Saturday, May 30, 2015

U.S.A. CORORATION Tries To Kill Director Of Russian Pipeline


Thu May 28, 2015 15:22

Over the last 10 years Russia has made some tremendous progress towards recovering their mineral rights and taking back much of their industry from the Rothchilds mega monopoly that spans the globe.

One area Russia has made tremendous progress is in the oil pipeline manufacturing arena - investing around $1 Billion US Dollars throughout their infrastructure.

Today, the Russian oil giant Gazprom is planning and building a natural gas pipeline through Turkey and Greece and in to central Europe to deliver natural gas to most of Southern Europe. (NOTE: Perhaps this is the main reason the cabal U.S.A. corporation has unlawfully interfered in the affairs of Russia, the Ukraine and Turkey???)

The current pipeline orders are coming 50% from Germany (built by the Marshall Plan,still in effect) and 50% from Russian manufacturers - 35% OMK, 15% Severstal.

The pipeline is 613MM in diameter and can handle up to 250 Autmospheres and is seamless - very high quality.

The US Embassy in Moscow apparently hired a hit man and the Director of the OMK Pipeline Manufacuring Factory was shot this morning by a very aggressive gunman. He was apparently shot in the abdomen and shoulder and is alive in intensive care in a local hospital. He apparently refused to destroy his companies production facilities or sabotage the pipeline manufacturing plant.

This "hit" occurring only a few days after Secretary of State Dumb Dumb John Kerry visited with a Putin Double. Go figure.

There will be a retaliation - but to what extent - when and where - - - but be assured the Russians will respond in a very strong way for the unprovoked attempt to kill this 40 year old Russian Director of KOMPLEKROSKOI-GROUP Oil Pipeline Manufacturing Division.
Bad choice corporation U.S.A. Secretary of State John Kerry!

In addition, in a speech given by the Assistant Secretary of State - there will be US troops in Myanmar (Burma) within the week. They refused US "assistance" a few days ago.  Oops!  US sponsored revolution - here it comes - yet another corporate U.S.A. sponsored killing spree.
As an American I am ashamed at the behavior of the U.S.A. private corporation 'Secretary of State' John Kerry and his assistants. GOD will now unwind their empire.  HE has said it - so it shall be.

John Kerry - better check yourself out for prostrate cancer. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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Dr William B. Mount

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Anonymous said...

what do you expect from the worlds terror network... the USA Corp/ and cabal military network. he who lives by the sword... dies by the sword. and so it is and shall be. good riddance, i say. when will the 'positive' military finally rise up in defense of the American people... and the world?