Friday, November 29, 2013

Angola Continues To Close Down Mosques, And Now Burns Qurans

This is what I call a 'smart move.'  Only wish ALL nations, especially America, would do this and ship them back to where they came from. Obviously Angola has had ENOUGH of their demonic killings and outrageous demands, etc.

Angola Continues To Close Down Mosques And Now Burns Qurans
By Theodore Shoebat
A recent report has come out saying that the Republic of Angola has closed down or destroyed most mosques in its country, and the crackdown continues.
Elias Isaac, country director of the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (Osisa), had this to say:
From what I have heard, Angola is the first country in the world that has decided to ban Islam … This is a crazy madness. The government is intolerant of any difference.
David Já, president of the Islamic Community of Angola (ICA), said: We can say that Islam has been banned in Angola.
Here is a video of a mosque in Angola being bulldozed:,go to link above.
There were 78 mosques in Angola, now they have been reduced to only a few, because most of them were closed down except the remaining number in the capital city of Luanda, and the only reason why they are still there is because of the world’s protest against the anti-Islamic policy. According to David Ja:
The mosques in Luanda were supposed to be closed yesterday but because of an international furore about reports that Angola had banned Islam, the government decided not to …So, at the moment, mosques in Luanda are open and people are going for prayers.
Also, according to Ja, the Angolan government began to shut down mosques in 2010, and they justified the measure by saying that Islam “was an invasion of Angolan culture and a threat to Christian values.”
And it most definitely is.
This month, according to the same Islamic leader, Angola shut down a mosque in Luanda and burned down 120 copies of the Quran.
This Angolan Inquisition (which I whole heartedly support), has been notifying mosques, ordering the Muslims to destroy them with the guarantee that they will be demolished anyway. As Ja said:
They usually issue a legal request for us to destroy the building and give us 73 hours to do so. Failure to do so results in government authorities doing it themselves.
This information is not only coming from Muslims, but a reputable and leading Angolan journalist named Rafael Marques de Morais, who has stated:
I’ve seen an order that says Muslims must destroy the mosques themselves and clear away the debris, or they will be charged for the cost of the destruction.
This is only the beginning of what is come, and that is, a war between Christendom and the empire of the crescent. I commend Angola for what it is doing, and I only hope that it will continue on and do the same for other dangerous and heretical groups (such as sodomites, and pro-abortion advocates).
If you think I am medieval in my thinking, I will say that this is not an insult. When the Albigensian gnostic heretics dominated Southern France, the Church did not tolerate them nor their false and wicked teachings, but launched a war on them and outlawed their false doctrines.
When the Bogomil gnostics overran Constantinople, the Eastern Orthodox Church did not suffer them to thrive or proselytize but suppressed them, all for the preservation of orthodoxy.
When Arianism (the rejection of the Trinity) arose, Constantine decreed that all Arian books must be burned, and many were thrown into the flames. It is only beneficial that works that promote the destruction and devaluing of human life are not tolerated or given liberty to, for we worship a God Who declared: “all the idols thereof will I lay desolate” (Micah 1:7).

As Christendom and Islam are at war, we must remember the Christians who are being brutally persecuted every day

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This is great. Let's invite them to come over here and close down the one in the White House.