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How We Got Rid of Morgellons Disease With MMS & MMS2

From here: Tue, 04/26/2011 - 22:42 — Matt Elliott (not verified)
How We Got Rid of Morgellons Disease With MMS & MMS2

My partner had Morgellons and it soon spread to the whole family. I'm 29 my partner is 25 and our two girls are 1 and 2.

We started having baths in hot water adding 50 drops of MMS. This works great as you can see them all float off. As this worked we continued bathing morning and evening whilst taking 4 drops in a glass of water about 4 -5 times a day always leaving a minimum of 2 hours between each glass.

Two days later we decided to move up to MMS2. We tried it in the bath and it's nothing short of amazing. A good handful of the stuff in a nice hot bath and they not only all fall off but they try really hard to get out.

MMS2 was also taken orally in 1 small size zero capsule.

Here's the good news - There gone!!!!!!!!! well mostly.

Lesions healing nicely, Energy is back and cloudy head is clear again.

So how long did we have them? Well in truth we don't know how long we have really had them. My partner has been feeling tired with achy joints for about a year, but no lesions until 2 weeks ago. When the lesions got bigger we could start to pull out the fibres but that was only 5 days ago.

YES, that's right, 5 days ago !

When I came home from work on Thursday I looking forward to our 2011 Easter weekend off comprising of a whole 5 days straight off with the family. My partner immediately started telling me about these fibres coming out from the itchy lesions.

It didn't take long on the internet to look up what we thought it might be. Looking for mites and found Morgellons instead. Until then we had never heard of it. So it's been a mad weekend. I'm at home with the kinds and not going to work tomorrow as planned. Instead i'm still going to be looking after the kids as my partner has been admitted to hospital against her will under the Australian Mental Health Act for thinking she has bugs when she doesn't.

So long story short don't go to hospital especially not one that has a mental department and secondly try MMS2. Research it try it, test it. Start off with a small amount if you are unsure but most importantly get better, all of you reading this.

My family and I have been using MMS for many years now. It has never harmed us but it has cured everything we have had.

My daughters have never been to the doctor for anything and they have never had vaccines, antibiotics or any other drug for that matter a with MMS they won't need to either.

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