Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The right to defend freedom


Anonymous said...

great motivational video.. but you are right.. the average American, who is probably armed, does nothing.. why..
one person can't do much.. what is needed is a spark like in Egypt that ignited a revolution.. but for now.. THEY..
ya.. the big "THEY" keep everyone dumbed down.. with garbage TV shows.. I don't know what the answer is.. a spark or
a leader emerges to motivate the biggest civilian army on the planet.. 12 million hunters registered..

Freewill said...

This is what the National Assembly Training Call is all about! Education, assembly of the people to self govern, and replacing the DeFacto governmental services corporation for profit with the Original Jurisdiction Republic DeJure system of self governance. All that is lacking is people getting off their butts and getting involved! Attend the weekly conference call and get involved! Simple as that!