Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hidden War - the war for your land and water.....

Hidden War - the war for your land and water.....
Here is a website and movie that you need to watch.
This war is being waged on YOU by people claiming to be your own government, but who are and have been a private for profit corporation that has hijacked the federal government. 
They use codes, statutes and treaties to steal your wealth and heritage.  For more on the corporate aspect
Most Western Montanans are not aware that a war is being waged against them, a  battle for their land and water.  This video is the first in a three part series of videos that lays out  the details of this war and introduces the Montana Land and Water Alliance, an organization created to protect the property rights of Montana.

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Anonymous said...

"There is, in essence, “one world government” and it has been here throughout the development of the North American Continent as a commercial and political power, from the earliest exploration and colonization down to the present day. p 27

The Office of President is and always was a private business executive office, not a political one, and as a result, to this day, the President is elected to office by a privately drafted Electoral College, not by voters in any General Election. p 28

As for the American People it is long overdue for us to dust off our laurels and walk the walk as true world leaders, instead of allowing ourselves to be directed by thugs, and letting criminals set up shop in our banks, courthouses, and seats of government. A housecleaning of major proportions is long overdue, ..." p 70