Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Dinar Chatter and Opinions

Sunday Morning Dinar Chatter and Opinions


[.gypsymama] TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria Our God is so loving, so merciful, so faithful. Even when we become too discouraged to believe, God does not forget what He promised.

Maybe you feel discouraged today. Maybe your life hasn’t turned out the way you had hoped. Maybe you prayed, believed and worked hard, and it didn’t work out. Now you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m never going to be happy again. I’ll never be married. I’ll never accomplish my dreams.” Remember today, not only does God remember you, He remembers the promise He placed within you.

He knows what He’s destined you to do. You may have already said, “Forget it; it’s never going to happen.” The good news is that you don’t have the final say. God has the final say, and He says, “What I started in your life, I’m going to finish.”

That dream you gave up on, God didn’t give up on. He remembers you, and He is with you, leading you and guiding you to the place of victory.
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TNT Forum:

: Something interesting that i had heard on the Wang Dang Conference Call last night which should be of interest to all ..... Wang Dang had said that the Iraq DFI funds will NOT be released until Iraq turns their currency on.

This is huge because it adds an additional incentive for Iraq to do something with its currency and i believe that we will see this very soon.

Jrcampy: Please share some insight on DFI funds, that's a new term for me.  Thanks!

TNTJDR100:  DFI (Development Funds of Iraq) funds are funds that the United Nations had set aside based on a percentage of Iraq's Oil Revenues.  These funds are in the Trillions of Dollars but are Frozen.

Based on what Wang Dang had stated in his call yesterday, in order for Iraq to have access to these funds, they must first activate their currency.   This would be something that works in our favor.

I had heard that the DFI Funds were in the Trillions.   Remember - These are Oil Revenue percentages that Iraq had siphoned away by the United Nations for the last 10 years. These funds were held in New York Banks and also in Boston.

This is a huge bargaining chip that will ensure that Iraq does something with its currency.  This works in our favor.

CountMillions:  First of all, I want to thank Tony and Okie for their work and information.  I am new here, but I have been looking at a variety of different sites with the understanding that 95% of the information is conjecture or gossip from other sites.  Tony and Okie have pushed relentlessly to sift out as much of the BS that is out there.  We all have to understand that we believe a R/V is imminent, it's the when and how much that everyones up in arms about.  Well anyway thank you Tony and Okie and the others that are doing so much for us.

Now to the rumor I have heard,  I have 2 women who work for me that are from the Iraqi area.  The rest of their family lives in the area and communicate daily, with these two sisters.  They have stated that the Dinar in Iraq is increasing in value to the point now they cannot afford to travel back home with the amount of money they have.  It is all in USD. 

When I told them  of the amount of IQD I have which is not that much. her eyes bugged out and she said "WOW You are very very rich man".

I asked her what the rate was there and she could not tell me a specific amount, but her family In Iraq is very happy with how things are moving there.



WTCUTTER] Mu Guess on Rate $18.00

[monster] Wtcutter ..... I like that...

[WTCUTTER] monster this change is basicly smoke and mirrors to restore confidence in world currrency ... they will have one chance to fix it and they need all the leverage they can get . $3-4 leaves world short jmho

 [monster] WTCUTTER thanks, that makes sense great point of view...

 [teddybear] we also haveto look at where the usd is going to go, up or down

 [WTCUTTER] teddybear if USD goes down good for US economy .... our goods become cheap to the world and the only thing more expensive to us are goods produced overseas ... will vastly stimulate US economy ... add to that all the cars houses funiture that will be purchased immediately by dinarian fools .... well you get the idea .... hold on to your socks prosperity plus roflmao roflmao

 [teddybear] WTCUTTER that is maybe why we have a high rate on IQN

[WTCUTTER] teddybear this is basically why world has been printing paper .... to lower their currency price to obtain what I just typed .... now every country will get their place assigned they will not be able to change .... US has advantage because we have always had an economy that booms with proper stimulus ... the world not so much roflmao roflmao

 [WTCUTTER] monster teddybear what people who criticize the high rates fail to realize is that without ce the western world and many in the east will crater like the Wiemar Republice in Germany with massive hyper inflation. The difference with the Weimer Republic is only one country suffered. This time thanks the world central bank system the whole world has worthless currency. So every country will have worthless currency and hyperinflation. EXCEPT those countries without massive debt such as Iraq. So they will have the high value currency anyway but the world will be decimated. So the ptb are choosing to support the wealth of the world and yet give Iraq the value they would have if the whole world crumbles.

