Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bluwolf 9-28-13 Update:

Bluwolf  9-28-13 8:13 am est Update:

Ok here's the deal all WORLD COUNTRIES AND THERE BANKS must be all functioning and in sink in order to recieve the computer information, there signal must speak with each other (sender, recipient back to sender),

I hope that by my simple wording that you will understand this process,

October 1 is of importance for it funnels a lot of happenings in your country,

your new TRN are activated that they useable after the 8th, your political tug a war and Potus legacy its decision on how it be done and the surgical timing for his and all's historical stepstones to be laid down forever will be in that day.
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  All banks are in the highest alerts, I keep saying and repeating that the walkin rates are SUPER HIGH, to remember that there's a difference between the bank buying your dinars and the banks exchanging your dinars and I guess or figure that you know that that answer must be in its value or the banks potential to offer more, this has been discussed for months so nothing new.

 So where are we ? We are at the best position ever but still at the mercy of a certain few, if they right by the WORLD AND YOUR COUNTRY, FINALLY PUTTING ALL OF US FIRST INSTEAD OF THEIR EGOS then we have our prosperity byOctober 2, 2013 if not well then that's another chapter to be written to this story.

You know what the good part if being truthful is that ones reminds in peace for there are no worries of negative contentious and nothing negative can never harm you, so please why bother.

There are more things to transpire relate to all this on October 1, but its all political and you guys tend to get aggressive abd agitated so I won't even go there.

OCTOBER 2 to finally start the exchage venture, sounds good to me, till then if all goes right. HAPPY JOURNEYS, BE BLESSED.



Anonymous said...

This reads like a computer translated it from another language. Or like it was written by some computer intelligence.
No offence meant to any human.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a TRN, dip stick? If it stands for Treasury Reserve Note That would be no better than a Federal Reserve Note. A NOTE is a NOTE! And a NOTE is debt based and not asset based.

Anonymous said...

"... you guys tend to become aggressive and agitated." and you tend to be insulting us with each post lately. doesn't feel so good bluwolf... talk about egos.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks! My insider at the Central Bank of Iraq has just advised me that the RV has been cancelled for at least another 2 years. The elite will keep the dollar as the reserve currency. BRIC nations have been threatened by Obama if they don't keep using the dollar they will be cut off from all foreign aid and possible military action. This is real deal. The gurus know nothing.

Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to take seriously an article full of spelling and grammar 8-year old in a third world country can do better English than this.....

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I saved the following comment at the "One World" site, knowing it will get deleted by the webmaster. Sure enough it was deleted. I saved it my pc to re-post it here. Americans need to pay attention to the power strugles going on not to be fooled by the elites.

Cliff L28 September 2013 07:47

So what's the difference between one back room scheming scumbag doing favors for his group and family and the current Zionists banker scumbags doing back room deals that have destroyed the planet? There is NO difference, a scumbag is a scumbag!

Just like the White Hats dropping Report #48 to make sure their pockets get lined with RV money at the expense of everyone else. All at the expense of humanity. Oh I remember the jive talk of how #48 was going to change the course of the presidential election. Then nothing! All to line ones own pockets. SCUMBAGS! No different than what is in power now.

Sit back and look at yourself! Look at the cheap, corrupt suit you are. You thought process and scheming behavior is EXACTLY like the Zionist pigs everyone wants out. That's your real issue with the current structure of things Brit. What you hate most is you and your team are NOT the ones in power and the longer this plays out, you will soon be in the shoes of the same common people who occasionally read this blog!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear of Kharma Brit? Sure you have but as long as you and your team get in on the gravy train all is well! NOT!!! There are millions in the Dinar community to make sure justice will prevail and those taking advantage of others with shady back room deals will be held accountable. That is a promise!

...but for all those reading in and as long as this post last in the highly protected/censored this Brits words can NOT be taken serious. His words change by the hour. He is not so much in touch with the situation as he leads others to believe. History has shown us he and his supposed team have been the victim of Zionist Dinar/RV talk on many occasions in the past.

Look in the mirror Brit. You ARE a Zionist. The only difference is you are on the outside looking in but given the opportunity you and your scumbag team would lead with the same "who you know and who you blow" way of doing business.

Find God Brit. Find anything in you to snap you out of the corrupt mind that you think is normal and leads you! regardless of what you think, this planet was your school ground. You are here to pass tests for your soul's sake. You will answer for all you do.

Anonymous said...

My reliable sources from intelligence communities also strongly indicate that the RV has been cancelled for at least another two years. The US dollar remains as the reserve currency to keep the peace otherwise there will be negative economic ramifications or possibly world war. Sorry guys the party is over and the gurus are out of business!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above. Spelling and grammar mistakes are an obvious indication of either or both of the following:

A lack of education thus undermining the validity of the article.
Really has no regard for readers thus undermining the sincerity of the article.

Perhaps this is just an indication of how low the education system has been comprimised.
Sorry but I can't take this article or the author too seriously.