Sunday, May 31, 2015

True Legends, Giants, Bigfoot, Nephilim, Anakim, Anunnaki


This is the trailer for "Technology of the Fallen,"
the first episode in the True Legends Documentary Film Series. 

Published on May 15, 2015
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Gary Stearman
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Anonymous said...

These video's imply that early man was devoid of intelligence to create monumental structures, that the technologies we see in ancient buildings, etc had to come from somewhere other than man. This thinking comes from ignorance especially when we consider that our modern system has only come about over the last 3 centuries, and that somehow, those primitives in the ancient world cant possibly have been that intelligent. The problem with modern thinkers is that they cannot comprehend anything past their own noses, period!

One of the greatest builders in the ancient world was Nimrod, who built the first skyscraper, without modern technologies, then we have the Pyramids which apparently were built from the inside out, and King Herod, who built Cities, Palaces in places one would never consider possible..........the list goes on. These amazing people did not have what we call modern technology, in fact, the system they used, was very simple........Manpower and ingenuity, much like you would find today, in native cultures around the world. The problem with Modern man, is that he thinks he is superior, when in fact, he is not!

The difference between the preservation of ancient systems and that which we see today with modern man, is that ancient civilizations are either taken over and dismantled, or abandoned due to circumstances, as opposed to modern structures that fall apart in earth tremors as we see today, and yet, a great many of the ancient monuments are still standing.

Modern man lacks the technology of the ancients and will go beyond this earthly realm to justify it or even falsify history to do it. He will manipulate and wrongly interpret other Cultures like the Sumerians to create myths in order to understand what he is seeing in ancient architecture, Hieroglyphics and practices...........and he as the audacity to add God to the equation, oh, and speaking of God, he will also misinterpret that to get his way........

When modern man truly understands that what he sees in the world timeline for technologies, that ancient man simply used natural resources and intelligence and that when cultures clash or conquer, technologies are increased...... as time goes by.......... none of the ancients were subject to alien inference!

You cannot claim belief in God, and in the same breath, infer aliens.........the 2 do not equate!