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America's Secret Establishment: The Zionist Nazi's DID NOT lose WW II
Vatic Note: THIS IS NOT A FAST FOOD INFO PIECE. Its dense and a very scholarly treatment of the subject. Its just Another AMAZING find. I keep saying this..... "Its amazing what we did not and do not know about history". This below is Part 2 of a series and the entire series should be watched especially if you have children, all the way through. This woman is amazing and she is exposing even what Reagan did to contribute to the problem we have today in our education system. I realize now, just how lucky I was to be educated in a private school for my first 8 years of grade school. I can't imagine what my life would have been like and how did my WW II parents know?
I remember my Dad saying to me at 12, "I am not worried about you, but I am worried about the rest of the kids". (We had 8 children in our family and I was the oldest.) I had no idea at the time what he was talking about. I wish they had been more explicit, instead they involved me at a very early age in the political system and taught me how to fight it.
Both of my parents served in the military during WW II (Thats how they met) and according to my Mom, the experience changed both of them. I am now wondering if they were trying in their way to prepare us for what was coming. (OH, my Gawd, I just remembered, my dad was in Navy Intelligence, I bet that is how he knows..... he would NEVER talk about what he did during WW II. He had a slew of medals as well and would never talk about them either. My mother told us he spent the war in the South Pacific, going after the Japanese.
If you are to save your children you will have to do like my parents did. Include them in anything to do with your ideals about your extended and immediate family, Constitution, nation, morals, integrity, and reinforce the "right" options to choose and why. Teach them to think. GIVE THEM A SET OF VALUES TO LIVE BY, When they ask a question, lead them to the answer, so they can learn the process.... don't just give them the answer until after you have lead them, whether they get it or not, just keep doing the process and eventually, they will do it themselves. When they ask a Question, ask them questions back, where the answers will lead them to the answer to their own questions.
The entire 9 video series is a must watch if you care about your country, your family and your children... and grandchildren. This is in the Protocols written in 1897, and its amazing how committed these Rothschild Zionists were to their agenda. I will try to collect the links on all 9 videos, but I am only putting up one here that appears to contain some serious historical insight to the "INTENTIONAL" dumbing down experiments these early pioneers in experimental psychology engaged in based on Nazi Germany's early work in the field of Pavlovian dog "training" applied to humans, like animals, that these Germans did. This also tells us WHY they did it.
It was intentionally exported to America. I am doing this so we can thwart their efforts as early as possible and you can counter them when they get home and do homework. Involve yourself in what your children are learning and give them feedback. This all presupposes you did not have the same education, rather you had what we had before the pavlov dog response experiments were made part of our system. Oh, and don't forget, the Zionists were deeply involved with the nazi's. In fact, they funded the nazi party and recruited and financed hitler. Hitler was the illegit grandson of Solomon Rothschild of Austria.
I did tutoring in math for 4th grade students who were failing, and I was shocked because they were bright as all get out. Tutors have none of the federal guidelines they have to follow, so I was free to do it the way it was done for me. It worked. All 6 that I had that were failing math, I now found out ended up with B+ and A-. I did not have the money for gas every day to do this so I had to quit, since it was voluntary and not a paid position.
There is a list of additional videos to watch around this subject. I will probably put some of them up later as I watch them, but I am including the links in case you are ready for them before I get them up. I have other rabbitholes I am going down right now, so my time is divided up and it will take longer for me to get to these for you.
This is an important one so I am putting it up here, but the rest will be at the end of the blog.

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