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Summary of Lindsey Williams Dvd Special Events of 2015 - You Asked For It

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Summary of Lindsey Williams Dvd Special Events of 2015 - You Asked For It
Posted By: Luna [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 29-Sep-2014 16:43:57

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to summarize this video. I just got a copy of it this morning, and it is long. There is new information in it. There is specific information in it. When you read this summary, don't panic. Remember that the "elites" don't always get their way. I think if they did, the NWO would have already been in place, before I was even born. At the end of the summary, I will share with you some of the steps that I will be taking in the next year, to make sure I am prepared. Maybe we can brainstorm other ways to make things better for ourselves and our communities, whether or not the things Williams' elite friend told him, come to pass.
After the last DVD was released (the one I, Luna summarized on RMN a while back) many people contacted LW (Lindsey Williams) at the Prophecy Club and asked him for specific dates for specific events. LW says he wasn't even sure he wanted to know. I'm sure RMN readers understand that sentiment. But LW contacted his "elite friend" anyway, and was given information that LW found to be stunning.
LW says that he usually knows 99% more than most of the newsletter writers out there, and some of the things the "elite" have told him, keep him awake at night. Remember that most of what they tell him, he is not allowed to tell us, yet. That must be rough. If you are familiar with his story, they have threatened to kill him, in the past, unless he cooperates with their requests. He has reason to believe they have killed before, and takes these threats seriously.
LW says he is very concerned about trying to correctly interpret what his "elite friend" tells him. After 37 years of dealing with them, he understands them a lot better than he used to, but still doesn't understand everything. These people don't think the way you and I do, but have a completely different mindset.
(If you are unfamiliar with LW's back story, please make yourself familiar with it. His story is relevant to the content of this information, but most of us have heard it so many times, so just do yourself a favor and do an internet search, maybe watch one of his youtube videos or something.)
Ebola (or any plague)
LW doesn't know how bad it will get. To the elites, a plague is population control. But not just depopulation. It is also a tool to scare the masses into complying with whatever the "elites" want.
One of the prevailing themes of this dvd, is that America is no longer the 'elite's" golden child. The American dollar and the American people have already served the "elite's" purposes for it. They won't need us anymore. They are moving on to China and the BRICS nations. (I'm not sure this is actually bad news)
LW says "You don't want to know what I am about to tell you, but you asked for it." Then he says pointedly, "I barely tell you the truth." He is giving us the tip of the iceberg.
The "elites" strongly believe that divine intervention is coming in 2015. Even though, to you or me, that sounds like the hand of God giving a smackdown to those who actually deserve it, apparently when the "elites" use that phrase, it most likely means disaster for ordinary people, in order to move them to repent. Clearly my view of God, and their view of God is very different. But the point is, they are expecting a sign from God, a really big sign.
(At this point LW divulges that he (LW) has decided not to do radio shows anymore.)
LW has a friend who currently lives on the East Coast, named Kevin. Kevin is a Christian and a prominent radio and tv show host on the East Coast. LW doesn't want to give Kevin's last name. I believe Kevin's vision is LW's hint to us about something the "elites" won't let him tell us point blank.
But anyway, this Kevin is a perceptive and intuitive person. Kevin had a vision in which he was flying in a private air craft and a voice told him to "look down and see." He was flying over his home state of Connecticut and saw water everywhere. The voice said, "This is what is going to happen to the entire East Coast in 2015." Many intuitive friends of Kevin have had similar visions. Kevin has plans to move away from the coast line.
Efrain Rodriguez is a prophet in Puerto Rico who has had visions of a comet hitting an island or area near Puerto Rico, causing devastation and inundation of the East Coast of the U.S. as in Kevin's vision.

