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Fantastic! I have been having "44" appearing everywhere at the moment. Exciting time!
Many of us have been in regular telepathic communication with the ships. The movie "contact" is a great primer. Is it still imagination if two people have the same experience? Fortunately, no complicated devices are required for contact. Just our willingness to accept the truth, that we already know in our hearts.

Time to Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreamwalker444 / Umbro
This doesn't surprise me at all. My laptop has been doing really freaky things for the past four days - taking me to links that are "seemingly" random, but in the end are not; loading up applications I don't want, folders opening that I am not clicking on.... and all of that has embedded messages within the action. Yep, things are jumping in the etheric realms.
awesomeness! and no surprise when I found myself watching 2 star trek movies (that I haven't seen in years) the other day...The Voyage HOME & The Undiscovered Country LOL
Something Big is about to happen I can Feel it.
Beams us up Scotty!
LOVE this! thanks for sharing! Ginger
Wow, what a synchronicity it is that I read your message! A similar experience occurred to me this night. I woke up in the middle of the night while hearing a tune. There were several chords playing in a loop. They were cosmic type musical chords that you can only replicate on a synthesizer. As I was trying to figure out where the music was coming from, I looked outside a window on an empty street of downtown Portland and I seemed to hear it coming from somewhere there, but I couldn't tell for sure as I could hear it everywhere. I then went into the kitchen to see what time it was, and there I saw 2:22 on the clock. I've been constantly seeing time synchronicities for several years now, so I already learned to feel these signs and this was a major one. I then saw your post and felt how similar your experience was to mine. Then later today I watching part of an interview with Andrew Bartzis where here's explaining that we'll be experiencing these types of synchronicities where our dreams will start becoming similar as we're heading towards unity consciousness. His message was another synchronicity for me. Just amazing! :-)
Did Andrew read your akashic record?
I have seen this twice in the day time over the course of the past two months in cloud formation. Crisp clear outlines and very big, right over my home. When I first saw it, it startled me as it's shape was perfect in every way...details and all. It stayed present and slowly faded away but the feeling of peace that came with it was wonderful. This happened again, just last week again over my home just like the first about validation! This has been going on for a good few years now...daytime sightings, night time too and colored beings in my home all with a completely peaceful and loving presence.
Hi, when I saw the image of the frame capture above, it immediately reminded me of my visual a few nights before. When I closed my eyes and trying to sleep that night, some images emerged, it had a frame like I was watching TV and in that frame, it was the outer space with some galaxies appearing, one of them looked like the horse head nebula, the funny thing was, there was a zoom-in effect on the images, like a camera zoom in on them. After repeating a few times on those images, another group of images came in, there were some meteorites I believe, some huge rocks with craters on them and besides the rocks, a space ship appeared but I can only see one part of it and that part looked almost identical to your star trek image above. It was the side view of this space ship with some rectangle windows on it, I thought to myself how strange with windows on this space ship. Again, zoom-in effect on these images and after a couple of repeating cycles, it faded away. All images were in black & white and I was awake the whole time.

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