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Sent to us by a faithful reader with request to post for the benefit of all our readers:
Written by Stian Fjell 17 March 2016   

This short article seeks to identify the spirit behind the globalist 'elite' and to reveal their plans for a totalitarian takeover of global dominance and power through their new world order system.
The globalist 'elite' is here referred to as the hybrid bloodline from Gen 6:4, the royal bloodline that became the leaders, the kings and the queens that interbred with other bloodlines and became the aristocratic families known as the 'Illuminati'. 
The globalist 'elites' control much of transnational corporations, governments, and banking systems in the world today. They are known as the group that controls and dictates the direction of society. Their agenda is to maintain global power and prepare the world for the new world order system.
When I address them in this article, I make it clear that our enemy is not flesh and blood,  but spiritual. I bless and pray for the people, but do spiritual warfare against the spirits that use them as "puppets" to create the new world order system. Some of them are more or less spiritually aware of their role as "puppets ", some even unaware.
In 1776 and in 1789 two different spirits that already existed on the earth manifested in a special way through two different territories on the earth - in America and in France. 
The first manifestation was a manifestation of The Holy Spirit. Although the manifestation was brutal in the birth-phase, the outcome was good and gave honor to God.  God had birthed something on the earth that reproduced itself. This was the American Revolution that also brought along what we know as the "American Dream."
The second manifestation was not from God. It was a reaction, or an attack, on what God already had birthed in America. This was the spirit of antichrist. It was the French revolution that birthed a brutal, godless secular humanism. 
As the birthplace of "Festung Europa," the devil used France. These are the territorial spirits of reasoning, humanism, existencialism, and all lying and deceiving spirits that hold Europe in bondage today. It is a spirit of rigid unification. 
This is the spirit behind the globalist 'elite', and it desires to use them as "puppets" to maintain global dominance and power through supranational organs and institutions. This is the spirit behind the EU.  The EU wants to remove all forms of godliness from it's statutes. This is not a spirit of love,  but a cold spirit that despises particularities and originality. They do not love America, and they do not love God. 
Their plot is the destruction of America as we know it to introduce a new world order with one world government, one world money system, one world religion, etc. 
Their agenda is further to weaken all national sovereignty,  to transfer power to supranational organs,  even if it costs blood. They are well known for using false flag terrorist attacks to achieve their goals, even to go to war and orchestrate catastrophic events if it gains their agenda. They orchestrate events when their power is challenged.  They always have done that  (killing of JFK,  and failed attempt on Reagan).  Both of these presidents were not part of their club,  and challenged the establishment. JFK's assassination was right after he had publicly addressed war against secret societies. 
Let's have a look at the current world situation.  We see that the EU-system is shaking and trembling because of the migrant crisis.  The possible BREXIT of the UK from the EU is not a desirable situation for the globalists. We see that a sword is stretched out towards Europe,  coming from one that says he has not come to bring peace on earth,  but a sword.
We also see that a sword, named Donald Trump, is stretched towards the globalist establishment in America. There are different opinions about Mr T, and I am not doing propaganda for him, or saying that he is a man after God's heart. I am just saying that I believe God uses him. God can use Pharaoh and a donkey to perform His will,  so surely he can use Mr T.  A few that know about the globalist agenda will argue with me that Mr T poses a direct threat towards the establishment and globalist agenda.  He wants to make America great again. They do not want to make America great again.
Mr T is a lonely eagle,  not dependent upon the system. His view on immigration, trade, and gun politics would turn the ship in a total different direction than that of the globalist 'elite' if he would get to the steering wheel. That fact is turning into a nightmare for the establishment.
Why did the terror attacks / threats suddenly pause in the US after the San Bernardino massacre? Because they were false flag attacks, pure or partial. More of them would only give more votes to Trump. They also probably will try not to report if they arrest terrorists that are planning attacks, because it would only gain Trump. The Islamic terrorists also might have toned it down because they are afraid what will happen to the muslims if Mr T becomes president. They are afraid an attack might harm their own people more than America. 
When the globalists have tried everything and not succeeded, they surely will arrange a false flag attack on America  to declare martial law, cancel the election, and institute a continued presidency for Obama. 
To get a view of the president's new and increased power during martial law, see " "Trespass Bill" and "The National Defense Authorization Act", and also the newest Executive Order - United States Policy on Pre and Post Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in US Operations Involving the Use of Force", signed by Obama on July 1st, 2016.)
They would rather do such a crazy thing as to arrange a false flag nuclear missile attack on the east coast of America,  killing millions of people with a tsunami created by the missile, than giving the steering-wheel to Mr T.
The globalists are doing all they can to get rid of Mr T.  The well known globalists stand in line to attack him like hyenas. So Trump is a sword stretched towards the globalist 'elite' in America, and refugees are the sword stretched towards the globalist 'elite' in Europe.
The globalist 'elite' in America and Europe are severely threatened by the One that says He has not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword.
Why? Because The Lord wants them to carry out their agenda when HE decides it's time. Why?  Because The Lord has His own agenda that He will carry out at the same time they carry out their agenda.
The Lord is in control  and will threaten their global dominance,  to force them to orchestrate catastrophic events that makes them regain power through the supranational organs as the only organs that can maintain peace and stability during a world war or crisis. That is the mission of His sword. The Lord will let them have their short time as The Word of God declares. The agenda of the wicked spirits behind them is to kill His sheep. The Lord's agenda is to save His sheep.
We have seen that the globalists have been rehearsing in France and Belgium. A false flag attack was held in Paris in November 2015. 
The result? 
1)  A climate agreement to weaken national sovereignty and transfer power back to the globalist institutions.
2) A complete shutdown for several days of the headquarter of " Festung Europa, " Brussels,  which is the globalist headquarters where you find EU and NATO.
Why did they shut it down? Because they are rehearsing on martial law and NWO procedures for future planned crisis and war. Did all of them know that? Of course not.   Most of them were, of course, looking for terrorists but the few that are "puppets" for the NWO were preparing for something else.
3)The opening up of gateways for satanic spirits in this realm to kill His sheep.  The 'Pray for Paris Movement' gathered millions of people around an occult symbol (Nero Cross)  to pray. If you bow down to something like that or gather around it to pray, you release demonic spirits.
Whenever you see this symbol
(Nero Cross), you know it's about killing His sheep, a symbol of hatred and killing of Christians used throughout history, much by muslims.
If Jerusalem got hit by a big bomb,  we don't gather around a Nazi sign to pray for Israel,  do we?  But as time flys by, generations forget.
The intention behind the
'Pray for Paris Movement' was good.  They were only used and unaware of it, which happens a lot everywhere.
The globalists are being used by satan as "puppets" to make the structures and institutions ready for antichrist to enter the scene. They are making the platform ready for antichrist to manifest in one person in the NWO system.
God, on the other hand, is preparing for mighty revival and harvest of souls.  Revival and disaster will go hand in hand to wake up the people from sleep.  We, as Christians, are a people that preaches the gospel and reveals deception. Let us continue with that!
Choose to follow Jesus today,  if you're not already!
---- End ----


