Monday, June 18, 2012


Comment submitted by an astute reader ----- VERY GOOD SUMMARY

Here's the score as I see it Monday June 18, 2012.

1. The Greek Elections: The bankers needed a swift control of the Greek economy and government to continue the Ponzi scheme. They did not get it. Instead, the election was a draw which puts Greece without a government for several months while the delegates fight out who is on top., In the meantime, back at the ranch, this is by anybody's definition, a major credit event for Greece (a default) such that the derivatives must begin paying off; just what the bankers feared. They feared it because they don't have the money to pay off nor any more excuses as to why they are not required to pay off. So, in poker terms, CALL! Either the trillions of dollars worth of derivatives have value or they don't.

2. Drake says that the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has been liened and is prevented from doing business for the next 90 days. CALL! If true, this is a death blow to the global Central banks and if untrue, a deathblow to Drake.

3. Drake Stirs the Pot. Drake gave the career military officers notice Saturday to perform the mass arrests by Monday or the Career military will no longer have a career. CALL! The military must either support the Constitution or put the U.S. under Marshall law in support of the Cabal.

4. The ET Ultimatum. According to Drake, an ultimatum was given to the Cabal to surrender by Thursday, June 21st, or else the ET's , militia and citizens will begin the killing of the Cabal, their minions and organizations that are usurping the constitution. CALL! Congress and DAS Homeland have to put up or shut up. No more time to stall or bluff. It is come to Jesus time - you either believe or you are going to hell. 

5. The Final Score: Prepare to defend your liberty. Better have your preps and your mindset ready.

Its CALL time - Call to Duty! Whatever is going to happen is going to happen this week.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link about the BIS lien.

Anonymous said...

Pots and Pans Brigade, if we can't do anything else, WE CAN FEED THE TROOPS. SO STOCK UP. Boys my candle will be ON. God bless us all and God bless our beloved mother earth.

Anonymous said...

John, your summary was dead on! Thanks

brando9000 said...

You are wording some of it wrong if I may. The ET'S are not going to start "killing" the cabal they are not murders. They will be removing them from the planet to either be rehabilitated back ot the light or returned back to the Galactic central sun to be reintgrated into the Source to be reset and start as a fresh spark of creation. Both are much different then being killed.

Anonymous said...

Marshall Law? Dude, it's Martial. I know, not important, I'm just anal about spelling and grammar. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is the deal.......
If the CABAL are willing to give it up, then what is the problem? Most everyone that is following this and are involved which is over 99% want their FREEDOM back including myself of course. Lets do this the humanitarian way and get this done! Why in the world would the military not move forward? Unless they want a NEW WORLD ORDER, and be inslaved by these sick power hungry S.O.B's.

Anonymous said...

Military will not engage civilians.
They identify a civilian as 'unarmed' - one without a weapon, be it man, woman, or child.

An unarmed life is a life worth saving.

Now pick up a weapon and you will be defined as an enemy combatant, and all the other things that would distinguish you differently are out the window.

If you choose to hunker down with someone who has a weapon, that is your choice.

The meek will be unarmed and will inherit the earth.

All you Christian people waiting on the Anti-Christ to reveal and waiting on the Christ to return have no idea if those things are already happening.

Suppose you are the Christ and were waiting on you to return. Now wouldn't that be something.

Before you pick up a weapon to kill someone where you can't read their mind, and do not know their intentions, and are not aware of their orders, you should check yourself.

This time is a time to get rid of all the fighters, all the killers, all the people who think the way to solve a problem is to go to war, foreign or domestic.

I'm reminded of the First Predator movie, they were alien, and they came into a hot zone of war. It mattered not to them which side was right or wrong, what mattered was they were warring with each other and killing each other without remorse.

The Predator began killing the fighters on both sides.

Don't be surprised if the alien/ET/ED/EBL or whatever we call them, let all the negative energy reveal itself and remove all negativity from this planet once and for all.

That's my take, no one need care nor consider what the 'agenda' is behind all of this nonsense.

I for one know that it's paper contracts that bound us to them and you can't break a paper contract with a bullet. Your signature got you into this mess, use it to get you out of it. (and I am not talking UCC - that paper cannot control life nor can it free life that is not bound by it)

Anonymous said...

I live in NY but I've been trying to educate people of these pending changes. Don't give up folks my gut tells me the freedom of this country is close. Monitor the media carefully this week, prepare supplies if you must. But don't loose the hope and vision of a truly free country. We have to kick these sons of bitches out! Now not later.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheeple. Don't get your panties in a wad. Nothing is going to happen this week. Drake will come out this weekend or next week with another radio announcement of why things didn't work out and feed you another line of shit to keep the disinfo ball rolling. Just watch and see. Maybe then you'll wake up and see the light about this character.

Anonymous said...

The time is at hand for the truth to be revealed, and it shall. Those that are looking in from the outside, have opened their heart to all possibilities; for this is where you will be set free. I am so thankful to be here at this incredible time.

cooter said...

Whoa now the Et's are gonna kill off the cabal members if they don't surrender?
I thought they claimed they detested violence.How long until they start wanting to kill off Christians and other religious folk that don't go along with their enlightenment/ascension spiritual religion later down the road?

