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 I wrote and posted yesterday with NESARA NEWS my national report OBAMA TRYING TO PUSH RUSSIA INTO NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III. FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - FEB. 25, 2015 . While my report on OBAMA committing high treason against America by trying to force Russia into fighting a nuclear World War III with America was quite valid, it was also a trap for Obama. I figured in advance the only person or persons who would want to call this report nonsense would be a federal operative who freely commits high treason against America when Obama wants him to. I had one critic who attacked my character with nonsense claims in order to try and turn away the attention of the public from the warning I had given that America likely faces a pending nuclear World War III with Russia if they don't shut up that idiot Obama in the White House before he pushes America into an all-out nuclear war with Russia. 

     Now a new very prominent source has joined other very credible sources I listed in this report warning that Obama is trying to push America into a nuclear war with Russia. This new source is shown below. 

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  2. Paul Craig Roberts
  3. Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and was noted as a co-founder of Reaganomics. Wikipedia

  4. BornApril 3, 1939 (age 75), Atlanta, GA

From: <>
Date: Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 3:31 PM
Washington Has Destroyed Trust Between Nuclear Powers, Thus Raising The Specter Of War

Paul Craig Roberts

I spoke today to an international conference in Moscow hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences.  I warned that life on earth is at risk unless the world quickly confronts “the evil regime that the neoconservatives--the Sauron of our world--have created in Washington.”

     Only because it won't threaten national security for me to state more about the following which this Obama plant critic said I was arrogant and thought I was a super man to dare say such a thing, I quote from my report yesterday on Nesara News 



     Now I supply the missing explanation that was the basis for the above comment. People from other nations often liked me and respected me because I understood their cultures, respected them which many in Wash., D.C. intelligence do not, and was an honestly idealistic person on a practical level which they could respect and identify with based on their own personal experiences in the nations that they came from. While they would not trust those normally who had come from Wash., D.C., they knew that I was the person I presented to them as my character and they wanted to strengthen my hand in America. 

     I had this defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies who told me that he considered the leadership of the Pentagon to be "asses" and could not be dealt with nor trust his life from being murdered by the KGB if they in the Pentagon now knew where he lived. Pentagon security being sloppy would tip off the KGB where he now lived. But he trusted me and so turned over to me all the nuclear warfare secrets of the Soviet Union then. He had trained Soviet generals in these nuclear warfare tactics, was rated a top Communist military commander before working in Moscow and finally got tired of the "Cold War" and no longer believed in Communism and neither believed in the Western side either. He was just tired of the "Cold War" so quit and disappeared from the Soviet Union to the Western side without letting the Pentagon, etc. now know that he was now living in the West. He trained me in the top secret Soviet tactics of nuclear warfare and all the key ones were aimed for the annihilation of America due to the "Pearl Harbor" doctrine of if you let America survive a Pearl Harbor type attack, then America might rally, rebuild itself  and later defeat you in world war instead. 

     He told me of the guaranteed nuclear ace how to annihilate America and America would have no military defense saving America from nuclear annihilation if this method of nuclear warfare was used on America. It was a very clever, totally ruthless concept of nuclear warfare which the Soviet generals figured that the American generals could not stop from annihilating America if used. Having spent eleven calendar years in military academies and also heavy background in military intelligence and contact with key top Pentagon sources no one knew I had access to, I respected the Soviet annihilation concept as a "son of a bitch" totally practical method of attacking America that the Pentagon could not stop if used on America. With my unorthodox thinking in many military issues, I took my knowledge of the American side of nuclear arsenal, methods of attacks, etc. and came up with an American version of the Soviet "Doomsday" concept of how to annihilate America if world war ever came between America and Russia. I judge that the Soviet "Doomsday" concept of annihilating America could be amended to the resources of the U.S. Armed Forces and suddenly within even 24 hours the U.S. military could have set up the Soviet Doomsday attack system set up by the U.S. military if I show them how this system works. 

