Sunday, May 31, 2015

Satan the Saviour - Astonishing Vatican Plan to Unveil Humanity's Deliverer

Going back to before the flood after creation, we had a group of angels our Father appointed to oversee His creation.  These are called 'The Watchers'. These angels found that the human women were beautiful and disobeyed our Father by coming down to Earth to take them unto themselves. This produced giants on the earth.  The seed of man was corrupted.  Man's DNA was defiled and these watchers were cast out of their natural heavenly habitation. These human angel offspring were called the Nephilim.

Genesis 6:4, and book of Enoch.

And the nephilim ruled the Earth.  These were called 'the men of renown, kings, leaders' that were worshiped and sacrifices were given unto them and wickedness ruled the earth. God destroyed these with the flood, but these also came after the flood.

Satan has manipulated our human DNA throughout the centuries. Through agreements made with the underground governments, underground bases were built for the experimentation of human and animal life forms. Through the abduction program humans have been modified physically and mentally to accommodate Satan's new age teachings of self exaltation and through genetic modification that goes back to at least four generations have created the new men of renown - perfected and no longer the giants of old that have taken high government positions of power to facilitate the coming new world religion and new world order including the false second coming which involves his created humanoid hybrids, tall, beautiful and majestic that come in ufo's to offer humanity prosperity, technology, freedom. The Vatican 'Satan's Tabernacle" and United Nations, 'an illuminati freemason organization' have appointed an ambassador that will receive the extraterrestrials. They, the extraterrestrials, Vatican and United Nations will try to discredit our creator incarnate Jesus leading the masses into perdition

Published on Apr 12, 2015
Sheila Zilinsky - The Weekend Warrior

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Anonymous said...

The Bible is from Hebrew, and Common Greek, It is Gods Plan of Salvation for Humanity, to reconcile us back through His Son............History is the Lesson, Repentance is the solution!

The Bible teaches that Man corrupted himself, that the "flesh" is enmity, and can only reconcile itself by repentance, which involves certain conditions that are laid down in Scripture, and "only" Scripture.

Genesis is the foundation of the Bible, every Book of the Bible, will ultimately send you back to it. thus, the Gospel was preached to Abraham... ( Gal 3 vs 8 ) The International or Family Promise via Abraham: “And in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.” For Abraham was counted Righteous by virtue of Faith and Action ( Belief )

Genesis 6........... is a recount of how corrupt Man had become, and is expressed in Hebrew. The Nephilim were Men...........Men of reknown, who usurped Gods authority, his laws and violated himself to the point, where God regretted He had created Man, and brought forth His judgement, and wiped them off the face of the earth, in the Hope that Noah's prodigy would bring forth righteousness. ......unfortunately, this new seed-line proved to be as corrupt as their predecessors, therefore, God has given Man over to his own folly, and will reserve Judgement in the latter days!.

That Judgement is laid out in Psalm 37........Only the Righteous ( meek ) will inherit the Earth! ( a remnant )

In Hebrew, the word " satan" is a Verb, it is NOT a noun.and is expressed as one who is adverse to God, or others, thus the word means, to be against, to be an afront, therefore, any person or system can be an adversary, in religious terms, Atheism is an Adversary to God, because it denies Him, on the other hand, God is their adversary, and He will wipe them out!

This article is a perfect example of the Verb satan, thus the Vatican is an adversary to God, because it violates his Position, very much like the King of Babylon, ( Isaiah 14 ) who usurped the throne of God, and God likened the king to a bright star, and smashed his kingdom to the ground via the Medes and Persians...........thus, God was the Kings adversary ( satan ), and He will also be Romes greatest adversary.....

If we are enlighted to the fact that the Vatican aka Roman Empire revived, is our adversary ( satan) then we need to address that corruption, not only Political, but Spiritually, thus we find, that Her Doctrine is also corrupt, that she teaches a corrupt version of the Bible. One of her major corrupted doctrines, is the false teaching that the "verb" satan is a noun, a fallen angel of God, that leads man to sin, This false teaching is ROMAN, and is not what Scripture teaches.

The Bible teaches, that Man in his flesh, usurps God, thus, man is enmity to God, and not a depraved angel that broke Gods Laws, as the Vatican teaches. You cannot have it both ways!