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Soluntra King – Scotland Stargate To Open – Cosmic Events – 5D Abilities

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Soluntra King – Scotland Stargate To Open – Cosmic Events – 5D Abilities
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Soluntra King – Scotland Stargate To Open – Cosmic Events – 5D Abilities
November 26, 2013
Found at Dreamweaver 333 Blog

Blessings of Love, Peace within and Joy radiant one. 
Some of you have wondered what’s happened to me as I have not sent out a newsletter since early October. I have been travelling and working full on in the bigger picture with some workshops in between. below is a very brief story of some of the things that have taken place over this very powerful and changing time. 
Below is also the cosmic events for December. 
See you in the dancing light of our hearts delight, shinning bright. 
In the One Heart Love Soluntra 
Soluntra King 

By Soluntra King
From our shift through the Galactic Centre, December 2012, through the centre of our-self, one with Source, through the centre of our cells, in the stillness and void, as the Suns aligned and we become the Sun/Star that we are. As our Mother Earth is also a star, our Sun a Central Sun, as we have all moved through the stillness within, aligned through all the Suns right through to our third dimensional nuclei of our cells, one with our multi-dimensional nuclear of the cells. Now from that stillness the un-manifest and manifest unite, which opens the stargate within and without.
The Stargates are now starting to energise as we have shifted into higher dimensions and frequencies of light with the great shift we are experiencing. As your body becomes lighter and you love yourself and others unconditionally and feel peace within, the earth and stars respond and the doorways open to allow us to reconnect with the very familiar abilities of teleporting, bi-locating, being invisible. Living on light and where we live beyond the lower frequencies of the duality dramas that might still be paying out for many on Earth. But not everyone is hooked into the illusion anymore, as this happens and the fabric of the Light Matrix gets stronger and the Stargates are opening. 
As described in my article there are Stargates in the Heavens and the ones in the Earth. The ones in the Heavens open for us as we descend into matter to bring in our light codings and true essence and gifts to utilise as we unify. There are also the Stargates in the Heavens that open to expand our consciousness at the level of the collective when we are ready. Now the Earth Stargates are activating and coming back into use as we are holding higher frequencies of light and our hearts are opening more fully.

The major Stargates on Earth like at Egypt for example are transferring their codes to places of the New Earth and there are Stargates opening up now at portals in the New Earth. So as we come more into the New Earth and our hearts and the love we are expands and amplifies through us and thereby through the cosmos, the Stargates are opening on the physical to assist us to be who we truly are once more. 
In the last golden age we teleported, travelled through star systems, aligned star energies and the Sun with Earth to keep balance, and we were galactic citizens. But we forgot as we descended out of our etheric physical bodies into physical bodies. We used magic at different ages and in Atlantis to the point where we manipulated so much with our magic that we destroyed the surface of the Earth and lost all our powers, and so now as we awaken the power is love. The doorway is our heart and the wisdom to handle such abilities comes for the source within.

Now as the Stargates start to resonate and connect with those that are vibrating to their frequencies, they are often found in obscure places, not the usual vortexes or sacred sites. Those ones have had their day. You may know where a Stargate is located and go there, but feel nothing and see nothing and wonder that it even exists, but it does exist if your purity of heart is clear enough. This does not mean to say it’s a gage of how evolved you are, but if you are called to one then you will be ready to utilise it in one of the dimensions it is held through.
There are unlimited dimensions that the Stargate exists through and we need to be vibrating some of the time at the fifth dimensional level of our being. Then we can start accessing the doorway. The Stargate is multi-functioning depending on where one is at. And it’s not that you have to be at one to teleport, we are the Stargate and the doorway, when we have raised our frequencies enough throughlove and acceptance of our self and all others. 
But now that we have shifted so much and are the Sun that we are, it is possible to teleport, bi-locate, be invisible in alignment with divine will . We are so much more in pure hearts and aligned and the ego duality games are no longer the world we operate in. That world still exists, but it’s up to us what game we choose to play, and in which world we chose to live. I know which world I choose and have been living in it for a long time now. 
As we become ‘in the world, but not of it’ we naturally become invisible, because our vibration is so much higher due to our unification process of our life, emotions, thoughts and so we do not get involved in the wars, and other heavy games playing out in the denser worlds. There is no judgement of these denser, fear based worlds it just that we cease to exist in them and so we become invisible to the lower frequencies. 
Once are light frequencies are higher then being invisible, teleporting, bi-locating is natural, not something we need to try and do. We are multi-dimensional beings are already everywhere else, so when we know who we are and that we teleport anyway, (you do already sometimes in your sleep). Then we will travel this way as a natural thing that is in balance with all of creation and nature, as now we are in unity consciousness. The Stargates are another symbol of where we are at. The fact that they are opening now. 
From the article STARGATES AS TELEPORTATION CHAMBER AND MULTI-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL Please click link for the rest of the article. STARGATES for information on all the types of Stargates including Earth Stargates. 