     If after my proposed Omni Law is passed, I suddenly show the Pentagon generals how this Soviet nuclear system works, first the Pentagon generals would grin as they would now understand why Moscow was so sure that it could defeat America if nuclear war came between America and Russia. And if this Soviet Doomsday attack system was now set up and operational in America in a crash program I would set it up with, then if the Russian generals were shown that America now had the same Soviet system for the Doomsday annihilation of Russia if world came came, they would be forced to a grin that that "son-of-a-bitch" showed America how to do this also and likely would say in Russian or else English to me if there when they were shown that America now had the same Soviet system of total annihilation, "You are a son-of-a-bitch too!" And end of pending nuclear World War III between America and Russia. I can do it,  for America, Obama can not, because I know how the other side fights and Obama does not! I don't think that Moscow ever shared this nuclear warfare concept with China as they did not want this nuclear warfare concept to be learned by other nations on this earth and things could get out of hand if too many nations learned how to fight this way in nuclear warfare. 

     I have a very practical approach to warfare. What works works! And I don't care if the Nazis thought first of using lightning war tactics with tanks. If it works, I would use lightning tank warfare tactics also! If the Nazis pioneered first large rockets to attack enemies in other lands, if it works, I don't rule out using their military rocket tactic to help win American wars with. In an amazing break of good luck, I was dealing with a Nazi clique in exile from Nazi Germany after World War II. Maybe they were trying to recruit me as they thought I was very bright in science and military, but they let it out that they had the top secret ultimate weapon design left over from Nazi Germany and was supposed to give future Germany conquest of the world after the Nazis came back to power in Germany many years later. I got the secret weapon design and technology from them and I don't think they realized that I ever got this from them. I pulled in the most brilliant American defense engineer in 25 years of top secret work and never wrong in any engineering stands in military project even when 20 top American defense engineers said that he couldn't be right in his stand. He forced his stand to the test and he was right and 20 top national defense engineers were wrong in calling him a fool with a concept that couldn't work. The concept worked and he saved America from being militarily defeated by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This super genius defense engineer and I jointly worked on completing the Nazi ultimate weapon technology and ultimate weapon design. 

     He was amused when I showed him based on my years in military academies how we could write a military instruction textbook on tactics that could be used in standard warfare but using this super weapon system for large or else small wars in the world. And he wrote a public letter for intended backers to a potential project we could work on later on saying that he rated me to be the new Thomas Edison of America in potential inventive genius after working with me. I told him not to lie and he said that he really meant what he said there. He didn't know this but Charles Kettering while still alive who was rated one of the 20 top inventive geniuses in earlier American history had once seen 920 of my inventive concepts I came up with in a 2 week period while in military school. He told me that I had independently duplicated the top secret guidance system for American ICBM's and he wrote that he rated me to be the brightest, most original inventor brain that future America would ever see. However, Wash., D.C. always savagely fought me when I came out with concepts for new, major industries in America. If Wash, D.C. had not stopped me when I came up with new industrial concepts that bright people understood, I maybe could have given America something like 1,000 to 2,000 new national industries to boom the American economy with and jobs for all who wanted it in America. 

    Due to dealings with these jackasses in Wash., D.C., this convinced me that America would have no great industrial future if these corrupt bureaucrats were not stripped of their powers for intended tyranny for corrupt reasons. Thus was finally born the Omni Law to be passed by America to end the tyranny over the bright, talented, and brilliant in America. It has been my great privilege for many years to get to know brilliant Americans across America and see them suppressed and crushed by the bureaucrats in Wash., D.C. who for corrupt reasons did not want to see the new industries they would create in America if not stopped by Wash., D.C.

      No one has a monopoly on good brains. That is among the reasons why it is stupid to underestimate your enemies and think them stupid when they are not stupid, but a deadly enemy to fight if they get the upper hand over your side. God has blessed me with some good brains in areas that can help and bless the people with answers that would make their lives better. But the really smart person is the one who can always work with other smart people and collectively as a team they can come up with great answers to bless the lives of the people if their answers are used in society. I like the quote of Thomas Edison that "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." Thomas Edison had a team of talented people work with him. He got the germ of a clever new idea as an invention to serve society with and then his team worked with him in finally making the idea work and right for use for the use of the people in society. As he said, his group helped improve the economy of the nation with those answers they came out with for the benefit of the people. 

