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The Ancient Mystery Plays Of Today By JC Collins

The Ancient Mystery Plays Of Today By JC Collins

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The Ancient Mystery Plays of Today

September 28, 2014   By JC Collins

Man learns through a process of pattern recognition which is determined by both linear and non-linear aspects of reality.  Reality in and of itself is largely determined by what patterns we choose to observe and keep on file.

 This conundrum is not as complex as it would first appear.  And complexity as a definition is not categorically found to be either positive or negative.

The first step in understanding the complexity of reality and its patterns is to accept that matter is a product of consciousness as opposed to consciousness being a product of matter.
What this means is that mind, being consciousness, is not created by the physical organ called the brain, but the brain is manifested by the mind consciousness which exists outside of the controls and restraints of the physical world.

This is likely to be one of the most profound shifts in thinking that we will encounter within the material world.  So many truths can be extracted and extrapolated from this one definitive spark of awareness. 

If consciousness creates the brain then conscious creates all matter.  What is interesting is that the senses, which receive input from the physical organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, act as a sort of prison to lock the mind into the world of matter.  Consciousness creates a world in which it can imprison itself.

One of the obvious determinations which can be made from the above information is that here below all matter is embodied with consciousness.  As such, when we consider evolution we must also consider the opposing force of devolution.

Like inflation and deflation, evolution and devolution are locked in a symbiotic relationship which is more abstract as opposed to linear.

The life which surrounds us is segmented into mineral, plant and animal.

With an abstract interpretation of evolution and devolution, when considered in the context of mind creating matter, we can make the philosophical determination that we have been and remain as the manifestation of all three, mineral, plant, and animal.

The patterns related to each state are observable within both the tangible and intangible aspects of man.

Minerals are within us and need to be maintained at healthy levels for optimum human capacity to be fulfilled.

Plant characteristics are abstractly recognized within man as following the same patterns within nature.  Our arteries serve the same purpose as the trunk of a tree or plant, with branches and twigs acting in the same capacity as veins and capillaries.  Our skin, when viewed abstractly, can be considered as our leaves by which we absorb sun light and nutrients.

We can also follow this same process of pattern recognition in regards to the organs and glands and how similar they are to other plant life, such as seeds and nuts.

The animal characteristics within us should be obvious to most but are likely ignored by the collective masses.  The ignorance we show to the nature aspects of our inner animal are born from our inability or reluctance to self-reflect.  Yet, it is these animal characteristics which are at the forefront of mans present struggles.

Darwin was correct in that there are methodologies of evolution at play within the construct of the material world, but as discussed above, there is also the opposing devolution at work and both are in motion in anything but a linear fashion.  How consciousness weaves itself into this construct is both tangible and intangible in nature.
We have been, and remain so, the esoteric lineage of all mineral, plant, and animal life which has been manifested by consciousness.

Recognizing all these aspects of our physical born selves is paramount to understanding not only our existence, but our journey beyond existence.
 As the consciousness which is making up the majority fragment of our identities today is locked in the prison world of matter, it is imperative that we both recognize and understand how the animal aspect of our manifested nature is conditioned and manipulated.

Sex, the representation of reproduction, or consciousness replicating itself, is one of the most powerful forces which has been interlocked with the physical world.  And because of its prominence and importance within the observable construct of man, it is also the most confusing and conflicting.

And as we’ve learned from previous discussions, conflict will always find a way to materialize.

Before moving forward we must go backwards so what was explained above can be applied to what we discuss below.

When consciousness began to recognize itself in the patterns of the physical world it was in ways which could not be overtly explained or taught.  Though the human mind works on methods of pattern recognition, these patterns are almost always challenging to relate or communicate amongst the collective masses.

This is where our ancient stories and scripts originated.

The Akkadian and Sumerian cuneiform scripts are some of the oldest attempts by man to communicate these patterns and constructs of reality.

Unfortunately the interpretations of these texts today has been determined through a literal process and reading.  The stories themselves are symbolic and written in a way to explain and teach something which cannot be explained or taught in a literal fashion.

Is it any wonder that man has been so estranged from his true esoteric self.

Man has, through literal readings of the ancient scripts, created all manner of dis-empowering entities and fantasies, from all powerful demigods and singular god heads, to space aliens and circular science principles which expand and contract the further we look out or the deeper we look in.

Being that conscious creates matter it is only reasonable to expect that it will continue to create matter, on all levels of existence.  The more we search the more we have to search for.  It is a trick of the material and will never end or be satisfied.

This nature of existence and matter was heavily considered by the ancients and methods of attempting to teach it were devised and implemented by way of the ancient mystery schools.  The mystery schools were where the initiated were sent to further delve into the mysteries of existence and self.

