Friday, November 29, 2013

Comments per Lord Sananda's message

re:  What Exactly Is The Event
       dated: Noverber 22, 2013
       A Message From Lord Sananda
       Through Elizabeth Trutwin


I find it very difficult to put any Faith or TRUTH
in any message I find to be tainted, no matter
how well it is cleverly written OR by whom!
This ONE just happens to be a perfect example.

We need to admit and recognize that we live in a
world where an on going battle exists and rages
between GOOD and EVIL for ultimate Control.
Unfortunately all to many citizens fail to realize
the significance and seriousness of this struggle.

Satanic Evil has been in power and control of our
US Government for all to many years.  This Cabal
likes to "entertain" their membership thru activities
related to dates!  Case in point: todays article on the
same 1963 infamous day they Murdered JFK! 

Coincidence?  Exactly 50 years? Not likely since it
follows their pattern. Therefore I for one conclude
that this so called Author is a Cabal supporting member. 

Further evidence is buried in the Ninth paragraph where
it mentions that President Obama has prepared over
1000 lifetimes to be the Disclosure President. Really?

How can any Heaven and Devine Plan include a NON
Christian as their Spokeperson?  It has never happened
before, at least in the last 2000+ years; And Especially
from One who disrespects ALL aspects of Christian
beliefs in BOTH public displays and ALL of his actions? 
He is without a doubt a major FRAUD in all portions of
his existence.  That said, are WE to witness Forgiveness
on a Grander Scale by Heaven towards Obama that was
NOT provided to Jesus resulting in his death?

You decide for yourself.  Thank You for allowing me to
submit my Two Cents worth.



Anonymous said...

There's your problem right there J. It doesn't have to be about a Christian, Muslim, Catholic, or any other religion since they, what you call the Annunaki are the ones responsible for all this mess and are trying to enslave us again. Has nothing to do with a religion. This message is just "them" trying to manipulate people through a religious approach. They themselves created all religions. We are just their slave race.

Anonymous said...

Thnks for the post.Someone had to set it straight.God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

" Lord Sananda ? " " Ascended Masters ?" " Channelers ?" What BS. Total crap. Like ' Matthew ' and his cutesy picture and ' Dratzo,' merely propaganda by the bad guys. In my opinion, this typifies the ' sit back and the Galactic Gremlins will fix everything ' attitude the dark forces WISH for us to adopt. How has that mindset been working for us for the last 2000 years ? Result -- tens of millions murdered, complete Cabal control of virtually every facet of everyone's life, isolated world populations, slavery, institutionalization of child molestation, rape and control of the planets resources, widespread, intentional poverty, concealment of vastly superior energy sources, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, - need we list any more " success story's " of the Cabal ? The crowning success story of the Cabal is the Vatican, the very institution many look to for guidance and spiritual answers is the guiding hand of our present disastrous world. Convincing people that there is a magical guy in the sky who loves them WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE was a master stroke of genius.
We live in a world of REALITY on it's face, we eat, breath, love and die. Why do people accept the present paradigm fed to us without evidence or proof ? You can't sell a car without showing the car at some point. Why are we so afraid to demand proof of claim ? Superior or advanced aliens - how about an effing demonstration ? ' Faith in any one of hundreds of gods ? How about some proof ? Haven't most accepted on faith so many things in our world that many sure as hell have evidence of the exact opposite ? Wouldn't a definitive demonstration by gods or advanced aliens be child's play for them ? Why are we so accepting of things unseen ? For centuries ? How long will mankind march this path of conjured magical claims before we shed our fear of questioning the all powerful Oz ? EVEN DOUBTING THOMAS HAD A PURPOSE ! Shouldn't we quit accepting the magic show before it's too late ?
"Oh senseless man, who cannot possibly make a worm or a flea and yet will create Gods by the dozen!" -- Michel de Montaigne

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows about John 3:16....
Then they commit a mortal sin and TOTALLY IGNORE the message of John 3:17.
Grow up, and I mean now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you're saying- the only change I'd make is to say BILLIONS have been murdered by the parasites over the "long haul" of time.

