Friday, May 29, 2015

Obama Hosts Twitter Q&A Session - see some of the questions and comments below!!!!

Obama Hosts Q&A Session! Americans Ask Him Why He Sucks!

Twitter users point out Obama's never-ending failures
Obama Hosts Q&A Session, Americans Ask Him Why He Sucks
by Kit Daniels | | May 28, 2015

'President' Barack Obama hosted a question and answer session on Twitter Thursday, and the questions he received, when pieced together, form the tapestry of Obama’s failed 'presidency'.
Well, Obama was a failure for the America people.  When it comes to the global elite who put him into power, the 'president' has been a tremendous success in their plan to dismantle the U.S.

President Obama   

Just got a hurricane preparedness briefing in Miami. Acting on climate change is critical. Got climate Qs? I'll answer at 1pm ET.

For a sampling of comments and questions addressed to this 'president', read below!!!!

Why do you suck so bad?
Why are you such a racist?
Why do you left your wife ramble on about how terrible this country is?
Why don't you resign?
How is it that the number of people on food stamps and the national debt has almost DOUBLED under your "leadership?" Total failure.
How will you get ISIL to use more eco-friendly fuel when they burn Christians alive?
Why has your foreign policy amounted to such an abject failure?
So when did you decide you wanted to be President and destroy America?
Why do you not care about vets?
How many genders are there?
When are you going to stop violating the Constitution?
Waffles or drone strikes?
What is the carbon footprint of a roundtrip to Palm Springs for golf?
If climate change causes both milder and more severe winters, how will you know when it's fixed?
Do you ever visit Frank Marshall Davis' grave?
Why is climate more important to you than the slaughter of Christians by ?
How many tons of CO2 did your jet, SUVs & choppers spew to get you to FL today where you're lecturing us about climate change?
Did you know jet fuel can't melt steel beams?
If I give you some co-ordinates could you arrange a drone strike for me please?
Why do you hate Christians?
Does it concern you that the oceans are being polluted by the blood of Christians beheaded by Islamic State on the beach?
Why do you rationalize the violence of while attacking the morality of our heritage?
How will the TPP save the planet? As of now, the draft doesn't require nations to follow legally binding environmental provisions
In what ways do you plan to further eviscerate the Constitution in your remaining days in office?

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