Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tugboat Harry You just do not get it

You just don’t get it

    Well here I am again but this time I am going to try to be more direct then I have been the past. I have tried to wake you up to the fact the only person that is going to help you is you. You can choose to stay where you are in life and continue to wait for someone or something else to save you. Well here’s my view of the whole thing.

     I know that a lot of us are waiting for things to happen like NESARA, OMAGA, PP PROGRAMS, and THE REVALUATIONS OF CURRENCIES. Yes, they are true and yes, they will happen. However, WHEN is my question? Like most of you I to have been waiting for along time for something to happen. Like most of you I know it’s going to happen but when? Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and. Please! Please! PLEASE! Do not miss understand me I know it is coming but when? If you know when it will happen, please call me up and tell me please! If not.

   What I’m trying to show you is that maybe, just maybe you mite want to do something NOW to maintain your life style and start putting resources in your home NOW! Before tomorrow comes and you wake up only to find out that, you have all most lost everything, waiting on tomorrow.

    Look at it from this view. We go out and get 5, $10:00 dollar gift cards and send them in to help each other. We could get 2 – 300 gift cards back every month. That’s up to $3,000 dollars a month in gift card value. What if it was half, $1,500? Could that make your life a little less stressful? Knowing that you have some resources coming in that would help not just you, but others as well until something doe’s take place. This is only plan A. Plan B is even better.

    We all talk to each other all the time in one fashion or the other. We are all looking for updates or Intel to find out what we can or what we need to do when it happens. WHY tell me why don’t we all come together and help each other out for once by making this idea the top update or the most important Intel that is out here. That is putting resources in your homes now!

    I will ask you to do one thing. The next time someone calls you for an update or Intel just asks them. Why don’t we get together with a few more friends and help each other out? You may be surprised to find out how many not only wants to help, but needs help also.   

    It has to start somewhere so let’s make it here! Call this recorded call:
 712-432-6099 pin 6959064# then 0#
Get with the people you know, get your cards, have them get their cards send them in and lets start getting it. I really enjoy it when I hear people say.                                                       I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT!       

    I have already put plan A. in motion with a few old and now new friends. You can put it in motion also with the people you know. You now know that we have this in motion and it will only get better. Something in motion stays in motion or turns into THE MOVEMENT!      Luke: 6, 38

God Bless

Tugboat Harry

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