Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Morning Dinar Chatter

Saturday Morning Dinar Chatter


[LaGal] “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”
Bob Marley

[Uenvoy] Positive attitude and positive outlook, always brings positive results.

07:41 A.M. Est [Already Blessed] the news this morning is that nothing changed...we are still done, done, done and waiting for them??? To pop it for US....BANK opening this morning would be my first window and then overnight tonite again??? Everything looks as though we should have our rv any minute, any hour but surely this weekend????? I expect to see it this is that?

[SaintAnt24#] Two forex guys said, that because Forex closed Today & Tomorrow would be ideal to RV.......

[SaintAnt24#] But I'm not the one to gossip..... So you didn't hear it from me...... lol

[sunny] SaintAnt24# Hi, Sat. night is when all banks around the world are closed
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fox] i sure like the part on Tony's call about a few as he called dignataries cashed out in the last 2 days in the u s at $25.87 and the u s contractors in iraq got paid $25.87 as well and then at the 66 minute mark of the call he got the text that the u s contractors $25.87 was put on hold till we get paid... this makes this really at the door for us all

[LEMusic] MNT GOAT Saturday AM summary If you have been reading my posts for the last month you can see how we are aligning to events such as a new fiscal year and some final steps in Iraq that will lead to the timeframe planned for this RV event. The Iraq finance ministry has always stated in numerous articles that they require (not request) that any significant currency change  coincide with their financial and accounting periods... our special time is very near and I know this for a fact. Remember I have repeatedly said that we can expect to open our presents in late September early October timeframe. We are now in this timeframe. I am not calling the RV today or tonight but the final process is in motion and we should see it very shortly and I mean very shortly.

[LEMusic] It can happen any time now folks, Keep The Faith!!! :)

[KIRKWOOD] To be or not to BE... It will BE... When that day comes..we will know the greatest blessing that man kind has never had before... This will be the day we all pass it forward and make USA the way we want it to be..blessing others as we ARE.. Believe...think...speak.. Rv today.. And it will become .

(highhopes) What I like is so many Intel Providers are saying This should be our week... Tony, TK, Okie, Mnt goat, MarkZ, Frank, stage2omega.   they all have totally different sources in different parts of the world and all are saying "NOW"  woohoo



Topic: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Zig Zigler



Topic: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference

[FLPatriot59] Guys we need to remember that many have "pieces" of the puzzle, but no one has the whole enchilada. No one has the edge on intel. There is truth and fiction mixed into it all. Be adults - discern and be smart with your investment.



[Plowboy] xyz I have a problem with the "has-to-wait-until-all-states-and-territories-are-closed" theory. This is a world wide event last time I checked.

[xyz] Plowboy i do too but what do I know? i would think that every second its daylight somewhere on planet earth. Bank don't shut down their servers at 5pm. Or do they? hmm

[Plowboy] Millionday concluded her long post like this:

[Plowboy] " as we know they are having parliament tomorrow and also huge banking conference so as we also know the position they are in after today and the announcements --- goodness i am very encouraged to say the least [millionday] we really have so much in the positive -- i think even the most grouchy of this family would have to see the cup half full on a day like this"

[BOBGETZ6] xyz, Plowboy Banks, IMO, never shut down their servers. The banking industry runs 24/7/365 in some manner or another doing business. They may shut down part of their systems for preventative maintaiance, but that is it, IMO.

[Plowboy] BOBGETZ6 aside from the fact that Europe and Asia banks would have to be closed as well.

[BOBGETZ6] Plowboy I don't know that I buy the all shut down including the territories.

[Plowboy] BOBGETZ6 so you had made a reference to all banks may need to be closed for it to show. A little confused

[Plowboy] BOBGETZ6 I guess Saturday late through Sunday night (our time) all world banks would be closed.

[BOBGETZ6] Plowboy The entire world, again IMO, would have difficulty being all shut down. There may be an hour or two when all is shut down, but I am not certain. I was referring for ours through Hawaii. Who knows for sure? In reality, it can just happen and markets adjust as they open. That is the way it is with all of the other banking business, the stock markets, exchanges, etc.

[Plowboy] BOBGETZ6 good point.

[BOBGETZ6] . I am trying to find out if there is an overall overlapping closed banking system and am expecting a call back.

[goin4broke] BG6 it is Saturday night when Hawaii closes till 5pm est Sunday

[BOBGETZ6] goin4broke I am trying to find out if there is any one time during a 24 hour period where everything is unilaterally closed.

[goin4broke] BG6 worldwide only the time listed above.

[Plowboy] goin4broke I think HI banks close at approx 11 pm est.

 [BOBGETZ6] I spoke with a very knowledgeable person who knows this stuff and there is a 2-3 hour period, only on Saturday night, that overlaps with everything closed.

 [Plowboy] BOBGETZ6 okay, good! so tonight may me be our night.

 [BOBGETZ6] Plowboy A good window if the UST gets the go.

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