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Why More Riots Are Coming Soon - UNLESS all Americans stand TOGETHER and say 'NO !'

Why the 'Elite' Want to Create More Social Disorder in America
Authoritarianism needs to be re-branded in the minds of the public
**Those to suffer the most will be the blacks who are too na├»ve to understand that their own 'leaders' are being handsomely paid to set them up for destruction and death............such as Al Sharpton and friends

Why the Elite Wants to Create More Social Disorder
by Paul Joseph Watson | May 28, 2015

96 per cent of Americans believe that the U.S. will witness more Baltimore-style riots this summer.

The elite know these riots are coming because, to a large extent, **their policies have created the environment for them.
Wealth inequality, which is proven to cause social unrest, is at its worst since before World War II.
But wealth inequality isn’t caused by a failure of capitalism. It’s caused by catastrophic Keynesian central bank policies that have instituted endless money printing and worldwide inflation.
But by blaming capitalism, leftists who warn about wealth inequality, are playing right into the elite’s hands – because their solution is going to be more power in the hands of the state and central banks, the very same policies which caused the problem in the first place.
Wealth inequality is being exacerbated by a drop in real wages. As real wages fall, it will become increasingly harder to pacify younger generations via consumer culture. With religion, family and social mobility all declining in influence, lifestyles built around the acquisition of products will become harder to maintain as the economic environment worsens – prompting further disenfranchisement amongst young people. (In their thinking, bigger and better cars, shoes, jackets, cell phones, computers, boom boxes and other toys make up for their lack of practical education, job and social skills. The easy way to obtain these things is to break glass windows and doors and steal - even from their own families, friends and neighborhoods.)

This effect is amplified by the global political awakening acknowledged by 'elitists' like Zbigniew Brzezinski (a hardline communist working to manipulate and control humanity), a political renaissance that has been driven by the increasingly widespread availability of information thanks to the Internet.

This awakening has in turn led to more distrust in government and leadership in the United States and other western countries – another precondition for civil unrest.
The toxic cocktail of increased corruption, social alienation, and lack of community (all contributory factors to the 2011 London riots), will heighten the risk of domestic disorder.

In an effort to derail this organic global political awakening, 'elitists' like George Soros, who predicted class war and riots over three years ago, are bankrolling what on the surface appear to be grass roots uprisings in an effort to steer and divert their impact.
This is why #BlackLivesMatter – funded to the tune of $33 million dollars by Soroshas increasingly become about toxic racial division instead of addressing the true causes of police brutality).

An uprising that could have been centered on reducing state power has instead been hijacked from below by criminal opportunists and from above by the 'elite' itself.
Now that this uprising has been subverted, the 'elite' will use the fallout – violent riots and looting in major cities across America – to enlist support from average Americans for an increase in state power and, in the aftermath of the next financial collapse, economic totalitarianism, government controlled bank accounts, and a move towards banning cash altogether. (Black Americans, you are BEING PLAYED AS FOOLS - THEY ARE LYING TO YOU AND USING YOU TO DO THINGS THAT WILL ADD MORE PROBLEMS TO YOUR LIVES AND USING YOU TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOALS FOR MORE CONTROL OVER SOCIETY AND THE ELIMINATION OF HUMANITY LABELED AS 'USELESS EATERS' AND 'SLAVES'!)

It’s the age old problem = reaction-solution method at play once again. They’re getting ready to re-brand authoritarianism as a populist policy and the majority of Americans will lap it up once they see more cities burning.

As Brandon Smith explains, “The international banking cult has NO INTEREST whatsoever in saving the current system, despite the assumptions of many market analysts. Their only goal has been to stave off the visible effects of the crisis until a new system is ready (psychologically justified in the public consciousness) to be put into place.”

This new system will be characterized by more authoritarianism, a bigger police state and less economic freedom (AND DEFINITELY FAR LESS FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY OF ALL RACES).

We know that the 'elite' are expecting this crisis because they’ve made preparations to deal with the fallout.

The New York Times reported that the wealthy are installing expensive bulletproof safe rooms in their luxury apartments and homes to protect against increased criminality, looting, and physical threats to their safety.

Economist Robert Johnson also revealed that 'elitists' at the Davos Economic Forum told him they were buying remote hideaways in places like New Zealand to escape potential Ferguson-style uprisings on a bigger scale.
When asked, realtors selling this property said their wealthy clients were making these purchases because they were “paranoid” about “what is happening around them.”

Urban unrest experts like Dr. Max Herman say that the United States is on the cusp of a new cycle of civil unrest. Economist Martin Armstrong predicts that “a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016″ in the United States.
I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s virtually guaranteed that we will see more widespread domestic disorder over the next two years if we continue to follow these disastrous Keynesian economic policies and allow populist social justice movements to be hijacked and subverted by the powers that be.

What’s most striking about this is that the vast majority of people simply do not care and are willing to sit idly by – distracted by the bread and circuses even as Rome collapses around them.

The 'elite' are busy making preparations for the outcome of this next phase of the crisis….are you?

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The 'elite' know that more riots are coming soon because they have created the economic conditions that guarantee mass unrest. To ALL races - don't fall for their ploys and lies. Stand up to these a-holes and simply tell them 'NO!' - "We will NOT be your pawns and guinea pigs. We will stand for our freedoms and unity among ALL Americans. We will NOT allow you 'elitists' to divide and destroy our nation and its people!  We stand together as brothers - as ONE - to make a stand for our country against you terrorists and banksters and murderers."  AMEN!  MAY IT BE SO!!!


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