Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ALERT !!! How to prepare for Jade Helm 15:>> It "IS" Martial Law!

Mark Koernke

How to prepare for Jade Helm 15:

it is Martial Law!

Gianluca Zanna

Published on Apr 23, 2015
Special Guest Mark Koernke from Michigan on Jade Helm 15:

Martial Law is here!
Emergency Broadcasting
with Luca Zanna on Love Guns & Freedom Radio Show
04/26/2015 Broadcasting

Mark Gregory Koernke known as "Mark from Michigan," is one of the historical leaders of the American Militia movement since the 80's, broadcasting on shortwave radio with his "The Intelligence Report", and lately on the internet on Liberty Tree Radio and the Micro-effects.

Koernke is also known for his various educational videos on the
New World Order.
One of his better known pieces of work is called "America in Peril".

Luca Zanna, host of the Radio Show Love Guns & Freedom has just finished recording the segment of the coming 04/26/2015 broadcasting where Koernke shares his warnings and analysis of the potential Martial Law Scenario that we
re facing in America with the imminent Jade Helm 15 on US Soil.

Koernke is a former Army Intelligence Analyst, and in the last 25 years he has
been predicting the imminent and coming threats and dangers of the United Nations, Agenda 21, New World Order, Gun Confiscation, and Martial Law with
the internment of American Patriots in FEMA Camps.

Jade Helm 15 and the motivations of such use of force in the South West,
may be the real deal and not just a dry run.

Due to the vital information shared in this interview, the host and producer of
Love Guns & Freedom Radio Show, Luca Zanna decided to release this
recorded version of this show before the coming Sunday broadcasting on
KTOX 1340 AM and web casting on Network.

Please listen, share and prepare.
Gianluca Zanna

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