LW says that he discussed divine intervention with his "elite friend" at length, which means that he was probably told a lot more about it, than he can say at this point. (Remember how the CIA moved to Denver a few years ago?)
LW says it was suggested that he read the book, "The Harbinger" by Johnathan Cahn. (But LW didn't say who suggested he read it.)
Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa
Surely, RMN readers have heard of this group before. BRICS is being set up to bring about the new world reserve currency. LW shared some quotes from the IMF to the effect. I am leaving out the details and quotes that LW shared. The gist is, the U.S.A. is purposefully being left out of this plan. The U.S. Dollar is being excluded.
The date of the financial collapse that the "elites" plan is September and October of 2015. It will be many times worse than the collapse of 2008. The moment you hear that interest rates are beginning to go up, it is all over. LW points out that he did not say there would be a "Great Depression."
We will see a major drop in the stock market.
Then a collapse of the derivative market will take place.
Since banks are heavily invested in the derivative market, many banks will go bankrupt. The "elites" want only ten banks to survive, the banks that are under their control.
When that happens, IRAs, 401Ks, and pension funds will lose value drastically.
Gold will skyrocket.
The "elites" expect people to beg them for help, because people won't have enough food to feed their families, or gas to put in their gas tanks. This is part of why they don't expect riots in 2015. They expect begging, instead.
Something is scheduled in 2015 for the housing market. 2015 will be another housing market collapse, like the one in 2010.
The sanctions against Russia, problems with Russia, are being used to hasten the dollar's troubles. Russia is getting out of the dollar.
The problems in the Muslim world will be used to foment discord and war in 2015. LW shared a clip of a Muslim woman asking a question to a panel, and the answer given by Brigitte Gabriel. The woman wants to know how the world will fight an ideological war with weapons, how can we win without addressing it ideologically. Gabriel's answer is that even though only 15-25% of Muslims are radical, that is still 180-300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization. She says it is the radicals that have killed and massacred throughout history. Like during the Holocaust, when the peaceful Germans were irrelevant, Gabriel says that now the peaceful majority is likewise irrelevant.
Great Britain is in great trouble. Financially it is in the same amount of trouble as the U.S. and it also has a massive Muslim community. LW showed pictures of apparent Muslims in Great Britain holding up signs that advocate murder.
There will be great turmoil in Washington DC in 2015. Congress will be intentionally in conflict. We may even see fist fights in congress. The president and the president's cabinet will be in internal conflict. There will be massive dissent, by design. This will be done to cause fear in the American public.
There will be a by design, failure of the Health Care System. LW begs us to order the free 60 page booklet from the Clinic in Mexico where he was treated. (800-262-0212 and ask for Teresea, tell her you want the 60 page booklet)
LW says these things will NOT happen in 2015:
-no riots (because the "elites" have dumbed people down. The elites plan on bringing in the NWO peacefully.
- no gun control in 2015 (sounds like a hint it may be on schedule shortly afterwards?)
LW says that you should get your investments into tangibles and out of paper. If you have a mortgage and can not pay it, you will have your house repossessed. Get out of debt at any price.
As all of these things take place, the president will do nothing.
LW ends the video with a presentation by Paul Henry called "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor."
Now, I know that if these things come to pass in the next year, that looks pretty bad for those of us in the U.S. It sounds like they want our standard of living down to that of a third world country. Right now, if we had to rely on what we could produce domestically, we would be in trouble, because as a country we don't manufacture like we used to. My thought is, couldn't we turn that around?
If I am worried about having food for myself, and my neighbor and the people of my community having food, isn't there something I can do about that, right now?
If the dollar loses its reserve currency status, that will make imports drastically expensive, if available at all. Can I stockpile for the short term, and find a way to produce for myself what I will need for the long term.
I respect what LW says about gold, or other precious metals, but at a certain point the gold will run out. Gold can't make more gold, unless you are an alchemist. However, a garden can produce food and seeds for next year's garden.
I am planning on moving somewhere more rural, nearer to family that I could stay with, if I really had to. I have a collection of seeds. I have seeds for food, medicinal herb seeds, and even some pretty flower seeds. I believe that seeds will be in much more demand than gold, because seeds make food, and more seeds.
When suddenly a whole lot of people realize that they are going to have to start growing their own food, in order to survive, it could overwhelm national seed suppliers. Most of the heirloom seed companies in the U.S. only have a small amount of heirloom seeds available each year, because the demand for their seeds has been low.
I have been practicing gardening for the past few years. I also have been cooking from scratch, and learning how to make good food with cheap and home grown ingredients. I know a bit about herbal medicine.
Once I get where I am going, I plan to put aside storable food, and more seeds, plus supplements and necessities. I will think about what I buy now, that is imported. I will get plants and seeds of what I can grow myself, and store extra of what will take me time to figure out (like my coffee.)
I will volunteer locally to help others learn to grow their own food. And in the spring I will start a garden.
These are my plans for 2015, no matter what happens with the "elites," the U.S. dollar, and the world. I have other plans that don't involve the dollar crashing. I'm hoping those plans don't fall through. But if everything LW warned us about in 2015 happens, I should be okay.
Remember that when the stock market collapsed in 1929, not everyone lost their shirt. Some wealthy people became wealthier.
Even if you are poor, you might be able to afford some seeds as the fall seed sales start. Often the leftover year's seeds are sold for pennies. They're still good. Save them for the spring, and learn to garden. It's a skill that will feed you next year, and many years to come.

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