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Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - September 27, 2013

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Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - September 27, 2013
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Date: Saturday, 28-Sep-2013 23:06:06

Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - September 27, 2013
This purification of All that is occurring now within you and Mother Earth is leading you straight into your higher reality of experiencing. Do feel the change that is happening to you at this moment, as it is the one that opens the door, which were previously not visible to you. At this point some of you might be “taken” to certain moments in your many lives only to see the reason for your clearing of an issue or more issues that you thought were already cleared. It is allowing you to see them as they are, without lower vibrations present, including judging yourselves, and you can now let them go and free yourselves completely. Do accept this deeper, or shall we say deepest clearing and understand that it is happening because all unconscious is becoming conscious and nothing can stay hidden, as in higher reality you are aware of all aspects of yourself, and it gives you that amazing Freedom to choose the perfect experience for you. Your dreams might change now, and it is a sign for you to know that your personal clearing is at the end. We cannot tell you how your dreams should change, as it is upon you to find out because all of you are experiencing different dream realities, but you will surely know.
We are with you all the time, those who wish to be with us surely feel it, and we are ready to welcome you in your true home. Those who are not sure yet or do not wish to be connected to us, will get enough time to decide, but because so many of you are awakening to the inevitable truth, that time is shortening, as your collective voice is getting much stronger and demanding to know the truth about all matters –most of all about your history, life outside of your own planet, spirituality. Usually their description was ridiculed and twisted and some of you still feel slight discomfort when hearing these words that describing your own experiences of such wonderful change that is happening to All. We want to inform you that we see very clear change also in nature of information you receive daily. For example most of your Leaders are speaking openly and without hidden agenda behind their words. They might use the usual words, but the difference can be felt when focusing on energy behind them.
We feel you are getting used to the constant flow of energy from higher realms and allowing your bodies to accept even more which allows you to finish the necessary changes. The more energy you accept, the more you can share with All and also ease the process of clearing of the negative energies that are present on Mother Earth. Focus again on those places and send them your healing energy of Love and Light, as this is the most valuable help. This energy transfer will also cause manifestation of physical help of those who are able to do so, and do not forget that people living in those areas will feel that immense Love being sent to them and it will also help them in their own transformation. All is perfectly planned and designed and we want you to see it on your world too.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I cannot express with words how beautiful I feel right now. In spite of all obstacles placed before you, you were able to rise yourselves and clear all that what is no longer serving you on your way. We are with you, and doing all that we can and are allowed to do, to help you fulfill your desires and dreams. They are becoming your reality and you are able to see more each moment that passes within your current reality. Know that the moment of your final transformation is very close. Truly feel it and accept it, as it will comfort you and you will be able to relax into the new.
Channeller: MADAD
Webpage: SaLuSa : ENGLISH

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