Friday, February 27, 2015

Consumers complain of toxic taste, smell in Nabisco graham crackers

NBC News contacted several people who posted complaints on in the last few weeks. Each had opened a box of the low fat Honey Maid graham crackers and they all had virtually identical stories.
“It smelled and tasted like paint thinner,” said Linda Salerno who lives near Schenectady, N.Y. “It tasted horrible, so I immediately spit it out. The smell was so horrible that it frightened me.”
Salerno had two boxes of the crackers at home and found the problem with both of them. She said the smell was so bad that she considered going to the emergency room.
David Banes of McEwen, Texas also experienced an unpleasant surprise when he opened a new box of the Honey Maid graham crackers.
“It was a real sour taste. As soon as I put it in my mouth I almost gagged,” he said.
Cathy Ganley of Vienna, Va. stopped buying Nabisco graham crackers after her recent experience.
“It smelled like a mix of acetone paint thinner and rancid oil,” she said. “It was something no sane person would eat or feed their family.”
Ganley had four boxes of the crackers and threw them all away.
Many of the people who’ve complained about a strange smell or taste point out that these Nabisco graham crackers are made in Mexico.


Popeye said...

Anything from Nabisco is highly GMO'ED.... They are an NWO company and just like McDonalds and need to be avoided.... Go to the Health food store or ask for NON GMO'ED at your Grocery store...

marie said...

Yes but NABISCO needs to be confronted.