In the Great Shift on December 21st 2012 we moved into our stillness more fully within, the cross-over point within through the centre of you, the centre of the Galaxy all one. With this shift into deeper stillness and the void where all is manifest we arrive into the level of consciousness where the New Earth can be fully anchored and we live in it. 
The Great Shift happened in the 6th dimension, the unified light and so for those not able to access that level of their Being yet it appears as if nothing has happened, 
but for those who have shifted everything has changed. 
There is no time anymore as now we are in the stillness; no mind, no attachment to what happened yesterday or before or after, just the now moment and the peace within. 
Even as terrible storms are raging on Earth the only thing to do to be of service at this level is to be at peace, and so hold that peace for all others who are still experiencing duality and the crazy manifestations of the illusion that is still real to so many. For those who are aware it is illusion and the third dimension has no power like it once had; to be subjected to it, created from fear. But once in the love vibration of unity consciousness and allowing, then being the world with all the dramas disappears.

Right now we are in a big transition as we still have a third dimensional body that is becoming less so everyday. We need rest and relaxation to catch up with the rest of us, as our consciousness expands in awareness and our understandings and experience change drastically into the higher light octaves and beyond the smaller picture and attachments to money, people, places, things. Everything is falling away, with this next level of consciousness where we go deeper into the stillness and surrender completely as our ego lets go the control and fear of survival in the third dimension, we become aware that we are not operating in the third dimension anymore. 
Life has changed so much, no more dealing with those who have no integrity, or if we do then there is no charge of energy anymore, it’s all their issue and for them to deal with. Friends fall away and those who vibrate at the same or similar frequency come in for sharing the transition as they are the new friends who are experiencing the same things. The others stay in their world and seems to disappear, it’s like we are not responsible for anyone or thing anymore. 
We can relax and let go the strain of feeling responsible for awakening the masses and holding the beam, now the beam is held, it’s all divine and nothing needs to be fixed up and sorted it simply is, and one chooses where one wants to be, the decisions have already been made long ago, the 11:11 doorway is closed. 

Now the Earth Stargates are opening, the first one that I have experienced in my missions on Earth here as she is now a Star, happened at Loch Insh, Kincraig, the highlands of Scotland in October 2013. 
On my recent journey to facilitate this Stargate Opening we had already experienced several big shifts. The New Stars and New Sun had appeared into our consciousness from early 2013 and the umbilical cord of the New Earth anchored through theGalactic Gate at Hicks Bay, East Cape, North Island, New Zealand in May just after the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of Taurus.

While in India on the way to Scotland apart from other missions and New Sun anchorings with some dear cosmic friends we visited Talaku Vishnu temple near Mysore, that two years previous when we had been there, I was made aware that is a Cosmic Time Clock in the other dimensions anchored through there that was re-activated. 
In early October 2013 we visited again and I was told on the inner that this is the ancient plane of the Akaskic Records. The records are changing now as we have shifted through the Galactic Plane, and at this place the energy was transformed with an imput of Light that opened the records up to the Light Body imprint. There is a new Imprint of the Light Body in the Collective Consciousness and now in the Akaskic Records; this means all humanity can access them if and when they choose.

Then I travelled to the Orkney Islands for the Lunar Eclipse 18th October and the New Stars and New Sun were anchored through the stone circles there, at 1am local time in the howling wind, blasting rain and freezing cold. 
A great standing stone dragon guardian was out at Skailly Bay that was the activator for the energies. That then went to the Stenness Circle, which is so much older and has only three standing stones remaining, this sacred vortex aligns through the Galactic Centre, the stillness and new creation, as the New Stars were then anchored at the great Brodgar Circle on the Lunar Eclipse. This all needed to happen first before the Stargate could open.