Jay W said...

Very powerful opinion , yes lets see some proof , enough gas...........

Anonymous said...

They're not enslaving us again, they've already been doing it for thousands of years

Anonymous said...

I happen to know Beth Trutwin, the author of this "channeled" message. She is the biggest fake ever! Years ago she was part of the Galactic Roundtable group and would relate stories of how in the middle of the night she would go off world and fight and kill evil entities. I also know of several people who sent her money for readings and cleansings. She took the money but never replied back to the individuals and claimed she had computer problems, then phone problems, etc. If you Google her, I will most likely find some interesting reading material.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget what is in fact being done though, Saturday, Nov 23, 2013 a global peace treaty has in fact been implemented, next we have for fact that china has let it be known to the rest of the world that they are no longer going to except US Bonds and Russia is on the verge of eliminating the US dollar altogether in fact their working on making the US Dollar unlawful in Russia, another interesting fact is that North Carolina has regained its sovereignty as a state and is now under the bill of rights umbrella.

There are many things happening that can be found and many even on mainstream media, not that we should ever trust them or anyone, but the signs are all there for anyone who is actually interested instead of just denouncing everything without looking in to things more, I know it’s hard we have all been scammed for far to long and people are tired, but I think and believe things are turning around for the good of all, it’s just hell getting there, when will it happen? When will we actually see it, I have not a clue.

I think the trick is right now is never follow anyone person, take it all in and make your own decision based on facts and discernment, the pieces are all there, it’s just a really messy puzzle to put back together.

namaste+ said...

I think you need to evolve your mentality a little more. Revolving around the notion that christians are the only chosen ones and no divine plan can be implemented without a christian figure shows just how much you are still locked into the grid mentality. Do you think God made us all and later decided to say the chosen ones are christians and no one else. If you are a true person of the divine, it doesnt matter what religion you are. Please my fellow beings we are all equal in the eyes of God. There are no supremes especially because of their religion. Remember my dear brethrens that there are many ways to the lord not just through Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Well stated namaste. people need to open their hearts when it comes to any religion and especially Christianity, I think those who so heavily believe in religion are in for a shock of their life's..

Anonymous said...

Besides taking money from people and not doing their readings she created havoc in many peoples lives. I am so glad the truth is coming out about her! It is time.

Anonymous said...

The "annunaki" story is from the occult forces gaming humanity. We can't take the right occult "hand" and use it as an impartial witness to what is truth against the left occult "hand"...or, against Christianity. Both "hands" are occult. That is how the Hegelian Dialectic works. Its very effective. And we are the subjects of the manipulation.

Believing in the "annunaki" is a religious, spiritual matter. Its not neutral or non-"religious" by any means.

Anonymous said...

What a fake!!! To presume only a Christian can lead us to safety, I mean, really? The Satanic Vatican controls all religions,so I really believe a Person or Entity with no religious affiliation will be in charge of that task, don't get me wrong , I didn't mean an atheist but rather a spiritual person or entity, someone that looks a humanity and loves everyone regardless of color, race, or creed, just the way it should be, we are all bothers and sister, we are all connected, we should pay no tide because what is tide but a tax to ensure our "salvation"and we are paying it to people that have no saying on it and possible are not going to be "saved" themselves. I do not trust anyone promoting religion, Sanada, go away, and tell your handlers people are waking up and don't believe your lies and kneel in fear at the sole mention of a burning hell, that by the way, is as fake as you are.

Anonymous said...

Beth Trutwin stop your lies, you are not "channeling" anyone but your own bias beliefs, I went to a Christian mass recently and the "Pastor" mentioned that "The tide" need it to be paid at least 4 times before the mass started. I have never seen so many people taken by such fake impersonator of faith. I loved the singing but everything else was so fake, and this people are so afraid of sex is ridiculous, I said this because it was mentioned for no reason at all, just pure fear mongering. I can tell you one thing, Christianity is a big business.