 [monster] WTCUTTER ...... interesting did'nt know about Wiemar Republic in Germany

[WTCUTTER] monster google it

[monster] allready did... lol

 [Truscot] I think most people fail to realize that a high rate won't seem that high if a world reset is the outcome. if the IQN or IQD or whatever comes in between 18 and 25, that seems high right now, but if the USD revalues to 15, that would be like a rate of 3-5. I personally dont believe in the world reset, but whatever happens happens

[teddybear] Truscot yes.. thats what i think may happen

 [WTCUTTER] Truscot again the only costs that will change in the US is the costs of goods produced worldwide. The US economy will quickly move to produce in the USA what is now expensive over seas. The biggest cost item is oil and the USA is quickly move to self sufficiency in that area especially if we are released from progressive agenda

 [WTCUTTER] without ce the USA as we know it is doomed to hyprinflation and wealth leaving the country ... no more powerful armed forces .... not able to protect its citizens ... food riots .... etc. With CE booming economy for world and USA. Question is if ptb in charge or whoever is what will they choose? roflmao roflmao

[ [teddybear] WTCUTTER good question

[teddybear] WTCUTTER hyprinflation is where we are headed if no reset imo

[ [teddybear] in 1960 the buying power of the usd was .30 cents now it is .03 cents

 [teddybear] WTCUTTER i lost my job to jobs going over seas

[WTCUTTER] teddybear with ce you and I will have great opportunity to build plants and make money by repalcing those overseas jobs and products here roflmao roflmao

[teddybear] and what is o doing about it. he has over seas stock roflmao

[teddybear] Wtcutter yes


TNT Chat:

 [rv13] i have been a us contractor in iraq for a few years and i have never ever heard of anyone getting paid iraqi dinar from an american company on their check. Us companies pay in us dollar

[Montreal] roger mendiola - This is what Tony said in a nutshell...look for it before the 1st...

 [rednckmomma] rv13 very true, US only pays in dollars perriod

 [rv13] rednckmomma did you see okies post?

[rednckmomma] BUT... if you are in iraq, wouldnt u use the dinar to buy things

[trebor1859] rv13 My experience as well

 [rv13] you would pay in us dollars

[Momann001] rv13 Did Tony say they got paid in dinar or they got paid for their dinar....I thought he said they got paid for their dinar

[rednckmomma] rv13 well i was gonna say wasnt the iraqi citizens using us dollars because it was easier

[racerdown] I was a contractor in Iraq for 6 years. We were paid USD direct deposit. The Iraq people that works

[racerdown] for the US company is paid in Dinar

[rv13] im saying american contracting companies pay contractors in us dollar, never heard of anyone getting paid in dinar on their check

 [Montreal] rv13 - You are right...only paid in US dollars

[chicagonewbee] okie posted in Dinarguru and now says Oct 8th now is in play awwwww : )

[rv13] okies post said halliburton, the lowest paying contractors that i know of out there, paid guys dinar on their check if i read it correctly

 [okrocks] (Code red 56] ..OkieOilMan one intel provider yesterday said that a contractor has exchanged internationally for 25.87. Can you also, verify this intel. (..OkieOilMan] give me time on codered56 answer. Yes last thursday halliburton contractors was paid (on their check) at the rate of 25.87---but---there were a 7 day hold put on all but 3.44 per dinar on their check with the caveot of remaining amount due in 7 days

 [actech426] Can someone explain the 2 rates of $25.87 and $3.44?

 [Montreal] rv13 - Then what Okie said is good news if they are now being paid in dinar

 [okrocks] actech426 so they are being told within the 7 days they will get the remainder from the 25.87 - the 3.44 already paid

 [tishwash] rv13 that was before they were fully internl. now they are in chptr 6 of un and must use their money not us dollars, i mean that could be why right?

[rv13] montreal if that happen, there wouldnt be any halliburton contractors in country anymore, they would of all quit and came home rich by now

 [rv13] tishwash, its an american company

 [okrocks] rv13 I can tell you that Okie is very involved with Haliburton and might know a lil more than you about them

[tishwash] rv13 yes I know, know who they are too well unfortunately, ... imean basically I would say Iraq is now a colony of USA PTB but there are laws and procedures stating that under chotr 6 they have to use dinar now so? with this deal anything is possible

 [GSP] actech426 We've been told for a long time there will be a different rate for the US than for Iraq. So it makes sense that they could have release the Iraqi amount to them now.


Anonymous said...

cobra says in his blog that the Iraqi dinar will not pan out the way you think it will. he pretty much is saying it wont be worth shit. whats your take on this is this true or is cobra an idiot

Anonymous said...

Karen hudes formerly of the world bank says Iraqi dinar is a pipe dream

Anonymous said...

My uncle works for Halliburton in Iraq. His checks are direct deposited in his U.S. bank. He is not paid in dinar nor are any of Halliburtons employees. He states that this dinar RV hoopla is bullshit. The U.S. dollar is king in Iraq and the Iraqi merchants and people beg for them. No RV has taken place in Iraq and nothing has been on TV or in the news about any RV. These dinar gurus are blatant liars and scammers. You dinartards better wake up!