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Stage3Alpha Q&A Monday Evening - Part 1 of 3

Stage3Alpha Q&A Monday Evening -  Part 1 of 3



AGOGHG  Ok...so what is the real scoop with the 800 #'s...are they a trap?

Sunshine62 > AGOGHG The 800#s will certainly be a beautiful way to notify what is called Dinarland.  From these, you will be able to make an appointment with an exchange center (or bank)...and all will be done in an orderly fashion.We have never considered 800# to be a trap.

LVegas If we are given an 800#, are we then consider calling from a group? As sure the general public does not get these 800#'s. Do we need 800#'s for VND's, or when see Santa Suit, go to the bank?

Incognito > LVegas Dinarland is considered a group. If you have a 800 number, you are in the Dinarland group.
Jana What is the latest info on the ZIM, is it in or out , 6 or 9?

Incognito > Jana  The ZIM is still in and it cannot be lopped more than 6 zeros per law

Sunshine62 > Jana The last we heard, the ZIM is in the basket with a 6 zero lop.

Keep your eye on this currency however.  Be sure you receive the correct rate/zeros lopped when you go to exchange.

MrT So in the past, we discussed on a conference call exchanging into other currencies at the time of exchange. As per conversations with Sterling, at least with those that you can talk to, they said that they would only exchange into USD. As per your knowledge, do you believe that by going to WF, we will be able to exchange directly into an MCA?

EXOGEN > MrT You do not EXCHANGE into an MCA account. An MCA account is for portfolio diversification and leverage. Currency can be parked into an MCA and NOT exchanged. This is a leveraged hedge against USD devaluation , but interestingly the USD is increasing in value. The MCA accounts at many banks are now only on the Wealth side of the bank

Sunshine62 > MrT It is indeed true that if you exchange with Sterling, they will only exchange into the USD....You will need to locate a bank that handles those accounts, as not all do have them.

T.O.T Millionday posted that Kurds where competing for and now have been given 4 seats.  Was this a delay for the announcement?

EXOGEN > T.O.T That is part of the plan. Keep in mind Kurdistan has all of the oil and the USA is opening up 3 military bases and the weapons are safe and secure in Kurdistan. Remember they have to have a government that represents all of the people

Kenpoist79 How should a multi currency account be setup?

Rene > Kenpoist79 Please check with your bank -- each bank has different specifications.  Ask YOUR banker the DIFFERENCE for YOU between Multi and Multiple currency accounts.  Ask for the reason why each account would be beneficial for you.

LVegas I do not own a lot of VND's, so want to make sure I get the best rates possible. Will I be able to get a contract rate? Would I need to sign an NDA? And do I have to leave a percentage in the bank (WF)?

EXOGEN > LVegas Keep in mind that banks are in the business of making money. At this point there are no definitive answers like will I do this or that as there are no rules. You have to structure your plan based on what you need to NET, not base it on RATES.
Sunshine62 > LVegas This is certainly a great question!  You will absolutely take your time to read the contract to see what your bank is using as a stipulation for giving you that rate.  I am sure it will vary.  We do not know at this time, if that would mean leaving a percentage in the bank.

FD Do you think rates will come out high and go down or reverse? Exchange some and wait for later?

Rene > FD Waiting would not be a great idea.  Remember,  there could be a chance of NEW currency and the currency in your hands 'could' become obsolete.  (We have NO idea when!  Market will drive rates,  but also remember--the GCR is for parity between ALL the worlds' currencies.  Don't let GREED ruin it for you.

Kenpoist79 How should a multi currency account be setup?

EXOGEN > Kenpoist79  Understand the difference in the 2 accounts.

1. Multi Currency Account

2. Multiple Currency Account

Each of these work differently

Condor Is October 1st a drop-dead back wall date for Iraq? Have heard this mentioned. What's your opinion, if you don't mind? Thanks !!!!

Sunshine62 > Condor Condor, we are quickly approaching that date and I would not be at all concerned should we NOT meet that.  There may be 1 or 2 loose ends they are tying up for OUR benefit (such as the banking side for instance). I only use that as an example as we do not forsee anything at this moment.

 Janet > Question...at time of exchange...can we take our foreign currency and with that buy other foreign currency... there fore avoiding taxes? Thanks...

Incognito > Janet No, it would be exchanged into USD.

Sylvia    Does anyone know anything about the generals64 group?

Rene > Sylvia  We understand it is now called The WF Group.  You will get an email with some notification of what to do......that is what we know at this time.

Sylvia   Rene will they be one of the groups to go first?