     Pass the Omni Law shown on my website and America has a bright future as you find out how many brilliant people you have in America who if not held back by a corrupt government very tyrannical towards the rights of the American people, then your geniuses across America will skyrocket the American economy for you, make America too strong to be defeated in warfare, but if you are that gifted in warfare, use it only for good moral reasons and not for the cheap lust of evil people who want warfare to give them power but they want power for evil reasons and  tyranny rather than for good moral reasons and freedom and prosperity for the people. Like Albert Einstein, I believe that all people who can think and read have the potential to be geniuses themselves, but just need to find what field they are good in and then develop their God-given talent where they are good at it!

      My website for passage of the Omni Law is My email is Mailing address for orders and financial support not sent through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the money is for that you are sending to us. Money raised helps speed up passage of the Omni Law on our website. The Omni Law restores control of the federal government back to the American people by national referendum over the laws and polices of Wash, D.C. which does not care what laws and polices the American want and do not want the American people to govern over them. The American people have lost control over Wash., D.C. The Omni Law makes the federal government once more a government for, by, and of the American people, not rule by masters in Wash., D.C. who do not respect and secretly do not like the American people as a whole. Full name of the Omni Law is The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America and will be added to the U.S. Bill of Rights once passed!

     The tongue-in-cheek critic of my previous report on Obama trying to engineer a nuclear World War III with Russia was silent on the issue of Obama trying to set up World War III for America with Russia, so approves and backs Obama in starting a nuclear War World III with all that implies with Russia. His style on con writings sounds like the Obama operative who has run the website trying to engineer the overthrow of pro-Western Arab governments in the Middle East. A source identified him and his associates as working for C.I.A. which in turn in this case means that he works for Obama at the White House. He and associates have never been arrested for backing ISIS type activities and trying to overthrow American allies in the Middle East. He boasted how great he is with electronic hacking of computers on the internet. He may be the same C.I.A. operative who it was just reported to me from a talented internet source is trying to infect all American accounts involved with the pending RV of foreign currencies so when the reported RV occurs, then the federal government can mass steal the exchange money from the banks, etc. This would be through information obtained from this C.I.A. implanted virus in your computer to supply all required information for federal thieves to steal your money from your bank accounts in America once you have exchanged your foreign currency. 

     Once the Omni Law is passed, if federal thieves try to steal from you your money received through exchange of your foreign currency, we have a pretty good lead on who they would be. We would use intelligence tactics to track them down and once caught, turn them over to grand juries for mass criminal indictments. We would treat this attempted federal hacking of your accounts by Obama operatives as a modernized version of "piracy on the high seas" and a hanging offense once caught and prosecuted. Also, we would treat this as "high treason" to undermine the American economy by Obama operatives who have no loyalty to America at all and despise the American people in general even though technically Americans themselves. We know which federal agencies would know who these Obama operatives are working in federal agencies and mass cut off the funds or else abolish those federal agencies which did not fully cooperate with us in arresting and prosecuting the guilty to the full extent of the law for attacking and trying to steal from you the money you receive from the RV of foreign currencies. 

    Pass this report around. There are millions of Americans who would want to be warned of what Obama is apparently up to and planning and will try to pull off in America now if the American people don't stop him in time by passage of the Omni Law. 

      To accelerate our drive to pass the Omni Law, from now Feb. 26 through March 7, 2015 we now offer a 5 times credit in our Omni Law Loan Program for those who put in loan money in it in time. This starts with $25 loan credits or multiples of these $25 loan credit units such as $25 loan credit unit, $50 loan credit unit, $125 loan credit unit, $525 loan credit unit, etc. If we reach our quota of money to be raised this way, then this offer is then no longer available to raise further money with and we go national with what we have on hand. If we play our full hand, then we likely will have from 100 nations to nearly 200 nations to back us over passing our Omni Law and now or else all these nations will sue Wash., D.C. and their leaders for such large sums as to be history making in lawsuit history. Once the Omni Law is passed, then your $25 loan payment becomes $125 in loan credit, your $100 becomes $500 in loan payment credit, and so on your $25 loan credits get multiplied by 5 times through March 7, 2015. 

