Monday, August 29, 2016

People Spot Cop & Woman Crying


While there’s certainly plenty of bad in the world to report on, it’s equally important to remember that there’s a lot of good and a lot of good people who just want to help each other.

KSWB-TV reported that Temecula, California, police officer Bruce Pierson was called to the Promenade Mall because a homeless woman had been seen moving suspiciously around the parked cars.

Pierson questioned the woman about her activity and her response was heartbreaking.

The woman told Pierson that she was just 18 years old, homeless and without shoes for two months. She was seeking shade near the parked cars for relief from the pain of her calloused, dirt-covered feet.

The officer wasn’t going to let her continue like this and decided to take her into the mall to buy some shoes.

While heading over to the Payless ShoeSource inside the mall, the officer talked to the woman, who told him she went by “Franki.”

Franki’s story got even more heartbreaking, as she told the officer she’d been homeless since the age of 12. She and her boyfriend were trying to get by on the streets with their two dogs when tragedy struck again — she experienced a miscarriage.

Joshuah Rounds's photo.In a stunning reminder of the goodness of humanity, shoppers nearby heard what was going on and offered to help. Pierson bought the woman a pair of shoes and a shopper, Josh Rounds, offered cash to help pay for the shoes.

All in all, Franki ended up with two pairs of shoes, a scarf, a beanie and some socks.

Pierson called his wife, who quickly sprung into action to help. Pierson’s wife bought Franki sweaters, two bags of dog food and a blanket. Pierson also put Franki in touch with a group called Project Touch that works to end homelessness.

The story quickly went viral after Rounds posted it to his Facebook page — it received over 100,000 shares in just 48 hours.

Pierson noted the negative climate toward law enforcement but offered this information about his fellow officers:  “This is everyday, this happens everyday with my brothers and sisters in law enforcement. We go and we serve our community everyday and it goes unnoticed.”

Stories like this should be noticed because it’s far more representative of the work officers do day in and day out than the negative, twisted version the mainstream media would have the public believe.

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