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I am still looking for this before the first of Oct. All the news that I have received today still says that people have been paid at the rate of $25.87 (in Iraq and in D.C.).  Your turn is coming. Now that's all the good news there is sense I did the call yesterday.

It seems like every weekend, this board just goes crazy.  There is always someone willing to tell you that their intel is better than anyone else's and that they are the only one who possibly know everything that is going on. 

I always tell you to gather as much info as you can and then fill in the missing pieces of your puzzle (this requires that you do a little work on your own and to use some common sense).  No one knows 100% what is going on.  Everyone gets pieces.

I get pieces from all around the globe, 3 letter agencies, boots on ground (here and Iraq), banking contacts in 5 different countries, politicians, call centers and cashout centers and a host of others.

Now if you think for one second that the entire world has gotten together and said let's all tell Tony a bunch of lies, so that he can tell everyone on his call, YOU ARE AN IDIOT (the mods will kick you out if you use this word).

First of all, I am not that important and second of all you are not that important to the PTB, that they have to devise a world wide conspiracy plan for you.  I have told you several times and you should know that if they didn't want you to have this money, they would have changed the rules a long time ago.  But believe what you want.

Now for the last couple of years, I have brought you information days and weeks ahead of some others, yet they have the nerve to questions my sources.  There are members (haters in disguise) who have come here not because they want to hear what I have to say, but just to cause a problem or to disrupt the harmony that we have as a team. 

You know who they are or can find out by checking on all of the post that they have made.  We know where most of them have come from, which once again is mind boggling, they didn't want us over there and yet they keep coming over here. 

Guys don't let them upset your weekend.  The mods are watching and a plan of action is in motion. You will see the results tomorrow.

As far as challenging my information, that's ok, but calling me a liar (no matter how it is disguised) will not be tolerated by my wife (she's making me do this update).

Guys I think it is ok to have open discussion, I think you are adult enough that no matter who comes over to our site to post, you will figure out who is telling the truth and who is trying to slowly manipulate you.  I see some of you doing and pointing out the facts for others, but it is up to them to see it for themselves.

I have constantly been trying to give you hints of things to look for in peoples character that exposes who they are.  I am hoping that I am doing the right thing, because as soon as the RV is announced you will need this super power,

So let me answer some of these questions that you have regarding the latest information.

"1)president has given his final signature – How many times have we heard this before? How many times must he signoff? This is funny since we are told that this is out of Iraq’s hands since they signed off. How many times must Iraq signoff? I do not take any of this information with any legitimacy.

Well first of all I have confirmed through the agencies in D.C., that this did in fact happen Thursday evening.  Has this ever happened before, yes.  Was it revoked,yes.  Did I already tell you that it takes 3 signatures to accomplish this, yes.

Has Iraq signed off, yes.  Was it revoked, no.  Do we need them to signoff again, no.  They are not in charge and have not been for quite sometime.  Why someone would want you to think that Iraq could be in charge one week and the U.S. the next and then back to Iraq and back to the U.S. makes no sense to me at all.  

We now know that the UN took a vote on Friday and announced that Iraq was now out of Chapter 7, we know this morning that there was a news article welcoming Iraq into the WTO.  If I was you, I would look up those qualifications (you might be surprised at what you see).  If Iraq was in charge of the RV, there would have been a public announcement by now.

2)private exchanges of the iqd/iqn have been completed in the last 24 hours in the u.s.a. by invitation only for select individuals – Really? I am simply amazed that they would still even be bold enough to tell us this. How many times have we heard this before?

We have heard several times that private exchanges have taken place and that people have received skrs.  We have even heard that cards were loaded in Iraq and have received confirmation from boots on the ground.  

What we have not heard in the past but are now hearing from contractors in Iraq and from privilaged people in D.C., is that they have received or participated in a currency exchange which started late Thursday night and into Friday at the rate of $25.87.  

As of Friday evening this was stopped, due to the fact that the public announcement was not made as scheduled.

3)technical issues, correct rates not showing up in all the banks again. But we are told there are no more technical issues over and over again. Sorry once again I think this is just stalling. I do not believe that after all the testing they did on this technical process there are still issues in this area. Even after they had a clean run last weekend?. Were we being simply lied to.

I clearly stated earlier in the week that all the technical issues had been removed and that the banking systems was ready to go.  I even told you about them catching those who were trying to manipulate it for personal gain.  

