Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Obama Latrine

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Obama Latrine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.........

You missed this again, so it will be focused on here to inquire of you a question.

The question is, "Have you noted that the wholesale jumps in the stock market, the regime funding of Obama benefactors and money dumps to Europe have ceased?"

No you did not, nor did you contemplate what was the reason these events ceased after being wholesale looting for the first 4 years of the regime.

You will recall across the board that this cartel with it's feudal barons embarked on a spree of rewards to it's cronies in the green market in massive money dumps, as was that stimulus farce, which was as this blog first exposed, nothing but a money laundering campaign to funnel money directly back into the campaign coffers of democrat and gop politicians.
I informed you the GOP did not desire Obamacare repealed as it is a cash cow for their interests as much as for democrats. Thee entire Obama agenda was not just a Marxist change America would be destroyed by, but it was a Lenin and Trotsky looting of Mother Russia of all her wealth for the bourgeousie few of Obamaland.

I exclusively pointed out that Tim Geithner of Treasury was creating e money and using the stock market like one big Ponzi scheme, in spiking and plunging the market of harvest assets from that market.

I told you none of that money disappeared, for where there is massive debt, the financiers have a massive surplus in their accounts.

The question though relates back to the reality of this in why has all of this slowed?

You know that America is in the process of a counter revolution, and it is so armed that at this point without eradication by a drone bug fleet armed with chemical weapon injections like mosquitos, a revolt would start and that is why the oil barons have dropped gasoline prices again to gouge levels, to give Americans a few dollars to spend to make them grateful they are only being economically raped in two holes and not three.

I bring you back now to the reality of we know that Obama looted around 15 trillion dollars overtly. The money for the oil barons, the Monsanto farming of farmers, the wholesale inflation rate of around 50% since 2008, to that stock market gleaning, the numbers could be anywhere from 30 to 100 trillion dollars robbed from the American economic generative package.
This is more than gross domestic product, for that measures goods in production. This is about electronic assets, inflation, real estate hoarding and the communist management of the entire agricultural industry now.
You must realize this, that welfare to cabinet department programs are all about transferring money into conglomerates and not about feeding hungry people or defending a nation.

The Military Industrial Complex was smeared by the Nazi's who were infused into America, along with their financiers to cripple that enterprise, but it has been replaced by a more immense SOCIO CONGLOMERATE economically raping and murdering the world. Only this blog has written of this, and that fine American group of Oliver Stone and son, would do well to explore this leviathan which succors them.

The reality of this is we now can realize that the bribery barrel, the looting pot, the robbery bin, does indeed have an overflow point. It is definitive that sometime in 2012 there was a point where no more money could be absorbed. Every politician from Harry Reid to the Muchelle Obama to Vladamir Putin to the Peking girls have been bribed to the point like a drunk puking up booze as more is tried to be forced down them.
The entire conglomerate structure has so much dump funds that they have no purpose for any more. The world from Peking to New York has reached saturation point, and that point is so filled to revulsion, that what is taking place now is simply operating expenses in the trillions of dollars globally that these pirates operate with.

Certainly most politicians have been threatened with secret FBI files, as that is what the FBI heirarchy is operating under this regime now, while the rank and file putting their lives on the line are stuck being police state enforcers watching the criminal enterprise grow like 1920 Moscow, but the key positions have had such immense funds siphoned into them, that these people have more money than their great grand children could spend.

Personally being destitute, I am fascinated by the reality that there is a saturation point even for nation rapists. That point in everything being made of gold in the ivory towers down to the latrine gold plated crapper paper, reveals that even the feudalist cartel has a point where they have too much money, in they have nothing to do with it.

There was a time in 2001 when the global elite had around 100 trillion dollars in stolen world assets which required all of human history in 6000 years to accumilate. The Obama Chin regime by odds doubled this reservoir of loot in under 4 years.
You must comprehend the reality of this in these are people, accustomed to making wars where millions of people are butchered. They use cancer infestations of humanity to lab rat test people and to profit off of. They confiscate children and rape them. They are accustomed to what you can relate to in a Kennedy perverse lifestyle all their lives, and in this 21st century in the Obama Latrine, they have reached a point, where even they are in a hangover in not knowing what to do with that 1000 gallon barrel of wine after a month long drunk.

Personally, I presumed that this was a bottomless pit and natural diversions were available to deal with such a doubling of pirate gain.
It reminds me of the US military in North Korea, using howitzers to obliterate Chicom hordes in that war, and finally being overrun by the Chicoms as the Americans had reached a point where they could not slaughter people any more in those numbers.

The Obama Latrine has taught one salient point in the utter ruin of America. It is not that the American mob will not rise up in revolution, but that the feudalist has a human point like other humans in not being able to deal with numbers too immense for them to absorb in looting.

That is quite non evolutionary in the cartel, and for those who deal with extended human life and are the usurpers of the immortal status in what this is all about, it reveals perhaps that the feudal lord and priest is not ready yet to be an immortal without God, as they have overfed the stock of their pens and there is nothing left for them to do with money.

Of course it will not stop them, but it reveals a genetic flaw in their DNA order. The unit Barack Hussein Obama Chin sent in to bring the utter ruin of the world, has instead exposed the fatal flaw of the feudal lords and priests, in there is a saturation point in how much fodder they can stuff into holes.

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