Friday, May 20, 2016


now this is intriguing… thanks to Sanri for the tip.
You gotta ask what a female reverend is doing analysing global heat trends but Free Planet is glad this lady’s on the case. During her presentation, Rev Michelle Hopkins keeps mentioning, “TTAs and the SPACE FENCE,” two terms I’ve never personally come across before.

She mentions the TTA ‘we gave to Israel’ and “Islands with obscurements,” is another of her favourite terms.

DAY LATER UPDATE: in further email contact with my source, TTA = Tesla Tech Array like HAARP or Arecibo. The answer to my question about ‘a female reverand analysing global heat trends’ is Rev Michelle’s “receiving tutelage from a friend who works at NASA”.

Here’s another (earlier) youtube that shows TTA (or HAARP) frequencies delivered to planted chemtrails over storms. Rev Michelle uses a whole pot-pourri of new terms you’ll never have heard of like ‘infrasonic undulation’ and hints at a CORPORATE GENOCIDE MACHINE and a PLAN TO CLEAN THE PLANET OF CIVILIANS … I’m not totally sure how this folds into the Pay For Everything, Your Life Belongs to Commerce theology (the real religion) that’s ruining this planet but let’s keep watching this research and see where Rev Michelle goes with it.

I’ve done some map reading and the ISLAND below India the TTA originates from could very well be the “Chagos Archipelago” (oil islands) in what some maps call British Indian Ocean Territory; seriously.

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