Sunshine62 > Sylvia I'm not Rene, but questions are coming fast and furious so we are grabbing them as fast as we can.  It was first thought the WF group would be "first" but at this point and time, we are not sure....

pebbles Thanks everyone for what you are doing, my question is will the CBI put the international rate up on Oct 1 so everyone can see it.

Sunshine62 > pebbles We highly doubt that.  There has always been the knowledge there are 2 sites, and there may be a time lapse before we see the new site actually show the international rate.

Steph:  What is the best way to find a great tax attorney? A team of advisers? If the system is truly changing, then how do we know if the  professionals will be knowledgeable on the new system?

EXOGEN > steph There are online resources you can use and make sure you have your list of Interview Questions structured and already know the answers you are looking for before you ask the questions

Sunshine62 > steph Great questions.  Personally, I would think it would come in the way of referrals from people you know and trust and already have a reputable team they are using....ASK questions!  Take your time and use only people you feel comfortable with.  Find out their track record from clients they already have.

efren  Based on your opinion rene and exo what date you think the rv will come to exchange to the banks?

Rene > efren we are hoping as soon as possible!!!!  How about YOU???

BlueEyedGoddess Is it even remotely possible that this is all an elaborate scheme to sell currency that is never going to be worth more than we paid for it, making only the currency dealers wealthy?

EXOGEN > BlueEyedGoddess  NO

Osso Exo what are the chances of an RV in the next 48hrs?

EXOGEN > Osso We are looking for this to happen sooner than later

Edward are you ever going to do a live conference call with intel?

EXOGEN > Edward yes

Sunshine62 > Edward Not the same type of call that you are hearing from the other gurus.  At this time, the next conference call will be immediately after you see the full santa suit here on this site indicating that it is time to go to the banks

AJM0603 Hello Exo & Mods: are you still hearing a 6 zero lop on the Zim?
Also, do you think in your gut that this RV will be announced no later than Oct 1st?

EXOGEN > AJM0603 Yes we are hearing 6 zero lop on the ZIM. October 1st we are looking for a number of things.

1. Bills to be paid

2. Approved Budget

3. The process of salaries in motion


Note: Keep in mind the CBI is an Independent body like the Federal Reserve

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Springs Is there any confirmed groups cashing out right now?

Rene > Springs not to our knowledge

Philip is there a problem putting money in the banks knowing that they have a derrative problem

Sunshine62 > Philip I would certainly give that some long, hard consideration!  Why not move it into a bank that has no or low derivatives so that your money is safe?

LVegas Do we know yet if #1) have to pay fee to the bank to do our exchange? #2) Pay a Capital Gains tax, whether short-term or long-term? #3) Pay high Federal Tax on our exchange? And rumor was out there all we had was a possible 14% exchange fee/exchange tax and that was it.
Sunshine62 > LVegas #1.  Depends on the rate/contract you accept and what may be attached to that.

#2.  Do not know, be sure to consult a tax attorney immediately after exchange

#3.  That is still a rumor

jumping4joy can you explain the wealth side of banking

Sunshine62 > jumping4joy There is the public side (tellers) and the wealth side and Private side of the bank. 
You definately want to build a relationship with the wealth managers and private bankers in your bank as each may be able to assist you.

They are also accustomed to dealing with wealthy clients and what is required for accounts, perks, etc. etc.

Mark Everyone speaks of WF Bank... What about other banks to exchange...How about BBVA Compass????
Will different banks offer different rates??
How would the bank know that we are part of the S3A group??

EXOGEN > Mark You need to interview your banks based on things like derivatives exposure, products and services, rating and rankings

Margaret Hello everyone….I'm so glad to get a response from my question.
What do you think the VNDONG will reval at, do you assume or know if
this will actually take place at the same time as the Dinar reval.
Now that all the smoke and mirrors has been exposed, why are we still playing this waiting game?

Sunshine62 > Margaret The Dinar and Dong will reval at the same time.  We are hearing rates as high as 2+ but we will not ever be sure until we actually see the live rates.

Adanais Do you expect American and Canadian Banks to exchange at the same time?

Incognito > Adanais Each country will strategize and come up with the best plan for their banks and people.

Bold n Courageous Will the Zim be just as exchangeable as the dong and dinar at the exchange centers or could there be complications?

Sunshine62 > Bold n Courageous We are hearing that WF will be exchanging the ZIM, and possibly Chase.  There will not be complications at all...and it is even possible that all the BIG4 will exchange the ZIM.

tweetabird do you think that the report in the Gazette regarding rate being $3.58 is real?

Carden > tweetabird The "Gazette blog" is already in question. The debate continues...

steph I know there is much misinformation out there. How much do we need to worry about the USD devaluing? I know I want to do a MCA, but how do I know what currencies to do? I want stable currencies. US will not be home base 100% of the time.