But what cannot be materialized in its pure sense will corrupt when it is materialized and become the opposite of pure.  So it was that the mystery schools became a corruption of what was originally intended.  And this process of corruption, once started, will continue to corrupt into each tomorrow a head of us and yesterday which is behind us.

What was at first kept safe within the walls of the mystery schools found its way out into the world beyond the walls.  This amounted to a further corruption of the teachings and became what was called the mystery plays.

 These were stage performances by which what couldn’t be taught was relayed through symbolic storytelling.

The arrival of the Gutenberg printing press was heralded as a major advancement for the human species.  It made available for the first time to the masses and uninitiated the ancient writings.

 What wasn’t communicated with the mass printing of the works from the old world was that the stories were symbolic and attempted to describe something outside of the senses.

As such, the disorganized masses read the literal meanings of the great works and applied the corrupt knowledge to their own lives.  This corruption of knowledge likely served the powers of that time period very well as it ensured that socioeconomic and geopolitical control was maintained.

It is not a coincidence that engorged materialism increased dramatically after the arrival of the printing press.  When considered through what we have just discussed, it becomes increasingly clear that an expanded corruption of understanding and knowledge has further imprisoned consciousness into the world of matter.

Moving further ahead we can determine the next big wave of knowledge corruption to have taken place with the mass production of music and motion pictures.

For our purposes here we will only focus on motion pictures and how they are the modern version of the ancient mystery plays.  The purpose of both as methods of social engineering and a mass corruption of the inner knowledge which resides within each of us is apparent.

Like a lotus blossom the uncorrupted knowledge of existence blooms within us all.  Movies are one of the methods by which our uncorrupted knowledge is extracted from within us and materialized as the opposite of what it was meant to be.  And this is where we come back to the replication of consciousness when externalized in the act of animal sex.

Conscious replication of consciousness has been replaced with subconscious addiction to the act of animal sex.  Motion pictures, the mystery plays of today, relay this literal subconscious presentation of animal sex into the modern stories which we rush to the theater to see or watch on the television.

The strategy devised is devilish in its purpose and intent, but also liberating when viewed with eyes wide open.  The socioeconomic chess masters use animal characteristics like sex to leverage humanity for the purpose of transferring wealth and ensuring a corruption of knowledge is maintained.

Animal sex has always been externalized into the physical world as a corruption of what it actually represents.  The pagan sex cults of the ancient world have morphed today into the organized group sex parties and defacto polyamory which plays out on a subconscious level when we observe pornography and interact with an oversexed entertainment industry which attempts to play itself as the voice of each generation.

The mystery plays of today are about much more than just animal sex.  They are the main tools of engineering which make adjustments to the collective mass minds of socioeconomic and geopolitical awareness.  We purchase and participate in our own conditioning and control.  We transfer our real wealth, our time and labor, for the method of our own corruption.

The majority of the posts I write are directly related to economics for the sole reason that economics are the extension of our survival instinct.  And it is that survival instinct which is a corruption of the need for consciousness to replicate itself and ensure a continuation of that replication.

It is highly unlikely that humanity will ever devise a method of externalizing itself without falling into the trap of material corruption.  Perhaps it is designed that way.  And yet it is the very survival instinct within us that will force a continued approach to human improvement and enlightenment.

Economic systems are important in that they create standards and procedures by which corrupt consciousness attempts to govern itself.  Whenever an economic system transitions there are always periods of prosperity and hopefulness. But these periods are only brief and always degrade again into the chaos from which they were born.

Until man can comprehend the patterns of consciousness on a deeper level there will be a continuation of corrupted knowledge.  Systems of socioeconomic and geopolitical governance will always be a manifestation of the ones which came before.  And the mystery plays of today will continue providing the substance from which we build our corrupt worlds.

What humanity needs is a new way of viewing existence and a new method by which the manifestation of consciousness is realized.  For my part here, I attempt to enlighten in a humble fashion and provide my own consciousness with the means to replicate itself.

At the same time I seek to bring uncorrupted knowledge into the world and hold it within the structure of a new form of socioeconomics which I have come to call PrimNomics.

Some readers may remember that I have dropped this term in a previous post, titled The Bondage of Atlas.  It will likely be my great work while I’m here and will require many more years of self reflection and contemplation before it can be fully realized.

Until then, I plant the seed within the collective consciousness and study the patterns which emerge around me.

What lofty dreams can come from the mind of man?  What dream?  Who am I to dream such things? Who are we to seek a knowledge which is uncorrupted?

We are always the replication of each other.   – JC

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