Thursday, May 28, 2015

Veterans Today? Even alternative media can be a scam!


The ongoing war between Duff, West and Canady

Michael Vara on May 6, 2015 at 1:53 pm

I have received from many links to Stew Webb’s claims of yet another attempted murder against him.

Stew Webb also came out against his long time partner in crime, Gordon Duff, who both were friends with Glenn Canady and even more than friends but partners of disinfo.

Let me give you a brief history lesson on these three STOOGES.

Glenn Canady attempted to take over Late Night in the Midlands, break up my wife and I, and pay me off to go along. I refused and put out an article exposing him. 

Many of our problems came along once Stew Webb became involved. 

Gordon Duff admitted that 40% of what he says is lies !! He said it himself.  Listen to the audio at
Glenn Canady is brain washed.  Just read the above story link and tell me this guy is not a soldier for destruction.  Glenn said God wanted me to do this and God wanted me to leave my wife and God would punish me if I did not accept their terms, or if I bad talked Nsearch,

Well, I am still standing and God has not taken my funding or my life, so who is Glenn Canady really speaking with ?? 

Stew Webb was well aware that Gordon Duff was a Fed, but he chose to ignore it just as Glenn Canady did when I warned him, also.

You see these guys knew all too well, and it is now a power trip these fools are in. This is to promote each other and, if they really do not like each other ???? - if if if !! - then it is because these demons never get along because they all want control and money. 

As a matter of fact, Stew Webb is feeding a lie. If you donate $5000 bucks, he has some 'ghost man' who will match it.  I promise you that is the marketing of Glenn Canady. There is not a guy to match the money!  These guys all answer to a handler who I have spoke with once but, when I exposed him, he removed every trace there was on the internet.

You see Glenn told me in his own words that he wanted to change things to cater to the Christians because that is where the money is.

Stew Webb is a inside disinfo agent.  He was a whistle blower who went bad in my experience.

Glenn Canady is a get rich quick spammer scammer who is a pro marketer and a big part of this co-intel pro ring.

Gordon Duff is the puppet master and these guys are the biggest disgrace to radio, TV and alternative news I have ever witnessed.

I have worked with Glenn Canady and I have had Stew Webb on my show and on private calls with Glenn Canady in the much much distant past, and I am here to tell you that Stew Webb and Gordon Duff is racist and part of the Nsearch cult who want to see gays murdered and non Christians slaughtered.

You do not have to take my word for it ! I only had personal experience with these frauds.

Reach out to them yourself but do not come crying to me when you find out everything I said it 100% true.

We have Stew and Glenn confirming what I said about Duff !!  Now, will you doubt me on the other two stooges ??

I challenge these guys to prove - yes PROVE - their claims but they can't and they won't because, like they say, ya gotta have faith.

I wish Glenn would come back to the good because I miss who he once was.

I say 'good luck' with that and beware of these cointel dirt balls.

For those of you who I thought were awake - and yet you send me these cointelpros garbage wanting me to treat it as true like you have !

May be a cold day in hell before your back on my show.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting information-as usual use your own discernment.
Upon the startling revelation that Gordon Duff A.K.A. Bob Foote, managing editor of Veterans Today is a disinformation operative working for Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller of the New World Order, two alternative truthers oth had unsuccessful attempts on their lives this weekend. (found at the link above)