Rene > steph There will be other choices, (EXO has showed you many on the site). please note we are NOT investment professionals so it is best to do your homework and be conservative until the financial reforms shake out.

steph > Rene SYes I understand you are not investment professionals :) and thank you for all you do. So we shouldn't be concerned about a collapse immediately and just take our time to invest wisely? Again, it's hard because it's hard to know what is out there to scare us and what is out there that is truth. It isn't like we have anything to reflect on. Thank you again!

Carden > steph GLOBAL CURRENCY REFORMATION HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.... that's why every answer anyone gives anywhere can change in a second. the only "REAL SOLID INTEL" will come once the GCR/RV finally occurs and the rules are made known.

Jana Can we use foreign banks that have branches here in the US to do exchanges at?

Sunshine62 > Jana Not all banks will be exchanging the dinar dong, zim, and rupiah.  This is why we suggest NOT calling the banks (as most banks are saying NO we are NOT)....and with the 800# you will be directed to banks who are participating in this currency exchange.

gum leaf Is it important at exchange to say VNN or VND?

Rene > gum leaf We hear it is important,  you have that knowledge -- might as well use it!

gg4 When it comes to paying off my bills, is it best to get cashiers checks made out to each payee requiring the checks to be mailed or can I just get a lump sum check amount to deposit into my regular household checking acct and pay my bills the way I normally have via online banking. Is there a paper trail needed or do I need to keep my checks under 10K. Thank you for your time and effort.

Sunshine62 > gg4 It seems to be that would be your preference, and also the manner in which you want to pay off your creditors....We highly discourage having a huge amount in the account you are using online banking so please consider that as well.  Keep you online account as a "working account" and not a "holding account"    You would not have to keep your checks under 10K..

J. L. Glover Is it true that the people who I gave 1,000, 10,000 & 25,000 notes (& gift letter) ONLY get the street or international rate? NO chance of a contract rate?Do they need to call the 1-800 # or can they just walk into any bank with their one or two notes?

Sunshine62 > J. L. GloverNo, they are free to exchange at whatever rate they desire, just like you. THey may also use the 800#....this is more advisable than just walking into a bank as you will not be using the public side of the bank, and neither will they. (as in tellers)

Edward does October 1,have a big significance to this event?

Incognito > Edward October 1 is the beginning of the fiscal year for most countries

Adanais Is publishing the rate in the Official Iraki Gazette means that we could go to the bank and ask for exchange at that rate?

Sunshine62 > That is certainly not OUR signal at all.  We are looking for live rates from different directions and the Official Iraqi Gazette, is just that - for Iraq only.

Robert L.  How soon after RV do we go to the bank for Dong?    Still hearing 2 plus for rate?

Incognito > Robert You will exchange all currencies at the same time

EXOGEN > Robert Should take place simultaneously, unless other plan executed

Ron Burgundy Can the USA be bypassed?   Can they keep a US citizen from exchanging?

EXOGEN > Ron Burgundy Yes the USA can be bypassed.Yes there are ways to block rates from showing in the USA

dinardiva EXO-- Something great happened yesterday that brought us closer can you tell us what that was?

EXOGEN > dinardiva The World Bank did what they needed to do

Olewiseone > EXOGEN GREAT! What did they do???

EXOGEN > Olewiseone executed

Link to PART 3
Carden > Sem, this question is beating the drum. WHAT ABOUT THE TRN'S? When will the projects start to be funded? Has anyone been paid on their historic bonds that you know? Have you seen USN listed on any public currency trading forums? I haven't.

Chances are good that you'll know when the TRNs are viable (I'm not even saying "live" because we know they are!) along with the rest of us immediately! Maybe TONIGHT.

J Star   Here is my question.  The IQN and the VNN have the potential for a contract rate from the one of the chosen Big Five Banks.  The ZIM and the IDR has no contract, Can you exchange the ZIM and the IDR any bank or foreign exchange center at any time during the exchange process. And also can the ZIM and the IDR accounts intermingle.  Thank you : )

Sunshine62 > J Star You may exchange the Zim and IDR at any exchange center that accepts those 2 currencies...WF is going to accept them.  The reason the Dinar was to be kept in a separate account was the taxation was to be different on that currency.  I see no reason why you cannot intermingle the other currencies.

Sonny:  Exo: Any chance that exchanging with a dealer will cost us higher tax rates since the currency is not going to the UST but rather directly back to the CBI ?

Sunshine62 > Sonny Not a chance.  Your tax rate will be the tax rate even even you exchange with the dealer.  That was a good thought tho, I liked it!

FD Do you think world bank having done their part is the final step (granted US does not stop it )?

