Monday, September 29, 2014

Send 2014 budget to the House of Representatives

Send 2014 budget to the House of Representatives
ارسال موازنة 2014 الى مجلس النواب

08:10 29/09/2014
I expected the temporary parliamentary committee to prepare and approve the budget in 2014 to testifyon Tuesday and the arrival of the government after the budget sent to it by the Commission two weeks ago.  
The committee member said Hisham al-Suhail: that the budget is expected to be up to parliament on Tuesday, adding that the committee will meet again to discuss the amendments made ​​by the government,noting that after two weeks of the holiday budget can be approved.  
He added that the much-delayed budget for the government because of the formation of the new government, which led to re-send it back to the current squad, stressing that the committee will meet to review the budget on the grounds that it was in the previous speculative but today they have become a reality.  
Suhail denied any knowledge of the amendments made ​​to the budget by the government, noting that the committee learned that he will approve the money that has been spent in the form of ancestor and then issue a formal decision to be there so the doors of legal exchange.  
He cautioned that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has informed the Commission of the need to hold intensive meetings to study and presented the agenda of the House of Representatives for approval.  
For her part, Magda al-Tamimi, Chairperson of the Committee, it received assurances put the budget on the agenda for meetings of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday for approval and sent to the House of Representatives and the Committee competent to do so.

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