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Get the heavy metals out NOW!

Get the heavy metals out NOW! Health Ranger reveals 5-step method for dramatically reducing your heavy metals burden

(NaturalNews) When the criminal, corrupt government isn't covering up high levels of lead in the public water supply, they're forcing children to be injected with toxic mercury via flu shots. While the FDA occasionally forces recalls of high lead products such as contaminated turmeric root powder, by and large the government is engaged in a bewildering scheme of mass poisoning of the population via food, medicine and water.

The result is that we are a poisoned population suffering from heavy metals toxicity that affects brain function, heart function, kidney function and even metabolic function.

After nearly three years of conducting pioneering heavy metals research in my laboratory -- CWC Labs -- I have developed a simple formula for dramatically reducing your heavy metals exposure and toxicity. It's easier than you might suspect:

Step 1) Learn the heavy metals exposure vectors by reading Food Forensics

My new book Food Forensics achieved the #1 bestselling SCIENCE book on Get the book at this link on the Health Ranger Store and you'll earn rewards points that you can use as cash credit on future purchases at the store.

The book reveals the most common vectors of heavy metals exposure as well as symptoms associated with over exposure of each toxic element. You can also download the first chapter for free at

Step 2) Eat fresh, raw FRUIT with every meal... especially meals with meat

The powerful fibers found in fruits (which include insoluble fibers) have the ability to help "mop up" many toxic substances found in the foods you eat. If you eat barbeque, for example, you can help counteract the toxic effects of burned fat by consuming strawberries, pineapple or even various veggies such as cabbage (found in cole slaw, often served in BBQ restaurants).

The best fruits for this? Blueberries, strawberries and grapefruit! (Make sure they're organic, or you'll be consuming chemical pesticides that destroy cognitive function.)

Eating fresh fruit (or veggies) with every meal is a fantastic way to pre-load your digestive tract with self-defense fibers that help bind up many of the toxic substances you might be eating in other foods (especially meat and dairy products). The great news in all this is that you can still enjoy barbeque as long as you consume fresh fruits or veggies at the beginning of each meal.

Step 3) Test your hair for heavy metals

My internationally accredited science lab (ISO 17025) is now offering Hair Composition Test Kits where we analyze hair for its elemental composition via ICP-MS instrumentation. This rigorous scientific analysis determines the parts per billion concentrations of lead, arsenic, aluminum, mercury, uranium, copper, magnesium, zinc, arsenic and many other elements found in hair samples. (Twenty elements in all, including both nutritive minerals and toxic heavy metals.)

To participate in this test, just purchase the kit then send us any hair sample you want tested. We can test your dog's hair, too, or horse hair, cat hair, newborn baby hair, etc.

Once you get the results back, we urge you to share the results of your hair composition with a qualified naturopathic physician or detox clinician who can interpret those results for you. (Sorry, we cannot offer any diagnosis or medical advice. We do scientific composition testing only.)

NOTE: If you suspect you have been exposed to ACUTE heavy metals poisoning that could pose an immediate risk to your health, please head to the nearest medical emergency room.

Step 4) Filter all your water before drinking it or cooking with it

If you don't yet know there are heavy metals in the public water supply, you haven't been paying attention recently. As we witnessed in Flint, Michigan, both the state government and federal government knowingly conspire to mass poison civilian populations with toxic heavy metals in the water, deliberately hiding that information from the public while everyone else is swallowing poison.

If you are drinking tap water without filtering it, you're committing health suicide.

Through extensive laboratory testing, I was able to analyze the effectiveness of all the popular water filters for removing heavy metals during filtration. I've published the results of these scientific tests at

The #1 most effective water filter of all was the Big Berkey Water Filter, which achieved a near 100% effectiveness on nearly all elements.

The Big Berkey remains my #1 top choice for gravity water filters because of this very high effectiveness at removing toxic elements from the water. Be sure to purchase the fluoride / arsenic removal filters, which you can find at this link. These filters are what achieve the very high lead, arsenic and cadmium removal.

Step 5) Use Heavy Metals Defense to bind with and eliminate toxic heavy metals in your food. Heavy Metals Defense is a dietary formula I developed two years ago to bind with and help eliminate toxic heavy metals from the food and beverages you swallow. This food-based formula is centered around an uncommon seaweed which we found exhibited remarkable lead binding properties that attracted free lead ions almost like a powerful magnet. In my lab, I tested over 1,000 substances for their heavy metals binding properties, and this is the single most potent substance I identified.

(The U.S. Patent Office has finally approved the patent on Heavy Metals Defense, and that patent will be published in the register in the next 60 days, I'm told. Once published, you'll be able to view the patent yourself, as it will be a matter of public record.)

Heavy Metals Defense is based on food sources and doesn't contain anything synthetic. It's what I take when I'm eating any food that I know has a high risk of metals contamination. This includes all fish and seafood, nearly all of which is contaminated with arsenic and mercury.

Lead is often found in spices, herbs and superfoods from China. Cadmium is frequently found in cacao and coffee products, plus sunflower seed butters.

I tested Heavy Metals Defense in my lab to determine its ability to bind with heavy metals in vitro, post-digestion:

Aluminum reduction: 98.7%
Arsenic reduction: 77.6%
Cadmium reduction: 98.5%
Copper reduction: 95.8%
Lead reduction: 99.9%
Mercury reduction: 92.9%
Uranium reduction: 76.5%

I've also found crazy high levels of toxic heavy metals in dog treats. And YES, Heavy Metals Defense is perfectly safe to give to dogs, cats and all animals.

It's also available in both capsule and powder formats (you can blend it into smoothies). The primary ingredient, by the way, is a remarkable seaweed powder that's very high in calcium and trace minerals. It's all made from food sources! Get some now at this link, and don't go out to eat at restaurants without bringing this along!

As with all dietary supplements, by the way, we urge you to consult with your qualified naturopathic physician before starting a new supplement, just to make sure it's consistent with your overall health plan.

Watch your improvements with each passing month

If you follow this strategy and then re-test your hair composition after several months, you will very likely observe a measurable reduction in the toxic elements composition of your hair, which is a valuable indication of what's happening in your body (but it's not a complete picture... you'll need blood composition analysis by a local qualified clinician if you want the full details).

As always, I strongly recommend you work with a local, qualified naturopathic physician or complementary medicine doctor who can assist you and personalize your health strategies. Print out this article and hand them a copy, and they'll probably thank you for being so well informed. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or self-treat suspected heavy metals poisoning scenarios. You need professional, qualified medical assistance.

Summary of action items

#1) Get informed by reading Food Forensics.

#2) Eat fresh, raw FRUIT with every meal... especially blueberries, strawberries and grapefruit.

#3) Test your hair for its heavy metals composition using the Hair Composition Test Kits offered by my internationally accredited science lab. Work with a local naturopath to interpret the hair composition results, which will show the concentrations of 20 metals, minerals and elements found in the hair sample.

#4) Don't drink the tap water! Filter all your water before drinking it or cooking with it. The Big Berkey gravity filter did the best job of all the gravity filters we tested.

#5) Use Heavy Metals Defense to help your body eliminate toxic heavy metals you might consume in restaurant food (such as fish or seafood or even curry dishes that use a lot of contaminated spices from India or China).

Do these things and you will experience a vast improvement over the subsequent months.

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