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All of these people in the corporations who have harmed our planet need to be arrested, charged, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; they also need to pay all the people of the planet for their FRAUD, MURDERS OF OUR FAMILIES, CHEMTRAILS, ALL THE HARM THEY HAVE DONE TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET.AFTER THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO PUT ALL THESE PEOPLE ON THE SQUARE, STRIPPED DOWN TO WHATEVER, TAKE A BAMBOO STICK AND BEAT THEM WITH IT. THEN TAKE THEM OFF PLANET TO HEAL, NOT EVER TO RETURN TO OUR PLANETS SOIL AGAIN.

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Date: Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 10:41:21
We are facing terrorism, an economic collapse and war in the middle east, to name a few possibilities.
We live in a fast paced, internet world today. Things move so fast with news that newspapers can't keep up. In fact, that is the reason newspapers have gone down so drastically. Everyone is getting their news from the internet through their computers and cell phone devices. And, the news is spread so fast that it has changed the way politics and the news media do things. We live in an instant world, where people expect things to happen in a New York minute. However, if the system has a major problem like a financial meltdown, or an electrical grid failure, people will be thrown back into horse and buggy days within hours. When the infrastructure is diminished, money is in short supply, electricity will become too expensive to have or maintain, and people will start cutting back on the common conveniences they have been use to all their lives. During the Y2K computer glitch, it would have taken 15 power plants to fail nationwide and the entire system would have gone down. At the clock change-over time at midnight 2000 the USA lost 9 of those plants, but they were able to keep the power system going by switching from other plants.
What we face now is a different possibility. There is a convergence of several possible events that could push this nation into chaos. No one knows which one will happen first, or if several events will happen at once, or if one will happen and cause the others to happen. The first issue that we face is a financial collapse. The powers that be did not fix the banking and financial collapse we had in 2008, they only put a band aid on the problem and delayed the inevitable. The stock market is at an all time high, people have taken on more debt than they had before, the banks are operating with billions of federal reserve money, the factories have not rehired at the rate required to achieve recovery, the unemployment rate is going higher, and Obama-care is creating fewer full time jobs and forcing companies to hire only part time employees. The Federal Reserve is continuing to print money out of thin air, and a lower dollar value and inflation is going to be the result. Once we reach a tipping point where investors know that the system is overvalued and ready to collapse, the dollar will dive in value, the stock market will drop like a rock, and the banks close down. The experts know this is inevitable, but no one knows when it might happen. They have reached a point where they can't stop from feeding the system with new money, or else the act of withdrawing the financial help will actually create the collapse. The truth is, there are no solutions to these problems, all they can do is delay things and hope something will happen to change the course the system is on.
Historically, nations created a war that pumped money into a failing economic system. A new war is fabricated, justified, advertised, promoted and then the politicians pass laws to BORROW more money for the "obvious" emergency. The citizens, like dumb cattle, go along with whatever they are told and furnish the manpower for factories and war, and take on the burden of higher taxes for the perceived threat against their "perfect democratic lifestyle". The banks get an infusion of cash, the factories hire more workers and an economic down turn is temporarily averted. However, when the citizens get tired of war the powers that be may try something different. Theories on what they might do have abounded for decades, like allowing factories worldwide to belch out so much pollution that a global emergency is announced and the global citizen has to pay more taxes to fight pollution from society’s emissions and “global warming”. It could be a contrived event, by design, not by accident.
Other theories range from a global epidemic, germ warfare, terrorism attacks, cities being attacked with a variety of weapons, and creating tidal waves or earthquakes, or even a celestial event like a solar flare that could knock out the electric grid on half the planet at a time. (is it possible a neutron bomb could be detonated high above a nation and the “experts tell us it was a solar flare?) An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) created by a neutron bomb can knock out power nationwide in an instant. This was discovered by accident in the pacific when the government detonated a hydrogen bomb and it knocked out the radio systems and power grid on some of the islands. From then on the military learned to shield their electronics with metal shrouds, in case the US was bombed by the Soviets or China. Since that time the military scientists developed neutron bombs that put off high levels of electrical pulses, and did less damage to buildings. This gave them the option of destroying an enemy’s electrical grid and radio systems, and people and animals, while doing less damage to buildings. A nation that is thrown back into the Stone Age cannot easily resist a military invasion or keep factories going for a war machine. Citizens that are on foot have no power, less food, and no jobs are an easy target and are easily controlled by a police state or an invading army. How long can people survive without cash from a bank, food from empty stores, gas for the car, water from water systems that are closed down, and in homes that are dark and cold?
