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Prime Creator (Ohara) : Learn Deep-Self Diving

Prime Creator (Ohara) :  Learn Deep-Self Diving

It is my pleasure to be speaking with you through our beloved channel, Kathryn.  I have not claimed more than my fair share of airtime during these past months as she channelled a message every day, because it was important for all of us to come forward to let you see how much we love all of you, and how clearly aligned we are in our vision of what you need to accomplish before your Ascension.

We see your struggles and your pain, and we see how easy it is for you to barricade yourselves inside a shell of your own making when you have been hurt.  It is a familiar human strategy to become defensive, hyper-alert and wary of trusting others - it is a natural extension of having seen too much suffering, too much pain as a child.

The next phase in your program for "protecting yourself" is then to try to control and manage your environment, and especially the thoughts and feelings of those around you. It is only a small step from there to begin practicing and perfecting the skills of manipulation, deception and other passive-aggressive techniques, and when you see something that looks to your child-brain like a threat to your ego/pride, it is a single step further into aggression.

Why do I bring this to your attention now?  Most of you would flatly deny any involvement in anything of the kind, because you disapprove of such behavior and you have convinced yourselves you have moved far beyond it long ago.  Well, I assure you, my Beloved Children, that it is highly unlikely you have completed this process.

How will it be possible for you to look deeply into yourselves to search out all such dark inclinations, when the very idea fills you with distaste and dread?  How will you be able to look at yourself and see old habits and behaviors that you are embarrassed about even considering?  Why would you want to search for darkness in the corners of your being when it makes you uncomfortable?  Wouldn't it just be better to meditate for a while till you feel happy?  Well, I must tell you:  No, it is better to do the digging now.  It will kick up your process of Ascension to warp speed.

Now, I will tell you about the "leading" statements in my message, above.  I suspect there were very few of you who said to yourselves:  "Why would I feel embarrassment, distaste or dread at the idea of seeing something dark in myself?"  You are far more likely to have just cringed and tried to not think about it.  Is shame really a "normal" response? Is it really inevitable that everyone feel that? You have probably just accepted that embarrassment or shame would be the only possible response. Did you catch the invitation to denial (burying your head) and avoidance? Were you tempted to take that road?

Now, let's take this whole issue apart and put it back together differently.

First, there is no reason for you to feel ashamed of having learned something "unattractive" or dark under duress as a child.  It makes as much sense as blaming a child for being hungry or tired.  All children develop schemes - masks, really - to hide behind.  It becomes a matter of pride to develop the most charming or the most frightening mask with which to face the world.  Your preferences depend entirely upon family and cultural style, although you probably think it was your own idea.

Second, any hint of embarrassment, dread or shame indicates that you, my Beloved One, are being judgemental toward yourself.  Otherwise, why would it matter to your pride if you found something in yourself that was dark or unsavory?  It is simply a matter of training, not your innate character. If you don't like it, you can change it. You, Dearest, are a bright star.  Your soul is a Divine diamond, a holy creation.  The kinds of behavior you learned - including being judgemental and disapproving of yourself and others - is nothing more than a bad education.  Re-educate yourself.

Third, before you attempt this challenge at home, you must be willing to turn away from all feelings of superiority, disdain, disapproval or reluctance to seeing even the most unattractive qualities - the biggest warts - in yourself.  Vow to search the farthest corners of yourself with the spirit of a private investigator - curious and determined.  Replace judgement with good humor, and be ready to cheer yourself up with a reassuring mantra, like, "Oops" or "Oh, well" or "Who knew?"

This sense of benevolent wonder originates in the center of your brain, in the place where all abilities and senses merge.  Watch the Visual Centering videos on YouTube to practice staying in that Light-channel where Love flows from Us to You.  If you are operating from an off-center place in your brain, you are depriving yourself of the delightful feelings of belonging, being in good company with yourself and us.