Just days after the Lunar Eclipse 18th October and in between the lunar and solar eclipses the Stargate was opened at Loch Insh.
There were thirteen of us who came from many different places on Earth to be the catalyst for the Stargate to ground.
For the next two days doing a lot of cleansing; DNA transformations, awakening more to the New Sun within and star lineages and alliances. Moving out of the loop of illusion of birth and death and activating the DNA at dense structural levels and awakening the Divine Blueprint more fully. So our Light Bodies became more radiant as we went deeper into the stillness so that by the afternoon of Sunday 27th October we were ready as the Stargate was anchored and opened into the physical plane.
The Star Alignment of Altair anchored first, creating the zone through the realms where we are the still point of the spirit. A star alignment is when the star or star constellation in question is aligned back into the earth plane in harmony with us. The Ancients knew the importance of the Star Alignments; as above, so below, and star-mapped the Earth by building conduits to anchor the energy with pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples and obliques that held and aligned the particular stellar energies with the Central Sun in the core of the Earth, the Earth, and Heavens as harmony and abundance reigned. When we choose to go deeper into density and with the end of the last Golden Age and the Earth shifted then the star alignments also went out of synch. The stars have also moved since that time and so now with the return of the Golden Age, the star alignments are now happening again, anchoring that energy onto the earth plane and core of the Earth.
ALTAIR being in the constellation of AQUILA the Eagle; companion of Jupiter who often carried his thunderbolts ‘I am spirit flying straight for my home’. Altair is at 1 09 Aquarius, conjunct the Sun on 22nd January, the Star Essence I made from it is: 
“I AM THE STILL POINT OF THE SPIRIT’ Matter into spirit, spirit into matter the seventh point of the six pointed star, perfection, completion, the Heart of the Cosmos”.