     We have a plan how to pay you in full for your amount of credit in our Omni Law Loan Program. If you have $125 in loan credits, you will be scheduled to be paid $125 for your loan credits once the Omni Law is passed. You have a $1,000 loan credit total, then you are scheduled to be paid back $1,000 soon after the Omni Law is passed, and so on to whatever amount of loan credit you have accumulated whether straight time credit for number of $25 loan credit units you had from before or even 5 times multiplier what you put in now in the Omni Law Loan Program. Our Omni Law Loan Program is on our website and you can see how to place loan money through our PayPal account or else send in by mail postmarked by least March 7, 2015. We cap off our quota at $100 million received or amount of what total $25 loan credits add up to. These are not securities as they can not be sold or transferred to others. After passage of the Omni Law, we could change their legal status if we wanted to to securities which then gives title to your money here to give or else sell to others if you so choose. But that decision as to change of legal status will be made later, not at this time if we do decide to do this or not. 

    We take your $25 loan credits and what percentage of the total in $25 loan credit units you have in our total $25 loan credits gives you a pro-rata share in the 10% net profits before taxes for 30 years on the Vatican endorsed industrial food process we have and no one else on earth has as this is a trade secret how it is done. My father invented this and was endorsed by Pope Pius XII as having created the great food discovery so important to mankind as to be potentially be the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ to earth. It could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. The Soviet Union during the Cold War endorsed this as the greatest food discovery in human history. Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture and later head of the Mormon Church in America, endorsed this as vitally important to the national health of America and many other prominent endorsements backed this great food discovery of my father. A prominent national university did tests on this when the super health bread was available from my father and they said that university tests with lab rats indicated that the entire human race on earth will later die if this great food discovery was not added in time to the human diet in America and the rest of the world. 

     A large collection of medical lab reports from all over the world said that if an antidote was not found fast enough, then the entire human race on earth will soon die off and be extinct like the dinosaurs of old. My father had the great food discovery called for by these medical labs from across the world. I do not agree with the Global Warming position of Al Gore (I judge solar cycles explain what causes changes in world weather) but to his credit, he wrote the foreword to the science book which had compiled the medical lab reports predicting the end of the human race if the food antidote was not found in time to save the human race on earth from pending extinction.

      The Congressional Record tells of the U.S. Army tests of long ago with my father's great food discovery. The Vatican newspaper publicized this great food discovery of my father worldwide. The Catholic Digest reported on the Soviet Union trying to buy world rights to this great food discovery but my father would not sell them the trade secret to it. Stalin admitted to my father that his advisers told him that he could win the entire world to Communism if he had this great food discovery as it would solve the food problems of the world if available to the world through the Soviet Union. 

     Wash., D.C. serving corrupt interests never wanted the colossal size national and world industry this would have given to America if they had not blocked it at key times in America. And it probably would have made America maybe far richer than oil produces wealth for the Middle East in comparison. Everyone on earth has to eat and this would be wanted by all people on earth! But repeated again Wash., D.C. served corrupt interests and did not care how greatly this would build up the economy of America and make America the undisputed leader of the entire world in the process! And Obama used his office at the White House to use secret means to try and block this Vatican endorsed industrial food process from being established again in America. 

     Washington ruined my father's industrial setup by corrupt tricks before even though maybe thousands of bakeries were already using his unique bread flour to make bread with and their sales skyrocketed across America due to the great taste the final bread had. Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois (1950-69) told my father in private that $20 million in bribes had been passed around in Congress and to heads of federal agencies so Wash., D.C. would sabotage this growing food industry in America set up by my father.

