Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Received this in an email: Decided to share though I normally don't promote ads on this blog

Two Things Every American Should
Know How to Use T-Shirt
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Order today and we'll send you copy of the 1599 Geneva Audio Bible for FREE! That's a $39.95 value!

Americans are infamous around the world for our love of guns and the Bible. For some reason, these two very symbols of American culture have been targeted by the Left as "dangerous" and "must be destroyed".

There is a war going on in our schools to reeducate our children on two things that are so vitally important to the American way of life.

The Bible and guns

How far are they going to go before we take a stand and move to protect our freedoms and liberties?

Put a stop to Obama and the rest of the Left and encourage everyone else to do the same! Order your "Two Things Every American Should Know How to Use" t-shirt today!   Continue Reading...

Hillary Toilet Paper
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I think we've had enough of the Clinton's in the White House, don't you? Judging from her past record, she would be a truly horrible President, just as she has been a horrible Senator and Secretary of State. The destruction she could cause in a four-year term as president could very well be irreversible.

But, that doesn't mean she is useless. We finally figured out something that Hillary is good at! Introducing our Hillary Toilet Paper. Now you can tell your liberal friends that you proudly hang a picture of Hillary Clinton in your home! Or more specifically, in your bathroom.   Continue Reading...

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Anonymous said...

Why would any body want to wipe their ass on such filth?