A cone of spiralling light from the Cosmos and at the same time a cone of spiralling light from the Earth was created with space in between. We were all around the physical Loch in our Solar golden presence and Gold Light Body. In the space in between a Mothership materialises and the Light Beings in it are very busy preparing. 
Thirteen Un-manifest Universes came through the Stargate and it looked like a void coming through into the Earth. As it came in and through the Earth, it dissolved through the Earth and the Earth looked like a jelly ball that is flexible and durable. As the Un-manifest Universes merge with the Manifest it creates a more stable and flexible environment on all dimensions of the Earth. 
It has brought with it new seedings for the New Earth; plants that can stand the heightened energies of the Sun, this energy is there for humans, animals and all sentinel beings. 
We have received this energy from the union of the Un-manifest and Manifest realms, 
the union of Heaven and Earth. 
It allows our third dimensional body to withstand the changes and our molecules to be more flexible. It will also be possible to teleport and bi-locate easily as you move in the stillness and void, the spaces in between. The star alignment of Altair through the stargate allowed this to happen. The collective consciousness is now ready to be at peace within… 
I was interviewed at my hotel at Heathrow just before I flew out and the first few minutes is about Stargates 
This is only a very brief account of what happened if you would like to experience the energies of the Stargate within and without, with several days of inner work, activations of the Light Body, DNA RNA open to the new light codes and star that you are and New Sun Body. The next Stargate openings are at Lake Taupo, North Island New Zealand February 14,15, 16 17th or near the NSW/VIC border for the Lunar Eclipse April 2014 or 24 days in the Himalayas in Ladakh and Kashmir for theStargate Opening at Lake Tsmororiri just after the June Solstice 2014. 
If its not possible to attend in person I will also be making mp3 workshops with the Stargate openings and many other multi-dimensional awakening, DNA and Light Body activations as well as inner union. 
There have been so many bigger picture changes taking place recently with the solar activity and magnetic flip of the Sun and the eclipses, and the very next day after the Stargate opening I went to the Isle of Skye where I met with three dear friends. We had anchored a time capsule there from the Third Cycle and it was now time to connect again for it to be awakened. There was a process that went on which took about 24 hours as we meet for afternoon tea on Skye to discuss what we felt about it. Then meeting before dinner on the shores of the Broadford Bay where the Light City with time capsule was located in the higher dimensions. I was guided to make sounds and saw the time capsule rise out of the mists and the codes unfold out of it. They came into all four of us standing by the Bay and in the Light City and our bodies suddenly felt very different. I was told on the inner that it is a new light matrix, not new new, as it had been anchored into the forth dimension in the Third Cycle and now we were back to activate it. That more would be going on in the night. As the time capsule started to unwind like a serpent uncoiling inside me and I saw whole new worlds within, like a kaleidoscope of them, they all looked lush and beautiful, different levels of the New Earth. 
The new light matrix was anchored through us the next morning, like a dome of light that encases the Earth in the ethers, it is not in the earth itself, but over and around it, like a protection from solar flares, meteorites, comets. It reflects them and also the Earth becomes invisible to them, they are in a different dimension to the Earth now that this matrix is anchored, it is 12th dimensional. It will also bringing in more consciousness about the environment, people will feel the stale air and water more, they will be forced to start cleaning themselves and Earth up more fully, there will be new things invented to cleanse the space of Earth. 
Similar things occurred when I was in India before Scotland as well, with the Earth being strengthened to cope with comets, asteroids, meteorites and objects that are third dimensional and would harm all life on the third dimension. 
The energies of unity consciousness and divine love supporting everyone, wether we can make the shift fully in the third dimension or not. Wether we like it or not great changes are taking place in our body, our life, our environment and world. We have graduated and create the New Earth, heaven on earth through us being at peace within and allowing, loving and Being. 
On Halloween I was guided to a quiet little spot in the south if England, Blackbury Fort which was hidden away in back roads with beautiful trees all around. My friend I had come with had to work with the trees and devas and I went into the centre of the fort, which was just a big circle of mounds now and made sounds and saw a great Wheel start to move on the inner planes. It was clearing the old negative energies of the cycles of war and abuse on this day when the worlds merge, the wheel accesses the underworlds and ancient energies of war and fear. There were many Beings trapped that are able to leave now. The Middle Earth and Inner Earth Beings are also being shifted with the New Sun energies. 
The New Sun anchored and created a doorway for the higher light to illuminate, the Inner Earth Sun shone bright and linked to the Greater Central Suns and the Light Beings were dancing and the wheel started to move easily at this access point to the dimensional worlds. The light codes from the New Sun anchored here and the old war energies can no longer survive. There were many demons screaming and screaming as they disappeared into the Void to be recycled. This has created a clear vortex through the dimensional Worlds and the Inner Earth Sun shines bright. 
At the Solar Eclipse with Sun and Moon in Scorpio 3rd November we also had to be at another very obscure place near Abbotsford in Southern England, with the wind howling, freezing cold, whenever there is a big shift it always seems to be cold. The New Sun was anchored and the intention of the eclipse was to clear and transmute all old programmes and fear from all of humanity who are ready or chose to let go. Linking with all other unity workers, all beings in other dimensions, animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish, elementals, devas, inner earth beings, dark forces, reptilians, greys I saw implants flying off everywhere and handed to the Source and transmuted. I saw layers being cleansed through all worlds and through earth, through the grids; crystal, light, solar, diamond. Physically I had to spiral around, aware of the shift happening and light coming in, I felt like a crystal oblique with clear codes in me. A shower of rain came over and it was freezing, I had layers of clothes on but it made no difference, I looked at the Sun and it was golden with golden clouds around it, what a beautiful sign. 
Myself and my friend were pretty tired after this and in the night we both had big realisations about things in our life, this cleansing energy is still ongoing for all of us at present. The pathway has been cleared as it were. 
The very next day we had to visit Stonehenge and the New Sun and Stars were anchored then the place was closed down! The following day we went to Glastonbury and on the Tor with wind howling again, rain and cold the Goddesses and Gods, high priestesses, priests said they were ready to move on and they left as the New Sun and Stars were anchored and a seal was put over the place. This all happens in divine will and plan and its happening on higher dimensions, but all the old places are closing down. 
For many years I have anchored the Cosmic Egg from Cheops to New Earth places after spending three days in the Kings chamber in 2002 and taken into the queen’s chamber, as it was necessary to receive the codes as they are transferred to the new vortexes now. The energies from Mt Kaliash have also been transferred to Mt TitiroaSouth Island NZ where much work has gone on over the last few years and recently at the December Solstice 2012. Shamballa is being anchored in many places now as well. We are becoming multi-dimensional and owning our sovereignty, we are the goddess/god, the vortex, the crystal and diamond, there is no separation. Now with the crystalline grid humming and on the September Equinox 2013 it became diamond things are changing so fast. Its not stopping either we are on a roll and for some of us it could not happen soon enough as we are tired of the old duality dramas and world and so we create with our open hearts and stillness within theNew Earth. 
You can tell how much you are in the new earth already by how your life is. Everything is consciousness and energy, so as your consciousness raises through youloving and accepting yourself, your world gets more beautiful. 
Permission is given to copy and redistribute this article is on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed. 
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