen over the weekend. We understand there may be one last issue with the RV being used as leverage. Everything we can see for ourselves in the mosques, newspapers and television is indicating the 1stor sooner. IF they don’t do it, they will have to tell the people something to stop the unrest that will come on Thursday and Friday. I’m looking forward to today and tomorrow and we will have a called if we need to. We appreciate everyone in Iraq and here in the US who are making this happen for us. Have a great day!

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