Friday, September 27, 2013


     THE MAGAZINE "FOR A BETTER WORLD", FALL, 2013, PUBLISHED BY WWW.FAIRWORLDPROJECT.ORG  MADE GMO FOOD THEIR MAIN COVER ISSUE. Two main articles on this were "IS THIS THE END OF REAL FOOD? GMO OMG" by Jeremy Siefert, and "STOP MONSANTO & TAKE BACK OUR FOOD, OUR FARMS, OUR DEMOCRACY & OUR PLANET" by Dave Murphy. The three page article by Jeremy Siefert and the one page article by Dave Murphy can both be read off of their website above. I judge that the GMO issue is so important in America that the Right Wing, Moderates, Independents, and Left Wing in America
can all unify for once in common opposition to GMO food that it is too dangerous to the health and future of America for any side to ignore in America. We all have to force labeling of GMO food even though Obama has done all he can to block labeling of GMO food or have it stopped in America for any reason at all. The insecticide side of this GMO seed and raised food has been killing off the bees in America which in turn threatens to collapse about one-third of the total food raised in America and would expose America to famine in the land in that case. Obama has been aggressively trying to protect  the GMO chemical industry from labeling of food that is GMO, from lawsuits by farmers or others against GMO chemical companies, and refused to protect farmers from GMO food corrupting their natural food crops by pollination carried from GMO food plants to non-contaminated food crops at nearby farms. One small field of GMO wheat contaminated by air pollination a vast area of wheat being raised in the area converting all the wheat to GMO wheat. It is like a science fiction horror movie bad things associated with GMO food raised from GMO seeds. Laboratory rats fed GMO corn, for example, then develop giant tumors when the corn was their sole basic food to eat. Laboratory rats were used as they respond to foods similar to humans eating the same thing. Reports have come in of farms devoted to raising GMO crops later becoming ghost farms where nothing can be raised on them any longer as the soil was reported ruined by GMO crops. The federal government including Obama is obviously bought off to try and legally stonewall for the GMO chemical companies behind our GMO food created by genetic tampering and alteration of the original seed genes into what some have called "frankenstein food." And Obama has been trying to crush farmer oppositon to the use of GMO seeds patented by Monsanto Chemical Co., etc.
     My proposed Omni Law which is shown on my website will put GMO seeds and their approach to insecticides before national referendum whether the American people want to allow our agricultural system to be destroyed by the GMO chemical farming revolution that GMO chemicals companies are now pushing with total backing from Wash., D.C. or return to standard agriculture and God-given food seeds as the basis for production of food in America.
      Among many cutting comments by Jeremy Siefert in his 3 page article is, "But I would hope that the potential health risks would at least cause parents to stop feeding their children GMOs until all the data is in. Long-term, independent studies show damage to rat livers and kidneys when fed an exclusive GMO diet grain diet, and new finds link Mosanto's "Roundup" weed killer to Parkinson's disease and cancer."
     I normally am strongly on the side of minimum regulation of businesses under free enterprise. But when some corporation or coalition of corporations come up with something that threatens the survival of mankind and society, then the "moral code" God put into all of mankind tells us that we should in this special situation intervene in order to protect mankind and civilization from destruction. When the survival of mankind is at stake, then it is time to intervene in areas we normally allow a wide scope of unregulated freedom in. As the Founding Fathers taught and believed in, we have enormous God-given rights under law up to the point that we hurt or else gravely threaten our fellow man on earth with what we are doing. But if freedom is too gravely abused, at some point we have to intervene and stop the madness that threatens us all under claimed freedom with no limits or common sense responsibility to what we do in the name of our own freedom.
      Under the Omni Law once passed, I want proposed for national referendum that the reported 30,000 federal drones in America now be divided between the 50 states with 600 drones assigned to each state. That turns this huge federal drone air force into an air national defense of America rather than a threat that Wash., D.C. under a would-be dictator of America in the White House can try and crush the American people anytime he wants to by use of  this vast assembly of federal drones used then to massacre the people of America at will. With this reported 30,000 federal drones now in state hands instead of in uncontrolled Washington hands, this protects the American people from any leader in Wash., D.C. being tempted to see if he can make himself dictator of America by use of this huge drone air force.