     Okay pass the Omni Law now and end the endless corruption in Wash., D.C. This is the only practical answer that can end corruption in Wash., D.C. and restore honest government to America in our age and time in history.

     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American the corrupt in Wash., D.C. would love to murder if they thought they could get away with it and not get caught! They don't want an end to corrupt government in Wash., D.C. I am too honest for Washington standards and can't be bought off, but loyal to the American people and America as a nation! 

     And I have heard from sources reporting on Wash., D.C., they definitely do not want to pass the Omni Law and restore control of government back to the American people. But with enough political heat, they will have to do the right thing and let referendum government be supplied to the American people so they now control Wash., D.C. instead of corrupt interests behind the scenes. I lived in Wash., D.C. for years, am very familiar with how corrupt Wash., D.C. really is, and only passage of the Omni Law is going to restore honest national government back to America today!)


Anonymous said...

Anytime an article by Erasmus is posted here a "Cognitive Dissidence" is triggered for me.
I do not know why as I have attempted to read many of his posts.
But each time I am triggered to quickly scroll past his writings.
Does anyone else have this same struggle with his articles?
I don't know if some implant is making me avoid his writings or my higher soul is attempting to keep my mind safe from programing.
With no judgement to Erasmus at all,, as we all should indeed voice our opinions and knowledge for the highest good of all,,,but..., I truly would like to know if anyone else reading this blog has the same reactions as I do.
"Kindness is Power"
PS: Erasmus thank you for your efforts to wake us up, I truly do not know why I simply cannot read your posts..........

Anonymous said...

I am not Erasmus, only a reader of this post. This is what "cognitive dissonance" means - In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values ...
Question: What Is Cognitive Dissonance?

People tend to seek consistency in their beliefs and perceptions. So what happens when one of our beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief? The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance.
Personally for me, I had the hardest time when I realized that EVERYTHING that I had been taught in school and told by the news for the last 50 years was ALL a lie. Imagine how swimmy-headed that makes you feel. As far as Erasmuses posts go, I can see how some people would find it hard to believe that one person has so many of these types of experiences in their life, however that is what makes people different from one another. I found Erasmus to be warm, straight, smart to brilliant, and a seemingly capable leader that I would want to support. Why would someone put so much money, time and effort into an important education and then not use it to benefit themselves and mankind? Like doctors, etc.? Would one prefer a dumb, arrogant, and ignorant leader to run their country rather than someone smart and practical and has the guts to do the right thing?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, I think the medical term for your inquiry is “ cephalalgia “ or headache, lol.. However, I agree with Anon 2 as well. I believe that Erasmus for the most part is a good guy and wants the very best for America, but sometimes in our explanation of what we see, is not quite what it seems to be, given the players on this Global Chess Board...

Its like dissecting a whale, and when you get to the inside story, the whale has somehow mysteriously turned into a shark..........and that is how it is with trying to work out the whole mess.

The simplest method, is one of deduction, and that's not too difficult, when you consider that America has been compromised, by the Dems for many years add the fact that her presence in the Middle East is waning, the Ukraine is looking rather disastrous and several European countries are departing from her.

It seems on the face of it, the US under the Dems has almost run its course, but because she has to answer to her controllers, they will continue on their merry way, creating more havoc than they bargained for...thus, this will eventuate into America’s decline, and that is exactly what we see happening.

Does this scenario look like it will develop into a Nuclear War?, I very much doubt it, and Putin knows it.

What most don't realize is that the Dems, who are Pro Europe, and Arab-Islamic, are also aligned with Russia, even though they seem to be at odds, and that's what people don't see......

If the Democrats are Liberal, it then follows that they and the Euro- Russians are kissin Cousins, so to speak.......much like your, Shia and Sunni relationship, one is as corrupt as the other.,,,,,,and when guys like Erasmus and most of the planet wake up to that........then you will know, why the Russians are not being forced into any Nuclear exchange, at all!

This side of the coin, it is good to see those like Erasmus standing up, to combat this double headed Beast.....