Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Truth About "Intel"

hi John,

The Truth About "Intel"

Did you know the word “intel” is an abbreviation of the word intelligence?

These “Gurus” should all receive best actors awards for the “comic relief” they've provided for good laughs only. They perform above and beyond their call of duty.

in·tel·li·gence defined: noun 1. capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. 2. manifestation of a high mental capacity: He writes with intelligence and wit. 3. the faculty of understanding. 4. knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information. 5. the gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information. Origin: 1350–1400;  Middle English  < Latin  intelligentia.  See intelligent, -ence

Did you know the word antonym is defined as; a word opposite in meaning to another. Fast is an antonym of slow. 

Did you know the antonym of intelligence is stupidity, which is the act of being stupid?

stu·pid defined: stoo-pid, stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est, noun adjective 1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull. 2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question. 3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party. 4. annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio. 5. in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

The choice is yours to make, which one describes what the “Gurus” have been regurgitating for more than a few years to date?


Anonymous said...

Quite well said!

It should be obvious to everyone now that the dinar and dong are not the stupendous money makers these gurus have presented them as.

.....Both currencies are going to LOP zeros off of their notes, and there is no indication or precedent leading to a conclusion that the average American citizen will be treated differently from the populace in Iraq.

With that said, the possible returns look more like:

......A regular currency transaction should net a person about $3,500 per million dinar, while the fabled GCR transaction might net a person somewhere close to $40,000 per million dinar.

For those who don't like those numbers, I am sorry,,,,,,,,, but it does appear that logic will prevail in this situation.

Anonymous said...

While I consider every bit of Intel as having some good in it I am still mystified by the need fro these guys to write everything in LARGE COLORED TEXT as if that will make it more important than the data they provide. IMO it only slows up the data stream and irritates folks.
Besides, if the Iraqi money is selling for more than $1.00 USD why would you want to trade it in. Simply visit one of the countries that are currently trading in it and set up an account.
Better yet keep it in a sealed container in case you have to make a run.

Anonymous said...

When do we say "enough is enough" ? Its been 21 years for me.

This started out with various people, lets call them program managers, selling units for $100 or more under program names like ITI, Freedom, Alpha, Destiny, and finally Omega. There were a few other program names prior to these but I'm getting so old I'm forgetting them all. There were 100 or more chat boards back in the 90's with the Opositives and Onegatives at war. "O" meaning Omega. I got thrown off most of the chat boards after finding out that they were being run by people who worked for Clyde Hood selling units.

Everyone, regardless of the program name, was buying a piece of the $27.5 Trillion generated by Leo Wanta who was declared by a Virginia court to be the sole trustee. All these programs were later lumped into one name .. the Prosperity Programs.

AND THEN came NESARA. Bill "the perv" Clinton, with a gun to his head, made NESARA a law. Actually he signed it into law several times. Lost count. It is a secret un-registered law that no one is to know about. Makes perfect sense.

And then there were all the stories about Sandra Day O'Conner and all those generals and the Pentagon and aliens from the planet Zulu .. all working together to get us our money.

And we are all getting our money back that was stolen from us by the irs and federal reserve. okeedokee

And then the packies were in and out of the Supreme Court twenty or ninety times.

And then Casper The Clown came up with his tarmac stories. Our packies were loaded on to planes ready to take off at any moment only to be hauled back into court over and over.

HURRAH HURRAH .. the Supreme Court awarded all of us "fine money". Before we receive our Wanta funds we are each going to receive millions in chump change. That will pay for the parties just before we each receive BILLIONS.

And how many people have signed off on this over the years. I heard that the Olson twins were the very last who had to sign off. Where is my money.

OOPS !! And then the Wanta funds were stolen by the Bush family and banks from all over the world. Wells Fargo was one of those banks listed by Christopher Story who is now dead. Sure he is.

WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE WELLS FARGO STORIES ? One of the banks that stole our money is in charge of getting our money to us ??? I miss those stories.

Don't forget that every man. woman, and child in the US will receive $1 Million monthly or annually or whatever for the rest of their lives. There are no classes of people any more. No one ever works again. That'll work.

Now everyone IN THE WORLD, all 6 billion, are going to receive $10,000 each. Does that include all those in prisons ? How about newborns ? Do the aliens from the planet Zulu get $10,000 ? So many questions. There are people who believe this. That's scary.

THE DINAR RV STORY ... I find it curious that Zap doesn't know the connection between the rv and the release of the Prosperity Programs. He took over for Poof and Poof told us in one of his updates that the rv is the mastermind of Leo Wanta to recover the stolen funds. Why wouldn't Zap know that ? On top of that Zap said that the funds were returned. No one can force the banks to return the funds, No banker has been arrested. Even Casper, years ago, said thousands of bankers were arrested.

There hasn't been an rv. The funds have not been recovered.

We have a socialist in the White House who has given the irs more power over our lives.

The federal reserve still runs this country and they are still printing $400 Million in new bills daily to be distributed to banks around the world. No one tells the federal reserve what to do.

With a socialist in the White House .. with the irs stealing our money ... and the federal reserve running this country ...

Anonymous said...

No idea why the misguided Dinarians still blindly accept all the "3 zeros" predictions.

FACTUALLY SPEAKING, if any currency "lops off" 3-digits, all subsequent "trades" will be adjusted accordingly.

In other words, the newly revalued Dinar might indeed be worth more than the current Dinar .... but 1 million in old-bills, will be replaced with 1,000 new bills.

Anonymous said...

Go to:

for the latest (11/27/13) update. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day.