    I frankly had forgotten it until talking with a good friend of mine who is a good researcher in food issues. It had been years since I last talked about it. There is a way according to tests already made to give plants even potentially close to eternal life as plants in some cases. We use this agricultural technology with our Mega Farms and we might end up with types of plants that produce food crops endlessly. Also, a theoretical application of this answer is when we build our Camelot community and huge area around it, we experiment first with test animals and if no problem, could maybe give those living at our Camelot life spans of incredible time in length and incredible good health if they wanted it. This Christian answer to extreme long life for any wanting it is far better than the atheistic concept some have of cloning a robot body from your DNA and then chopping off your head from your old body and hoping you make the right nerve connections to your cloned robot body so you live and don't promptly die. Since they  don't believe in the hereafter they are trying to figure out a way to live forever in their current human body and this is their answer they believe can work. My idea is more clever. If we are still alive when Jesus returns, according to the Bible, we don't have to die after that and will be transformed into our glorified eternal body which can never die! I am not afraid of death having died once and already know what it is, but still this is an intriguing concept to the scientific side of me!
     But we had better get away from this Obama backed GMO food or else in the end all will die young and terrible in health as well! Our plants we raise as our daily food is the key as to whether we die young or old and healthy or sickly so long as car accident, etc. does not kill us off prematurely. A St. Anthony of Egypt pioneered the right answer for good health by the health bread he created for himself. He ate 6 oz. of bread a day and lived in perfect health from 20 when he started making this special bread until he died at 105. He lived on this unique bread, nothing else except of course for water, and was according to reports of his extremely good health all these years apparently the healthiest man in the entire Roman Empire and radiated health from his body according to the ancient accounts of amazed people seeing this where he didn't get sick like others and didn't age like others. I know the secret to the bread he made and it was based upon something taught in the Bible but no one noticed! I will have St. Anthony of Egypt bread served to those living at Camelot once built and maybe they can enjoy extremely good health like St. Anthony of Egypt did in the early days of Christianity in the Roman Empire!
      The greatest tyranny in the world is the tyranny trying to stop us from thinking and learning the truth in life! Pass the Omni Law and all the would-be tyrants in Wash., D.C. are then disarmed and America can learn what it is like to live in a truly free nation again with God-given rights respected by the laws and policies of the nation!
      Pass this report around and open up the minds of the people to freedom under God-given principles, good health and a long life as promised us by God in Exodus 23:25 if we will be a decent people before God and not would-be jackasses before God. And Jesus taught us the system of money to use for society. Used 4 times in history until overthrown each time by corrupt banking interests who didn't like a society with no poor left, everyone pretty much rich in life and taxes nearly extinct as the reasons for high taxes were gone such as now nearly no crimes, no wars, etc. hurting the people under the near utopian society created by Jesus Money as taught in the New Testament. And businesses loved it for the prosperity it brought them and local governments loved it for the prosperity it brought them and no need for high taxes in such a blessed society! The bankers had to censor your history or else you would know that we don't have to live in hard times and little money! So enjoy your slavery under bad management of the economy under corrupt banking interests and corrupt political leaders until Jesus Money is put back into power under the Omni Law. Jesus taught us how to be blessed in this life as well as the hereafter but you have to get the cotton out of your ears before you hear what Jesus told you to do for a blessed life here on earth according to His New Testament left for us to study and live by!
     Back our Omni Law as shown on our website. Back us as your finances allow. And when we win, America can be blessed because it is finally listening to and practicing the economics taught us in the New Testament already tested and works like a charm every time used in history! Our website is Our email is . If wanting to use mail for payments instead of through the website, our mailing address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and let us know what the payment is for whether products or else backing our loan program on the website designed to finance and get our Omni Law passed as soon as possible. Obama has made enough dumb criminal acts now trying to block the passage of this Omni Law as to make it nearly guaranteed we will win as he discredited Wash., D.C. as a civilized government on earth and showed that Wash., D.C. has no legal integrity to it and does not really care about you the American people! His actions betray his insincerity saying how he cares about you and wants to give you a bright future in America!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that person descending from forefathers who opposed tyranny in their ages and won many stunning victories through the centuries of family history breaking up one tyranny after another in the lands they lived in! From Magna Carta to the founding of America in 1776, my forefathers were there to champion freedom for the people of their nation at the time!)