Friday, May 29, 2015

Dr. Mount and events at White House on Memorial Day

Dr. Mount and events at White House on Memorial Day

When GOD Speaks Things Happen
Wed May 27, 2015 15:03

No sooner than I posted the story yesterday morning around 9:10 AM PST about the warnings to America being over than a tiny earthquake occurred under DC and smoke began pouring from below.

Those working under the White House and Capitol Building were evacuated for several hours.

It is amazing the number of people working underground for the US Corporation on Memorial Day.

You can connect the dots.

This was a warning DC - the next one GOD says will not be so subtle.

Do you understand US Macho Alphabet Soup Agencies?

Similar warnings will be sent to Russia and China, and many other major nations and for all I know they already have been sent.

GOD will now do my speaking and: GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED

You have my number.
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Dr. William B. Mount

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