Because lets not fool ourselves..even though I am excited to see what will happen next I am fairly certain the ET's are really falen angels that have come in to usher in their 'golden age' (aka antichrist kingdom).

Anonymous said...

"Instead, the election was a draw" .... ??????
Where did you get that from?
According to newspapers in europe the "Nea Dimokratia" has won the elections?

Anonymous said...

Come on now....haven't you been following along?!?!?!
ET's are OUR STAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS....they are OUR FAMILY and they "have shown up" to ASSIST US!!!
So many on this planet have been so BRAIN-WASHED by Hollywood, the Media and their "religion" about ET's and their agenda....and they do KNOW this which is exactly why they are REMOVING the CABAL (and bringing these EVIL entities off planet to be dealt with IF THEY DO NOT SURRENDER)!!!
MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE and DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE that Mother Earth is also ASCENDING into 5th dimension & NEEDS TO BE CLEANSED!!! There is a REAL TIME LINE....which the cabal has always known about (12.21.12) and tic-toc JUNE 21 gives all of us 6 months!
ARE YOU READY? Wake up those around you....

siriusvoid said...

We are ALL in this together - albeit reluctantly.
Prayer works... We're all doing it, all the time... Constantly.
But to whom, and for what do we pray?
Many find communion with the ALL to be out of the question...
Distasteful at the very least. I mean, just look around.. Disgusting!
Why were we ever admonished to love our enemies?
Deranged psychotic sociopaths who delight in harming all that is not considered 'self'... The scum that has risen to the top... Unloving/Unlovable..
Why would anyone ever suggest such a thing?
To commune with GOD is to consciously re-establish SELF in GOD's perfect being.
To Love and include others in like fashion, with no distinction or difference, will present the 1% with an uncomfortable ultimatum. - A WAKE UP call which, very likely, will occur to many of them far too late to save their miserable existence.
- They will either accept this healing Grace... Repent of evil, convert to and enter the LIGHT, or their very existence will be identified in essence as 'NOT SELF'... They will then set about finding ways to eliminate themselves and one another...
That is how this evil will come to complete, and utter anhilation.
It's come to Jesus time for US and the 1%
Either way the prison they built is sure to be dismantled.
The REAL work begins NOW.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of any bad guys being arrested and Monday is over. So now I guess the Career Military no longer have a career according to Drake. What a joke! Guess now we'll see what happens on June 21st. My guess is nothing!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous single sheeple. You have missed the boat with your discernment, unless of course you are paid to print nonsense. There are numerous confirmations of Drake and what he has said. He doesn't control the dates or actions of others - but he speaks factual info....

Anonymous said...

Re: ANN. 6/18/12-10:29,A.M.
WOW! WOW! I don't know what to say. You are sooooooo@#%$#!
Ask those unarmed civilians in IRAQI,O I'm sorry you can't there dead.
The only Earth the meek will inherit is 6" deep.
Bringing up the Preditor shows your grasp on reality.
Orders??? Have you ever heard of the German War Trials.
Contracts! The bad guys use complete lawlessness to justify using
thugs with guns to back their play. Have you ever heard of the Second Amendment? Defending your self and your loved ones is part of a Godly and natural obligation. Your a sheepel I'm not!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:17 AM: Well Anon. Monday has come and gone. Thought the military was supposed to start arresting the bad guys. Since no one was arrested, I guess it's all over since Drake said the Career military would no longer have a career if this didn't happen. Wonder what all these Career military are going to do since they've lost their jobs. Is Wal Mart hiring? Oh yeah! I guess the ETs are getting ready to come down and start killing the bad guys this Thursday. I've been watching the skys and haven't seen any spaceships yet. We'll see when Thursday arrives. It just has to happen since Drake is a factual guy according to YOU.

tutulogic said...

So to answer we all need armed and ready ? ,

Wow the Beings of light certainly see that coming , total anniliation of each other 'a Dog Eat Dog 'Epic .... The Greatest Movie of All time On Theatres This Friday Premiere .

So as Drake had said and Beings of Light the Timeline has already been overused ,Certain events have gone past their due dates , now we are in the Red Zone , this isn't soemthing that couldn't be predicted it has been staged before during Atlantis

Our Strength my Dear lies in Numbers , Unity , our VISION should jolt our spirit into Kickass mode to bring together whatever means necessary to allow everyone to be made Aware of the coming .

Anonymous said...

No one is talking about the HUGE elephant in the room.....................planet x. I think Drake is disinfo to keep most occupied until there will be no denial about x as it will be SEEN by everyone and there can be no denial. Look it up..every 3,657 years or so, x comes our way.

Identify your safe location and get ready or acsend, which ever you prefer.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Drake has put himself on the line. He knows we will not swallow anymore statements of action, coming and going. The people want ACTION. The galactic family, obviously haven't gained control of the US media, in turn...World media. Which, in itself, gives me doubts. NESARA action...forgive me...but i don't trust Drake. Show us action, Drake, you and the GFOL channeled videos...always later...have patience...our patience is at an end. Action...or be exposed, as a fake...or agent of the cabal!