Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ben Fulford UPDATE: White Dragon Society Releases KHAZARIAN GANGSTERS Deck of Cards, Offers 1 Ton of Gold Bounty For Each Capture

In order to bring about world peace and justice, the White Dragon Society is offering a gold bounty for the capture of the individuals listed below

The gold can be collected in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia upon the capture of the felons. These criminals collectively have been actively trying to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the survivors. Ample proof of their crimes has already been provided to various law enforcement and other agencies around the world. Since the individuals below are highly dangerous you are authorized to use any necessary force if they resist arrest. Their names are presented in the same format as the deck of cards they issued for Iraqi leaders following their illegal invasion of that country.

Ace of Spades: George Bush Senior – Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement. Bounty: One ton of gold

Ace of Diamonds: David Rockefeller – Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement. Bounty: One ton of gold
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Slaveman said...

Gives a whole new meaning for a 'royal flush',...

Anonymous said...

No man can put a bounty out on any man except by contract.
If a man killed another man, then the killed was denied the right to life. Who could make a claim against the killer? The ones that created the life taken; the parents.

All of this bounty for someone is none sense.
To get joy in wanting this to occur is the part of the battle you are not shown.

If a battle is a battle for the soul, to anchor you to a negative place while this world is having the experiences that will split the souls from each other as we are begging internally to leave this place and be somewhere freer, then

you, and only you can decide where you will be.

If you buy into everything revealed and you choose to continue to hate and discriminate against people because they are not like you, they don't think like you, they don't act like a book you read says they should act, they don't identify with a particular sex or orientation, then you

only you are keeping your soul from the spiritual development of judge not, lest ye not be judged.

You own what you created, including your thoughts and your beliefs.

There are many medical conditions that will make a man look like a woman, and you would discriminate if you knew he was a man, but some do not know until later in life and when they find out there's a lot to take in.
Do you date men cause you look like a woman? Do you date women because you are biologically male even though your relationship will look like two women dating?

You do not have enough information to judge anyone yet you judge on flawed knowledge and flawed beliefs and group think.

Leave what is Caesars to Caesar and you deal with your own growth. There are 70 year old men who are spiritually teenagers, and every problem is solved by a fight or a gun or a rope or a knife.

You put these thoughts out but don't want them to come back. Someone wants to take you to FEMA, oh no, but take someone else to jail, oh yes! It's the same thing. A thought to take someone to a place of confinement against their will, and you are feeding it.

A spiritual war does not need you to say a word.
It's the energy you create with your spirit in thoughts and internal will.

How do you know if there are 6 billion people waiting to leave this place and they know how many will move forward and how many will remain behind?

You desire their medicines, their epi-pen -
You say give it to me! I need it to live!
They laugh because you do not want to leave this place, even as you do not believe this is heaven, you want to stay here. It is laughable. You will hold on to a bad America and it's flag even as they try to get rid of the bad America and the flag that represents all the killing it does, supposedly under God's direction.
One nation, Under God.
You kill for God, and God created everything you kill.
God either created it to be killed, including you, or God did not give you the judgment to kill what is created.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it morally wrong, but Fulford is a proven cabal shill. These bounties do not exist. Why would he publicize it like this when he could put together a crack team of kidnapper/assassins himself and collect 2 tons of gold for himself? Anyone with half a brain can pick apart Fulford's posts and see the lies he puts out. He probably receives a paycheck from the same person as Tom Heneghan.

Holy Cross said...

Your new age synopsis is "POPPY COCK"! You judge throughout your rant! You do not even follow your own blinded reality. lmao.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cross,

First judgment, that any thought not your own is 'Poppy Cock'.
Second judgment, 'you judge through your rant'.....yes you do Holy Cross, yes you do.
Third judgment, You do not follow your own blinded true to you Holy Cross.

Remember the what goes around comes around
as you do to others it is done to you
judge not lest ye be judged
I'm rubber you are glue everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

Holy Cross, your own words judge you and no one else, and the anonymous 10:12 and 11:05 are judged by their own words and not yours.

You may learn that but it may take another go round here on this planet with these people for you to figure it out.

Old age, new age, age, it's all fiction as time is fiction, so you can call it what you want, it's your creation, as Anonymous 10:15 did confirm