Sunday, August 28, 2016

Not all are as they appear! Reptilian Infestation / Invasion

Cloning Centers
and the
Reptilian Infestation / Invasion

Published on Aug 15, 2016

Through thousands of years a tale has survived which raises the hair on many the masses whom hear the details of it. How many more people will come forward, and with evidence, that there are aliens among the humans of earth? Could such be true? Cloning? Underground cities? Are the real celebrities being replaced with clones?
Why is it that much of the information released by celebrities 'quickly disappears?' Here within this video be contents of facts and statements made by the multitudes whom are researching this 'today,' during these times. Why do 'famous' people state claims that the Queen is not human?
Made for content, comment, debate and the intrigue into more research.
Thanks for watching, and keeping an open mind (for humanities sake).

D. Flynn

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Anonymous said...

People forgot/forget what David Wilcock looks like.
I saw a video pitched as from David Wilcock.

Yeah right.
People can't tell if someone is replaced, cloned, impersonated, or whatever.
They will listen to anyone that someone they trust tell them to.
I am a witness to that.