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4 Drinks That Cause Reflux & Cancer

4 Drinks That Cause Reflux & Cancer

Most everyone has heard the saying, "You are what you eat."
We are also what we DRINK.
But most of us don't think about the effects of what we drink. It's almost as if since we don't have to "chew" drinks, they don't count.
But they do...
What you drink can have a much larger impact on your health than all the food you eat. 
Take soda -- the number one beverage of choice for millions.
Soda is SO acidic that it takes 32 8-oz. glasses of water to neutralize the acid in just 1 12-oz. can of soda.
That's a LOT of acid, wouldn't you say?
The acid from the soda throws your stomach into turmoil, which wrecks your digestion and leads to or worsens ulcers.
Soda also causes or makes worse acid reflux, GERD, hiatal hernia and gastritis.
"Open happiness" with Coke?
It's more like open misery!
But that's not all
Here's another dark side of soda that you probably aren't aware of: The acid and high fructose corn syrup in soda are food for the harmful bacteria in your gut. This bacteria chow down and multiply like crazy, and can eventually crowd out your beneficial bacteria.
And let's not forget the obvious -- (regular) soda is nothing but empty calories. It packs between 140 - 165 calories in a single 12 oz. can, which in turn packs the pounds on YOU.
Now don't even think that diet soda is any better. It's not. It contains just as much acid as regular soda, and I could write an encyclopedia on the harmful effects of aspartame. But that's for another day.
Let's take a look at the other 3 drinks to avoid.
Starbucks-a-holics alert
Now you may be asking, "What about my cup of joe?"
Well, tell you ever take antacids -- either OTC or prescription? If so, and you're a coffee drinker, it's one of the biggest reasons why!
Coffee is LOADED with acid, being second only to soda in acidity.
It also acts as a diuretic, which removes fluids from your body (dehydrates) and can constipate you.
Built-up wastes in your colon from being constipated help to create the perfect breeding ground for more dangerous bacteria to multiply...and cause diverticulosis/itis.
What about cocktails?
I know you're probably chewing your nails about this one...
As far as alcohol goes, moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 glasses, 3-4 times per week) can be tolerated by your body reasonably well.
Good news, huh? Whew!
However, more excessive alcohol use creates a tremendous amount of acid in your body. Plus, alcohol can reduce your intestines' ability to contract and move wastes, which can lead to harmful bacteria overgrowth and disease.
So don't overdo it if you want painless digestion.
All water is not created equal
Now, you might be more health conscious and drink lots of water -- good for you. But keep in mind the kind of water you're drinking.
You see, ordinary tap water typically contains chlorine...
Lots of it.
Chlorinated water not only kills the beneficial bacteria in your gut, but it also contains carcinogens (cancer causers) called trihalomethanes.
Trihalomethanes accumulate in the tissues of your body and cause cell mutation (unusual changes) and hamper immune function.
And according to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine."

What will YOU do?
Clearly, what we drink is of utmost importance.
Limiting and avoiding soda, coffee, excessive alcohol and chlorinated tap water is vitally important, especially if you have one or more current health problems.
But for many people, this simply isn't going to happen...
These beverages are not going to be eliminated or reduced -- no way, no how.
Or even if you do successfully stay away from those drinks, if you've been indulging in them for quite some time, chances are excellent that you've got some hefty amounts of harmful bacteria in your gut.
So in either case, it's important to help counteract the effect of these beverages and encourage a healthy flora balance in your system.
Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences. The piper will be paid. It's just a matter of time.
Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is your ticket to maintaining an optimal flora balance that acid drinks destroy.
Super Shield has 13 super strong probiotic strains that help fight and engulf toxins and harmful bacteria in your gut, while helping your colonies of friendly bacteria to grow and thrive.
And that can mean fewer or no digestive problems, lower cancer risk, fewer allergy symptoms and asthma attacks and a stronger, balanced immune system which can work to protect you against infections, viruses and even diseases (including cancer).
You can read more about what Super Shield can do for YOU here.
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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Anonymous said...

No soda? No Yuban? No alcohol? Hell, may as well just croak, damn near as bad as the veggie plan, actually sounds more like the Prohibitionist Party to me, maybe just eat rocks? My grandpa should have croaked at 20, guess something went wrong as he made it to 87, healthy all the way. And he did all the BAD things. Two packs Camel non filters a day for over 70 years, soda, coffee, alcohol, meat (LOTS of meat as he was not a veggie), his wife made a fine corpse, pure veggie non smoker, pretty much just everything we hear now is 'healthy', well she stroked out over 5 years ahead of my heathen grandpa. Me, I'll follow grandpa's path, a lot more enjoyable. So far (62 yrs.) so good. I guess I should encourage all you veggie brained health nuts, more Coke, coffee beer and steak for me! Cheers.

sky said...

Hey, Anon...
Just love ya post, lol!!!
Life is to live about pleasures not like monks!

Hugs to ya...

Unknown said...

Well as they say "Moderation in all things, all things in moderation". I think it depends how much your intake is, nevertheless thanks for this great information about cancer causes.