On the call I explained to you the new security system that was put in Thursday night.  I even explained to you how it was put in a region at a time and why they did it this way.  If someone has better info ask them to please share.

4)We are waiting for the 800/888 number so we can call in to make appointments.
Why would the exchange centers and calling centers be manned and ready for almost a year now if there has been and is no one to call in and make an appointment? In fact this is the latest reason for the activation hold up. I just do not believe this.

They have been manning banks and call centers since Feburary.  Don't forget guys this was supposed to happen in April.  They had the basis for the rollout to take place, but the closer they got to actully having to do this, the more they realized that they weren't ready.  

This plan has been just like the RV itself (changed many times).  As groups changed lately and the playing field has now been leveled amongst the banks, the rollout system had to be revamped.  

I know some of you think you know what it takes to complete this, but you don't.  We are not talking about you calling AT&T and saying I need 5 800#s for my company and them running by Monday (which would not happen).

  We are talking about the UST issuing out new numbers to each bank.  We are talking about each one of those banks then having to setup their call centers to process you according to their unique procedures.  There is a whole lot more involved in this then you think.

Here's a good example from one of our members:

10:18 PM [psychicgrama] I ust got off the phone with a very interesting man who explainedto me some of what is going on with 800#. What I found out was this, they had to wait until every state & territory of the US was closed & ready to test. He said this happens with a lot of companies who set up 800 numbers.

This situation is special because of security & timing. Once Hawaii, puerto rico etc were all closed down, the they have to test everyting for continuity & connectivity, its tested once, twice, so on & so on. once they arre convinced it is "live" then they turn it on & make sure it is going to stay on they make calls into the system, do transfer calls from all the satelLite banks etc.

Once it is a solid working phone setup they turn everything on & sit & wait to make surethere are no "bugs" then run security taps etc. When all of that is done it will go live. I only trust this man cause he works for the GOV. Hes not personally involved but know what has to happen. Dont be surprised if this just shows up at any time"

5)The macros in software used by operators in call in centers to manage appointments had to be revised. We were told that the centers were manned and ready for almost a year now so why all of a sudden now that when they want to activate the rates (and with such urgency so we are told) that they only now went back to revisit this call-in process when they have to us it? …and found the problems? What the heck have they been doing for the last year? Who designed and tested this software? I do not believe this could be so messed up and so incompetent. Sorry!"

See above answer.

The sad part about this blast, is the fact that I had to do it at all.  This is information that I've told you all week long and none of it has changed.  One person came on here and gave you their opinon of what they think is going on.  They explained to you how they interpreted some articles in Iraq newspapers and what they think needs to be accomplished in order for you to see the RV. 

While I respect everyones opinon, I don't necessarily agree with everything they say.  I know for a fact that most of the things they are waiting on to be accomplished, have already been accomplished, they are just waiting to be made public.  They will not be made public until the RV is announced.

So, I can say this one more time.  I feel that I have some of the best connections/resources available.  I fully 100% trust their information or I wouldn't be passing it on to you. 

I do get information at times that completes my puzzle a little more than yours, but you have to know by now that the only reason I don't pass it on is because of their security.  I know we are ahead of most on receiving intel and that is most of the problem with those that disagree.

We also know from experience that they do catch up, but we never hear them come back and say.......oh yeah, they were right.  It really doesn't matter though, because we don't need it.  All we need is the RV...

Let them laugh now and tell you that we don't know what we are talking about, it's ok, this is not a competition (not to us anyway).  When the end comes you will know who knew, who was just guessing and who was just trying to manipulate you for their own purpose.

Don't be surprised to see some familiar faces depart this site.


Anonymous said...

I really like Toni but maybe he does need Mtn Goat to kick him once and again like this because this is the first really clear and concise post he has made. Probably because he followed her questions. I think they should cut her some slack.

Anonymous said...

cobra said on his blog. that the dinar is a minor thing. meaning it aint gonna be worth shit cause were going to a cashless society soon is this true or is this guy on crack

Anonymous said...

Karen hudes whowas a big dog at the world bank says Iraqi dinar is a pipe dream

Anonymous said...

after I bought my dong after tony closed his site down, will I still get my 800 number rn my eml? Anonymous June 17,2014 at2:40 am