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Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - November 29, 2013

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Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - November 29, 2013
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Date: Saturday, 30-Nov-2013 19:49:08

Message from SaLuSa by MADAD - November 29, 2013
Energy is rising on each level of existence – in the core of your planet, on the surface, within you and all the life forms coexisting together with you and around the planet - and it is creating a perfect condition for the long awaited upliftment as a whole. You surely feel this energy filling your whole body leaving you doubtless that something is happening. This energy might remind you of the feelings you had when you were awakening and the energy started to flow within and started the process of your change. This time, the energy that is flowing into your beings now, is closing your preparations for the movement higher, and you surely feel it as being more delicate and gentle because you are now able to sense and feel so very much more, and this higher vibration that is carrying all that is necessary for finishing your change, have full spectrum of higher energy patterns. These patterns easily enter the bodies of those who are ready to join their multidimensional realities of existence, and they are absorbing complete information within.
Those who chose to move with less speed can absorb information one by one until they have received them all and are ready for the change that these energy patterns are enabling you to do. With accepting them as they enter within, you are allowing them to merge with your very cells of your body and completely change them and release all the old energy patterns that once created your physical existence. They are no more needed to be present within your being, as you have worked on your clearing with such determination and intensity, that you have sent this information to the Creation Forces with very strong and clear confirmation of your readiness to step into the higher level of existence. So this energy you now feel is representing your fulfilled wish for your movement, and with understanding the basic principles of life within higher realities, you are ready to follow your desire and complete this part of your journey.
The next part of your journey is already in the right place for each and every one of you, and with no more illusion that would block your vision you clearly see it and follow it without any hesitation. Those who cannot see it at this moment of their evolution are getting and will still get all the help from their Guides that will show them their chosen path bit by bit, and even if they choose not to follow this guidance now, they will clearly see the signs when they are ready to leave the current vibration level and step into the next level of experiences. It is with certainty that no Soul will wish to stay on the same level longer than is necessary, because we are all carrying the desire to explore and learn within and when the time comes, every Soul is ready to move after absolving all the necessary experiences and gaining the respective understanding from them.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel your energy quickly rising as you feel your wish is about to manifest. Feel the vibrating energy within your bodies and allow it to complete the changes. In no time you will recognize the difference that this energy have created and know that all the surprises that you are expecting to happen will quickly follow.
Channeller: MADAD
Webpage: SaLuSa

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