The other options range from wars to famine. The recent war cry in the Middle East tipped their hand on what they might have in mind. The plans for a war against Syria, Iran and other nations in that region have been in the planning stages for years. The Obama regime along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other nations have given monetary support in the $ billions to Al Qaeda terrorists to fight a war against Syria. This is well documented, not rumor, but fact. There are at least 100,000 troops in that region fighting against Syria. The nations involved are promoting the war for several reasons, one of which is to facilitate a gas line across Syria that the oil nations would benefit from. The war that would start would get the USA involved, and give the pretense to borrow more money to fight an extended war like in Iraq, etc. This would give an infusion of money into the US economy and keep the banking system going. The problem with this scheme is, the Russians are not buying the typical political excuse and justification for war. They have invested years in an alliance with Syria, have a navy base there, and have over 20,000 Russians living in that country. In recent times Russia has been transformed from a communist state to a democracy. They want to survive and protect their nation as much as any nation does. They don't want a war with anyone. They see what Obama and the other nations are trying to do, and simply want no part of it. Saudia Arabia tried to bribe Putin with $billions to have him simply leave the area, and he refused. So, the scheme to start a war in the Middle East has not gone well for the conspirators who start wars. Poor babies. Should we send them a sympathy card? How about flowers? LOL. Not from me thank you. Those that conspire to destroy lives, start wars and control the future of families are not to be respected as intelligent planners for a utopian society. They are like devious demons wringing their hands in glee at the loss of human lives - in their greed for money, power and population control. With friends like that as politicians, who needs enemies?
In addition to what faces us in the way of possible emergencies and disasters, there is also the possibility of a comet/asteroid hit, a solar flare, and a solar maximum magnetic flip that would cause a pole shift on the earth(creating global tsunamis). It is possible the government knows of an impending event, and have made preparations for it without telling the public what they are planning for. In recent months researchers have discovered that the Government has asked for preparations to be made in the North East states, and other zones. They have pre-positioned equipment, supplies, arms and begun exercises with FEMA and Homeland security starting Oct. 1st. There is also a coincidence involving the fly-by of comet Ison that goes through our solar system from Oct. to Jan. One researcher believes there is a possibility that the debris field of asteroids (ranging in size from a football to a battleship) with the comet will cross the earth’s path around January 18th, 2014. The pathway according to the Jet propulsion Laboratory charts shows the comet trajectory (possible debris field) going across the United States from Baltimore, Maryland to central Oregon. The Maryland area is part of FEMA area 3, which happens to be the several state area where all of the emergency equipment is being placed along with supplies for a major disaster. This research can easily be found on line and Youtube. Whether anything will happen or not, is anyone’s guess. But it does make a person wonder. History has shown us that often where they prepare, something happens.
Another possibility is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) like a nuclear bomb going off in a major US city, presumably by terrorists(those pesky, undefeatable terrorists, who seem to have endless amounts of money and resources, and an open door to into our nation. It is a darn shame something can’t be done about
As I said, there is a convergence of several possibilities that could happen in the next few years. Any of which would be a major disaster and disrupt our lives. And, some of them could cause a chain reaction that could cause other major problems. It is difficult not to be paranoid when you know what the government is capable of, and what conspirators for a global police state will do against the people. All we can do is prepare for anything, have options and plans to survive, and work to be independent and self sufficient. Those that conspire to control this nation and its people will eventually lose that battle. Those that have evil intent will in time see their plans self destruct, the best thing we can do is stay out of harm’s way and let things go down on its own.
George Eaton
(Priority Report, PO Box 122, Ponderay, ID. 83852)


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