Saturday, November 30, 2013

The different ways/mentality of a Christian and a Luciferian

The different ways/mentality of a Christian and a Luciferian(Mafioso, Jews, yuppies, Satanist, Illuminati/royal families, racist and ghetto blacks):
Christian                                   Luciferian
Get what you need,                Don't get what you need! TAKE what you WANT(cars, jewelry mansions, ect).
get what is necessary.            
Allows God to provide             Lie, cheat, and steal to be a tiger at the top.
food, shelter, and safety, 
what is necessary.
Humble and                           Shamelessly aggressive, emotionally hair triggered, jealous, selfish, and egotistical/prideful.
compassionate.                     Hate and bloodlust(for example; ghetto blacks that rob not just for the money, but also for a kill.)
Avoids arguments and            LOOKS forward to the next argument and fight in order to feed and prove the ego and superiority
conflicts.                               over others. Addicted to negative situations. Bathes in the negative energy.
Controls situations with          Controls situations with money, ego, and instilling fear in others.
love and honesty.
"A big mouth is a sign of        "It's easy to kick a Chicken's ass."
a small brain."
Looks forward to                    Either doesn't look forward to Judgment Day/fears it or doesn't believe in it.
Judgment Day.
Character of God Jesus          Character of Satan, the fallen angels, and all demons.
Christ, the angels, and
the saints.


Anonymous said...

I agree, unfortunately evil people do exist, the rule is, as soon as you are aware that this person is evil, stay away from him/her, good people do not want demons as "friends"

anami said...

John, please use discernment in choosing what to post. Rather than being just a comparison of Christian versus Luciferian values, this also brings in racist verbiage ("ghetto blacks"), which is hate-filled and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I don't know any christians like this.

Anonymous said...

Cabal conditioning. Make what is not racist racist to divide and conquer and keep people from uniting as ONE. If you go to Europe, they don't harp on race like our education sytems, political systems, religious systems, and economic systems. The Cabal takes great pains to keep racism alive even where it does'nt exist. Are you being a well conditioned Cabal person by making a reference to racism "ghetto blacks" to sustain their agenda of keeping people of different races at odds with each other so that the Cabal's agenda can go on because people are fighting against themselves.The awakening awareness that we are all ONE will make all notions of racism obsolete and the manipulations of the Cabal obvious to everyone. What the Cabal fears most is collective humanity becoming aware of who they really are and this will cause the breakdown of all barriers between people and a unification of people everywhere against the Cabal.We can choose to play the race game, the political party game, the religious game, the social/economic game or we can usurp the Cabal by rebelling against our conditioned thinking by recognizing that the few elites, the Cabal, are the ultimate racist, to them all of humanity is beneath them and they laugh at us at how easily we are manipulated along racial, religious, political, and economic lines to fight wars that they create, to suffer poverty that they create and social conflicts. Forget the manmade religions and the comparisons, that is a diversion. Target the Cabal who have no loyalty to race, religion, political party..etc. Unite humanity against them by not allowing the elite few to manipulate the many..

siriusvoid said...

The (sub)human mind is a terrible thing...
Like the example set forth by our GOD, I believe we must ourselves be about the business of transcending both good and evil.
This, in 'my opinion', is where BOTH camps keep falling short.
It's true. Evil preys on good. This is why THEY can't evolve back into human status.
But the good are often either too isolated, or too complacent...
They would rather isolate themselves from evil than eliminate it, as far as it's being problematic.
The (sub)human mind and the limited ego are typical of - suffering (sub)humanity...
Both it's perpetrators and it's victims.
Evil has no choice but to 'up the ante' and 'double down'...
Christianity makes clear that GOD's Kingdom is beyond all suffering and promises divine help.
This is most assuredly welcome news.
But great faith and difficult work on our part is needed to truly access more of GOD... that we may become more fully human,
This inner work, though covered in sacred texts, isn't really explained in great detail.
To me, an example of this is can be found in chapters 3-6 in the book of John, where worshipping GOD in Spirit is discussed.
I know it's difficult to thoroughly discuss, let alone teach on such a topic, but still I wish the authors could have gone into a little more depth.
Oh well... I guess beggars can't be choosers..
I'm lucky even this much has been made available to me.
Truly the greatest blessing, and given at the greatest cost imaginable.