It is most important to conduct your search with the spirit of adventure.  Instead of dread, go deep-self diving with the goal of uncovering the worst of the worst - murderous feelings, attitudes of superiority or hatred, raging anger, or utter disdain for everyone in your path.  Pull it out of the treasure chest where you have buried all dreadful things and admire it honestly.  Say to yourself things like, "Hmm. Quite a powerful feeling for a child" and "Ah, of course he (the child you were) learned to think nasty thoughts.  It's what his father did all the time.  He was a good mimic," or perhaps "No wonder she was bitter and depressed (as I tend to be now). It was Mother's Philosophy of Life."

When you are successful in finding something truly dreadful about yourself, make a picture of the child you were, and talk with him/her about it.  No lectures!  Congratulate him/her for being resourceful and a good mimic.  Admire the intelligence and adaptability of the child, who really had no choice but to learn these particular skills.  But of course, you now have the option to unlearn them.  This is true freedom. So, forgive yourself for carrying it forward into adulthood.  Everyone does. Do not allow yourself to say anything intolerant or insulting to yourself, like "I should have known better."  If you had known better you would have been born a grownup.

You see?  In the spirit of compassion and genuine appreciation for your ability to survive, be a good actor, adapt to difficult times, and so forth, you can look at anything, change anything, and do it happily.  It is not a crime to have been a mean person.  It is just an unfortunate learned pattern.  If you don't like to think of yourself that way, change.  Take yourself in hand, with kindness, and offer to walk with the child you were, to provide comfort and support as you leave the dark secrets of childhood behind, not because they are shameful, but just because it pleases you to evolve and grow.

Understand, Dear Ones, you shape yourself just as you shape your life.  You are the putty in your own hands.  You were born to be resourceful, flexible and open.  Only training into the dark ideas of the cabal has taught you to think it is shameful to be wrong about something (and therefore you must always think you're right).  The old saw about learning from your mistakes is true.  It is the best way to learn.  So, congratulate yourself on having the courage to look directly at yourself objectively.  Objectivity is really a kind of special love.  It is like saying to yourself: "I don"t care what you might have done wrong in the past, or what mistakes you have made.  I love your spunk (stubbornness, sneaky ways).  It shows you have imagination.

Then design a program for yourself to break the pattern completely. No tolerance for the old ways, but enforced with joy and kindness, and a gentle guiding hand.  Ask your Higher Self to help you discover all the roots of the old behavior and to keep you alert to any sign of falling back.  Work on your present behavior and attitudes the way you would take on any really important project, with diligence and resolve.

It is a truly worthy endeavor, this work of reshaping your thoughts, feelings and actions.  No other self-improvement project can have the long-term payoff that results in such peace of mind, comfort and self-respect.  It is a Masterful approach to living, and it will make every moment of your days meaningful. This is what we mean by walking the walk.  With every realization you will raise your vibration, and the more you uncover and clear away, the higher you will go.

Be daring, Beloved Ones.  Take it as far as you can go, and then keep going.  We will be cheering you on and applauding every light bulb inspiration, every secret unveiled. Now, amass your weapons:  a journal and a nice pen, a mirror, and most of all, a song of hope in your heart and a chuckle ready in the back of your mind.  Go ahead, create a miracle in yourself.  Your poor, long-suffering Self will breathe a great sigh of relief and learn to laugh at anything, just for the fun of it.

This is my gift to you, Dear Children. I wish you inner peace and happiness every day of your lives.  I hope you can feel the deep respect and pleasure I feel when I offer you these simple (but not so easy) exercises to do.  I admire your intelligence and willingness.  I know how hard it is - I have been there too.  Yes, I too have incarnated on Planet Earth.  My twin flame is there with you now, as are so many of your Masters, Archangels, Mentors and Guides.

You are so lovable in your true nature, I embrace you, Lightbearers.  You are in my heart always.  I am your Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 29, 2014, 11pm, New York

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Anonymous said...

The Prime Creator has a name? This would individualize Source, thus creating a separation from EVERYTHING (negative/service to self); a violation of the basic Law of One, as obviously The All is not a lower 6th dimensional or below being.