Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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I'm listening to Drake on the radio right now, hope you are too. If not --I'm telling you now that he has given THE GREEN LIGHT  notice. He said itwill be posted on his site after the show. Expect a grand 4th of July!!!!!!!!

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This not a drill. we are on the call and he announced it twice.
Just letting you know

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Jim Costa said...

Drake Interview this Evening.
Drake Said:
* New Chat Room: then go to top of page to FORUM.
* The Rio G-20 meeting earlier this week had as its purpose to create a NWO.
* The only purpose of Obama's State of Emergency executive order had was
to keep the U.S. in state of emergency powers act for a dictatorship.
* This is from the military: The Calvary is coming.
If needed, the militias and citizens will be contacted.
They say sit back and watch the fireworks
* The Rio G-20 failed to create the NWO.
* We have won!
* There should be no interruptions of infrastructure.
* He implies that all should happen by July 4th.
* The foreign troops are no match for our troops.
* Majority of the G-20 told Mrs. Clinton they are no longer interested in creating
the NWO due to lack of money.
* The House Oversight Committee approved a Ron Paul bill today opening
the Federal Reserve to a full audit.
* This is Green Light status issued by the military. Look for activity within 24 hours.
* The Euro is on its own now.
* A lot of globalization agreements are now void.
* U.N. goes back to its original charter purpose.
* He got information from some of the highest ranking military.
He knows those leaders and trusts them.
* You will not see NATO uniforms, just U.S. uniforms.
* Central banking systems will be closed.
* All of the things that are contrary to We the People will be taken care of.
Look for extraordinary changes.
* We have cut ties with all foreign relations.
* Top off your auto; hold 2 weeks of cash, have food on hand for several weeks.
* We will have to be schooled to learn how to communicate with the ETs.
* Drake will be updated in a day or so by Neil Keenan.
* International travel will be shut down for 72 hours. To begin ???
* Obama will have serious problems.
* Government checks will be going out as normal without interruptions.
* NESARA will go into effect, with the peoples having the ability to vote changes to it.


Anonymous said...

Man oh Man! This stuff is getting real deep. If Federal Reserve people were escorted out in shackles in St. Louis, someone must have a video and/or the local news media would be eating this up. I'm very cautious about what Heneghan says since he has claimed bad guys have been arrested for the past year and nothing has ever been proven. Discretion people, discretion! I want to see the "big boys" get arrested like Corzine, Diamond, Bush, Kissinger, Soros, etc. Then maybe I'll have a beer and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I cant f@#$@$% wait to see these a@@#$$#$ go on trial and be exposed for the dirty snakes they are...... FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our forefathers can finally stop rolling in their graves in dissapointment on what we have let this great country become and now is the time to take the power back! I hope we are not having smoke blown up our bums on this because it would be soooo wrong to get peoples hopes up by tricking us into thinking we will soon be free. I believe Drake knows that if this does not happen it will be bad for him but I believe he is telling the truth all the signs are there you just have to open your eyes. Damn its gonna be REALLY hard to sleep tonight, gonna have to drink some beers to assist with that. This is a very momentus occasion and calls for some cold ones!

Anonymous said...

So are we really going to get to see these idiots on the regular media?
I think it should be broadcast world wide on all media outlets. They at least deserve that kind of popularity for their rotten deeds. But what about the Fema camp stuff. That is really what scares me.

Thank you. Will check back for answer.

Anonymous said...

There is a you tube video of the news reporting military movement in St Louis..

Search on YouTube military sweeps into St Louis