Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Greetings Everyone: Most of you have read and signed the stop PFP, Policing For Profit petition, but for those of you that have not done so yet or paid much attention, this video may get your attention on exactly what we are up against, http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2014/09/06/stop-and-seize/

Is this serious and criminal enough for you to share this information with everyone you know if you haven't yet? This petition has been up for over 5 months now with only 68 hits, yet other petitions that have been posted dealing with some insect or animal getting mistreated or headed for extinction will get thousands of hits.  ?????????
Are the sheeple this brain dead or just so dumbed down it doesn't register?

We have put up the time and effort to expose this criminal racketeering industry where you all have an opportunity to help stop this madness and you don't even have to get off your rear end to do it and yet nobody seems to give a rat until they themselves get plundered and robbed if not murdered by one or more of these criminal corporate thugs disguised as peace officers.

Please share this petition with everyone you know so we can go viral and get the support we need to move forward and address this criminal organization called law enforcement and the Justus system.

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Anonymous said...

I can clue you in why people might not be ' signing petitions.' WE DON"T KNOW WHO TO TRUST ! Think, complainer. Who are you, really ? How many fake petitions are circulating, potentially identifying the ' terrorists ' who sign them ? Most know governments are gigantic mafias, and there are criminals everywhere. Remember OPPT ? Outed as fake, with similar claims to ' helping ' the people. So before you shit your pants and insult people needlessly, yours is not the only cause or important change that needs to happen. Brush up on relating to people effectively, instead of spurious insulting language. Speaking of language, " Justus " is spelled Justice. You might want to add Spellcheck to your repertoire of communications skills. TYJM frj