Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thoughts from TNT Members Late Tuesday Afternoon

Thoughts from TNT Members Late Tuesday Afternoon

Coolguypr:   Putting pieces of the puzzle together...following the money

Good day to everyone! I have decided to help out our mods, Tony and DC in my own way buy IMHO looking at the recent pieces of the puzzle and following the money.

I am invested since 2007 and have been closely following Iraq's actions ever since.

We have been told in the past several things in order to try to look at the bigger picture. These things are:

1- Kuwait had stipulated that coming out of the gate they would accept an Iraqi Dinar international rate as long as it wasn't more than theirs, and not to come closer than 2 or 3 cents.
2- We were told that articles coming out of Iraq can be a couple of days old and it would be only what Iraq wanted the world to know.

3- In order for us to fully comprehend what is going on in looking at the bigger picture, that we would have to follow the money.

4- In the past, Dr. Shabibi, who was once governor of the CBI had stated that he would be willing to rv the currency if there was a stable GOI and that he would like to do it on a long holiday.
Precisely, Iraq has a couple day holiday coming up.

5- We were also told that to follow not what Iraq says they are going to do, but what they actually do.

Knowing these basic elements, IMHO I would like to present a scenario to what I beleive is going on and that many fail to see this bigger picture and fail to comprehend the thinking behind the process.

First, I am going to mention the most recent pieces of the puzzle:

1- Iraq stipulating what the real dinar rate is by publishing comparison rates of Middle Eastern countries only.

2- Iraqi media has just put out that the Kurds have been authorized by Abadi to receive back pay for the first two months only now before their holiday and the rest will be paid after their holiday.

3- Other upcoming debts to be paid, concerning in-country and international debts. In-country debts have been mentioned would happen Oct. 1. On an international level, war debts must be paid, including the Paris Club debt, whatever is left over to be covered.

Knowing all these elements, this is what I see. If I put myself in Abadi's shoes I can see that I have monetary pressure not only from the outside, but also the inside of my own country. Knowing this, how could I alleviate in some way part of that pressure before my dinar goes international.

Well, I would think Abadi would want to resolve several issues at least on a local level the most easiest way, and this is what I beleive has happened.

Last week the CBI was told to do an in-country ri after the ri was put into law. Now remember the new GOI signed off on their monetary reform.

So what did they do, first they made the RI law in a subtle way by posting the exchange rates of the IQN compared to the other middle eastern countries. Now how does this help? Easy........

1- They are officially telling Kuwait at what rate they are going to come out on and that rate would be covering the past agreement they made with them.

2- They are making the RI law. Which needed to be done prior to going international....in other words...making their monetary reform legal.

3- Abadi is releasing some of the monetary pressure put on him by at least paying the kurds two months up front before going international with their dinar. IMHO the kurds have been paid in a RI IQN value in-country.

Abadi can start this way paying off in-country debts and later on, once the dinar goes international, he would have left only the out of country debts to be paid....by doing it this way, won't you think he would be calming a lot of people????????

Oh by the way....doesn't all this make sense???????

Franklin54:  Not if they have been getting a bombardment of info on tv and in mosques , saying retro to January 1. Would only exacerbate tbe  situation. Creates more distrust of government.  Frankly, this is what I would do if I was trying to stall my way past the 1st.Blessings   Franklin54

Coolguypr: Franklin I believe in what you are saying....but if you look at the bigger picture and read between the lines....it was an agreement Abadi made with the Kurds. Now he can pay everyone else total past due debts but only on a local level cause he made their montary reform a law. So now he has a legality in his favor to do so, get rid of the local debts first and in the coming days they can go international and pay off all outside debts.

AmiS: coolguy :: is this what you're talking about ... submitted by tishwash

Staff health and cultivation of Nineveh and Mosul (Got Paid)

Tuesday 30 September 2014 21:54  lsumaria News / Baghdad,
said a local source in the province of Nineveh , on Tuesday, that the staff of health departments and cultivation of Nineveh and Mosul University received their salaries for the month of September now. , the source said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "health personnel and cultivation of Nineveh and Mosul University received their salaries for the month of September, the current After dispensing by their ministries in Baghdad . " It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers decided, on (June 24 2014), the pay of employees in hot areas controlled by the government, as well as a collection of employees' salaries areas not under the control of the government to act for them later after the end of hostilities , also decided to pay the salaries of Chairman and members of the Board of Nineveh and Salahuddin who are engaged in their work in alternative locations and with the support of the competent authorities.

Coolguypr:  Amis....yes...there you go! Follow the money...if they didn't make the dinar RI law then there would not exist any legality to be able to pay first in-country debts. Go figure..this value will not show up on the CBI website until it goes to the international level.

There is also another article stating that Abadi had made an agreement to the Kurds to pay them right now for the first two months of the year and after their holiday pay them the rest.

As you can see the GOI is moving at such a high speed never seen before. God bless them!  Blessings   Coolguypr

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