EXOGEN > FD It was a CRITCAL step

john Will there be a cap on currencies how much we can exchange per currency?

Sunshine62 > john We believe the cap will be on the HIGH CONTRACT RATES, not how much you can exchange per currency.

Ron Burgundy Exo has stated that there is a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C all running simultaneously. Please explain these three plans?\

Sunshine62 > Ron Burgundy The Plan A is the one we have planned for all along, and of course the BEST of plans!  This is the one we want.Plan B is if the BRICs decide they will no longer wait on the USA and will "go around us"  At this moment in time, we believe that GOOD WILL PREVAIL and PLAN C.....we have a long, long way to go there.

Janie > Sunshine62 yay! Thank you. I'm still curious to know how ugly Plan C is.... LOL

John Weis > Ron Burgundy   Just a guess, Plan C is a mixture of A and B.

Kudu70 What happened in Texas banks this past weekend?  More Friends and Family exchanging?  Gov't employees exchanging?

EXOGEN > Kudu70 Wealth Managers meeting with private clients

Louis :  Can the RV BE delayed at this time?

EXOGEN > Louis Yes it can be delayed, however many obstacles have now been removed

EXOGEN > Understand there are NO RULES

Kudu70   Are you planning a call this week?

Carden > Kudu70   YEP!

Janie   with 5 minutes left - what the bleep is Plan C?

EXOGEN > Janie Global Contingency plan to make sure the right thing is done and USA citizens complete exchanges

Edward do you think the extreme upward movement upward of the us dollar is a major indicator of this blessing happening

EXOGEN > Edward If you divide the number 1 by the current IQD program exchange rate you will find an interesting number

Rick W > EXOGEN 1/1166 =.0008576???

Sunshine62 > Edward In our opinion, it is a VERY EXCITING indicator.  We are watching it almost minute to minute.

MJSeeker if I get reserves and contract rates are no longer available when I can get them, can I choose to deposit vnn and iqn directly into mca then take that currency to invest in respective country's markets to avoid tax at that time.  this bypasses exchange I think

Carden > MJSeeker This question and so many more will be answered completely once the final D DAY arrives. Many have this question.

MJSeeker what does the the dragon family's gold have to do with gcr.  are they issuing bonds to help level playing field for those countries without enough resources?

Carden > MJSeeker GOOGLE, GLOBAL COLLATERAL DEBT ACCOUNTS. That will answer this question fully.

Steven why can we say the NESARA will be Anounced After the GCR ? what tax implications will it have on all global currency After the exchange since it takes away the IRS and THe Federal reserve system ? it also states 14% tax on New Items . no more taxes or capital gain taxes?

Carden > Steven  Sounds good to me! Looking forward to the happy Event!

FD I am going to ask for several cashiers check to cover mortgage and deposit in two or three other banks and separate accounts, will that be ok or should I open no interest account in same bank deposit there and go in another day for the cashier's checks Will they lock the account? Not planning on contract rate.

Sunshine62 > FD There has always been the advice to put your dinar into a NIB account, (at time of exchange).  However, as you start to move your money around to different accounts, (and even different banks)  the best advice would be from your personal banker as to which kinds of accounts to open so suit your needs. ....I see no reason why they would lock your account.

LoveChild If you have an established llc and you have chosen the way it is taxed can you then change it to be taxed as a C corp?

Sunshine62 > LoveChild Best advice would be from your attorney on this question, or your investment advisor.

MMullen Hello. Do you feel zim will come out good value? if so, can you give ball park guess?

Sunshine62 > MMullen We have heard .11 rate and a 6 zero lop.

Incognito > MMullen ZIM will be a very pleasant surprise

Mac Exo and staff do you think the USA or Obama can do anything to continue and hold this up?

EXOGEN > Mac That is a NO BRAINER question. YES.That is why there are now Plans A,B, & C all running simultaneously

Sem Whether this helps or not:   I have interest in a Historical Bond and the platform where there is a DP and 40 week payout says the banks/platform was given the green light to start the payout to us tomorrow.  We will see but, it falls in line with the whole 1st date.  I also have dinar/dong and have an associate in the Reno group and they were given a backwall date of Friday  where they will start.

I know the Bond is not the dinar but, I have learned this whole process is connected in some form.

Anyway, maybe this information eases some fears.


AJM0603 > Hello Sem I am involved with Historical Bonds where the Hong Kong Platform (sanctioned by the IMF) but we cannot begin trading yet till RV takes place and TRN/USN are live on bank screens. Just so you have my 2 cents worth.

However, we are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the RV to kickstart everything tonight or tomorrow hopefully.


Mr. Chen thanks Exo, Rene, Incognito, Carden, and Sunshine for answering all of our questions, you guys are the best!!!


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