Freewill said...

This is a foreign invasion of America under stealth. This invasion started the day America gained independence from the crown. Steps are being taken to remedy this problem. However with very low participation of the people to get off their butts and get involved, the longer it takes.

Henry said...

Excellent article! It's God vs. Satan, we must be prepared spiritually and ask God every day to put an end to this destruction.

Anonymous said...

Antichrist means adversary of Christ. Many are adversarial to Christ including 200 planets in the Orion constellation, therefore, there are many Antichrists but only one Head Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:15 PM - thanks for your clarification about antichrist. We certainly have enough of them right here on this planet, don't we? They are everywhere, especially occupying high levels of 'governance' worldwide. They are leading this nation right now, as well as 'leaders' of all the other nations. Our nation provides a huge building and the land donated for that building by the criminal reptillian Rockerfellers right in the heart of New York, and we Americans do nothing to oust these criminal black widows and cockroaches off our soil. So, in essence, our nation supports the antichrist spirit, doesn't repent to the Lord God for doing so, and continues on with life - have read here eating our beer and chips - without cleaning our own house, without repenting, and without turning back to the Lord God and His wisdom and ways. What do you think will be our nation's reward for such ignorance and rebellion, huh? Forget about Orion and the other planets - we don't take care of our own situation here on our planet to be quoting 'stats' about other planets and constellations.